He wasn't really sure it was a good idea, but his superiors had specifically asked for him for the transfer. They said he was perfect for the job, but they didn't exactly tell him what that job was; just that he was being sent to Praxus and should be ready to leave within the deca-cycle. So, with much grumbling and curses, he packed up his apartment and waited for the transport that would take his things to Praxus. It arrived within the joor, and two mechs stepped out to help load the boxes. One of the mechs, a friend of his from the Academy, greeted him warmly, yet sadly, before finishing up loading the transport. Once that was complete, he transformed into his sleek silver alt-mode and followed the transport out of his home town.

It was about a mega-cycle later when they finally arrived in Praxus and stopped in front of an apartment complex. An orange mech was standing by the main entrance leaning against the wall, and when the transport pulled to a stop, the mech walked over with a wide grin. The two mechs driving the transport hopped out, and the orange mech gave them quick directions and a set of keys before motioning towards the apartment building. Without much preamble, the two mechs began unloading the transport as the orange mech walked over to him.

"Welcome to Praxus. The name's Blaster. I work in communications. You must be Jazz; it's nice to meet you," said Blaster as he held out a hand. Jazz took the offered hand and gave it a firm shake. "So, what do you think of Praxus so far?"

"It's peaceful," said Jazz as he glanced down the street. Blaster laughed.

"It may look peaceful on the surface, but it's anything but. You'll see what I mean when you talk with the Chief," said Blaster. Jazz gave Blaster a quizzical expression, but the orange mech merely shook his head. Jazz really began to think accepting this job in Praxus was a bad idea. He had never been to the city himself, but he had heard about its beauty from many of his friends who had visited the city with the intent to visit the Helix Gardens, blue crystals suspended in methane. It was said to be the most beautiful thing on Cybertron.

"So, you from Praxus?" asked Jazz curiously and Blaster shook his head.

"Nah, I'm a transfer like you, but I've been here for nearly a vorn already. I live in the apartment across from yours, and I'll show you your room later, but right now, we have to get to headquarters. The Chief wants to meet you and lay down a few guidelines before you get settled in," said Blaster.

"Guidelines?" asked Jazz with a raised optic ridge. He didn't get what all the secrecy was about, and it was beginning to irritate him that no one was telling him anything. Normally, he was a very patient and outgoing mech, but the whole situation was beginning to wear on him. All he wanted to do was unpack his things while blasting his favorite tunes before curling up on his berth with a warm cube of energon.

"Don't worry, the Chief will tell you all about it. He'll give you all the details, promise," said Blaster with a sympathetic look. Jazz scowled and Blaster grinned. "Come on, I'll take you to headquarters." Jazz merely nodded. The two mechs transformed and Blaster led the way down the street. A couple breems later, they pulled to a stop and transformed. "I'll show you to the Chief's office. He'll be waiting for you."

"Thanks," muttered Jazz as he followed Blaster into the building in front of them and up a few floors before stopping in front of a door labeled 'Chief Enforcer'. Blaster nodded to the door and Jazz took a deep intake of air before releasing it as he knocked.

"Come in," a muffled voice called and Jazz opened the door to step inside. The door shut behind him as he took in a charcoal grey mech with a vertical red stripe on the left side of his chest. He was sitting behind a cluttered desk looking down at a data pad in his hand with a slight scowl on his face. The mech looked up and smiled faintly. "You must be Jazz. Come and have a seat. My name is Redline and I'm the Chief Enforcer of Praxus." Jazz had to keep himself from giving a sarcastic comment and merely nodded as he took the offered seat. "Did you have any trouble on the way here?"

"No sir," said Jazz, and Redline nodded; pleased.

"Good," said Redline. He looked back down at a data pad and Jazz made a faint noise in frustration. He was about to throw up his hands and say, 'frag it' before going home. He was tired of being patient, tired of not being told what the frag was going on, and just plain physically tired. Redline gave a light chuckle as he looked up at Jazz with a smile. "Your file says you're a quite a patient mech."

"I've been patient, and I've just about had it," snapped Jazz and Redline laughed.

"It's good to know you have your limits. If you were an eternally patient mech, you probably would have driven me crazy," said Redline, and Jazz gaped at the mech who merely laughed louder. "Sorry for all the runaround, but I wanted you to get this information from me rather than anyone else. Do you have any idea why you were asked to transfer here?"

"No sir," said Jazz.

"That's because no one outside of Praxus knows why," said Redline. Jazz gave him a curious look. "There are a few reasons why you were asked to come. The first of which is that many of the Enforcers here are transferring away or quitting."

"Quittin'? Why would they do that?" asked Jazz.

"I'll get to that in a moment," said Redline. "Another reason you were picked to come here is your adaptability and easy-going nature, and also the fact that you tend to bend the rules." Redline gave Jazz a wry expression. Jazz had the sensibility to look sheepish. "You were picked to be on a special team I'm putting together."

"Special team?" asked Jazz, surprised. It was the first he'd ever heard of a special team being formed. "What for?"

"To catch one mech," said Redline simply and Jazz gaped.

"Seriously?" asked Jazz.

"It's not known to anyone outside of Praxus, and honestly, we don't want it to get out that we put together an elite team just to catch one mech. We'd be a laughingstock," said Redline. "But it's necessary. This mech…I've never seen, or heard of, anyone like him."

"What's so special about him?" asked Jazz.

"He's the best thief on Cybertron and no one has been able to catch him," said Redline. "And, he practically rules the underground. No one does anything that might make him mad."

"So…bots are scared of him?" asked Jazz.

"You could say that. He's never threatened anyone outright before, and he doesn't like killing. Anyone who does is promptly found in front of headquarters with descriptions of where to find the evidence we need to put them away. Plus, no one has gotten close to him unless he lets them," said Redline.

"And how do you know that?" asked Jazz with a quirked optic ridge.

"He practically told us," said Redline, his tone annoyed. "We had a mech go undercover a while back. He was able to get close to the mech, got a few bits of information, and was kicked out. The mech knew our Enforcer was undercover the whole time; allowed him to get close so we could get a few bits of information."

"What was that information?" asked Jazz.

"Pretty much what I just told you," said Redline, "That he's a thief, people don't cross him, he turns in murderers, oh and his name."

"His name?" Jazz questioned curiously.