The next few days passed without anyone seeing much of Prowl and Jazz as they spent most of their time in their quarters getting used to their new bond and of course reaffirming their bond whenever they were in the mood. They marveled at the bond, the closeness they felt. It felt as if they were never apart, as if they were one being split in two. Jazz enjoyed communicating over their bond, saying things to his bonded that he wouldn't normally say aloud or just to get some kind of reaction from Prowl. They loved how they could feel each other's emotions instantly, allowing them to know that the other was okay or not. Jazz particularly loved to feel Prowl's emotions when he kept them hidden from others.

When the pair finally felt that they could return to their duties without their bond distracting them too much, they emerged from their quarters and headed for the rec room to get some morning energon and to greet the others. As soon as they stepped into the room, they received catcalls and enthusiastic greetings from Autobots and humans alike. Jazz danced further into the room and returned the greetings while Prowl merely nodded to them all and got their energon to sit at a table and wait for his bonded to settle down and join him. Jazz's good mood was infectious and he soon had everyone smiling and laughing, though most of his good mood came from feeling Prowl's amusement curl into his spark.

Prowl beckoned Jazz with a flick of his door wings and a tug across the bond, which had Jazz immediately dashing over to the black and white earning amused chuckles from the Autobots who knew exactly what had caught Jazz's attention. The silver mech plopped into the chair next to Prowl and took the cube offered with a quiet 'thanks'. When they finished their energon, they wished the others a good day and headed for Prowl's office to enter it for the first time in days. Prowl seemed almost relieved to be sitting in his chair once more and Jazz plopped onto another chair in the room, ready to get to work.

"How many reports ya gotta do today Prowler?" asked Jazz curiously and Prowl smiled faintly.

"Not too many surprisingly. I suppose the others decided to do some of them for me so I would have less to worry about," said Prowl and Jazz grinned. Prowl reached forward to pick up the one on the top of the pile, labeled as urgent, and froze. Jazz stiffened when he felt Prowl's apprehension and worry and sat up straight with a serious expression.

"Prowler? What is it?" asked Jazz and Prowl ignored him, reading through the entire report before turning to Prowl.

"Both Optimus and the humans are requesting for you to go on a mission to the Decepticon base on the nearby planet to discover why they need so much energon," said Prowl and Jazz slid over to Prowl, placing a hand on the mech's shoulder and sending him reassurances across their bond.

"Ya knew I'd have ta go on this mission sooner or later," said Jazz.

"Yes, but the longer we waited, the easier it was for me to push it out of my thoughts for the time being. This mission will be extremely dangerous and there's no telling what could happen. I lost you once already. I'm in no hurry to lose you again."

"Ya gotta trust me Prowler, I'll be fine."

"I do trust you. It's the Decepticons I don't trust." Jazz sighed and hugged his bondmate. "We have very little information about their base, so I can't plan a way for you to get in and get out without being spotted. I only know its location, how many Decepticons are inside, and which Decepticons are there. I can't even ask you to look for something specific. All I can say is keep an optic out for their most current and dangerous plot. There are too many things that can go wrong. Normally, I would not even consider approving this mission, but it is essential to the humans' survival that we know what the Decepticons are up to."

"I know love," said Jazz softly. The pair sat quietly for several moments, taking comfort in each other, before Prowl started to think. There had to be something he could do that would increase the chances of Jazz getting in and out of the Decepticon base without being seen while getting what they needed. He got an idea and Jazz gave him a curious look when he noticed the look in his bondmates optics, like a veritable light bulb turning on in his processors. Prowl shook his head and kept Jazz out of that part of his thoughts so the saboteur wouldn't know what he had thought of. Jazz scowled and Prowl kissed the side of his helm.

"I have an idea, but I would like to be sure of it before I share it with you," said Prowl and Jazz nodded hesitantly in acceptance. Prowl could feel Jazz's hesitance and kissed him softly, reassuring him silently that everything was fine for now. "First thing's first, we need a method of travel to get you to the planet the Decepticons are hiding on. I'll speak with Wheeljack and our human allies about creating something that will suit our purposes. Maybe the humans will curb Wheeljack's…explosive tendencies." That earned him a snicker from his bondmate and Prowl smiled, glad he was able to lighten the mood if only a little and if only for a moment. "In the meantime, you should get some of your own work done." Jazz groaned as Prowl got to his feet to head to Wheeljack's lab. He gave Jazz a parting kiss and sent him a wave of love across their bond before heading down the hallway, receiving Jazz's love in return.

"Wheeljack, do you have a moment?" asked Prowl as he knocked on Wheeljack's doorframe. The door had been open which meant the engineer wasn't working on anything at the moment. Said mech looked up and greeted Prowl cheerfully, his helm-fins flashing brightly.

"Of course, come on in Prowl. I don't have any projects at the moment, so I've been doing some cleaning. What do you need?" asked Wheeljack.

"Would you mind working with the humans on a project for me?" asked Prowl and Wheeljack looked eagerly curious. The last time Prowl had given him a project, it was huge and had made him think outside the box which had been truly exciting for him. "I need you to build a small craft that could transport maybe two mechs to the planet the Decepticons are currently hiding on and back. We need to see what their planning which means we have to see them for ourselves." Wheeljack looked thoughtful.

"I could definitely do it on my own, but I suppose our engines would end up tearing a hole through the earth's ozone layer and cause a lot of problems. I suppose we could mesh Cybertronian technology and human technology to find a safe way of getting the ship out of the atmosphere," said Wheeljack thoughtfully. "Oh this will be so much fun." Prowl smiled faintly at Wheeljack's enthusiasm and looked around.

"I'll get in contact with the humans and get some scientists to work with you. Is Perceptor busy with something? He may be able to assist you as well," said Prowl.

"I don't think so. I'll ask him later," said Wheeljack as he began moving around his lab, looking almost like a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower. Prowl sent Jazz a mental image of Wheeljack with butterfly wings moving from metal flower to metal flower and received amusement in return. Prowl imagined Jazz was rolling on the floor in his office laughing while humans walked by the door giving it strange looks wondering what the slag Jazz was laughing about. Wheeljack pulled out a large data pad, specifically made for engineers, architects, and artists to have a large surface that they could draw their ideas upon. Already Wheeljack was drawing a few designs.

"I'll leave you to your work. Hopefully, you'll have some human help within the next couple of days," said Prowl. Wheeljack murmured distractedly in acknowledgement and Prowl walked out of Wheeljack's lab, his door-wings fluttering in amusement. His next destination was Optimus' office so he could talk to the mech about the mission. Optimus' door was locked, which meant Elita was also inside, so Prowl decided he would come back a little later. The black and white headed to the human command center and ducked inside. Normally, Autobots drove inside in their alt-forms and transformed in the center of the room, but Prowl didn't feel like transforming just to enter the human command center.

"Prowl, what can I do for you?" asked Lennox when he spotted the Autobot SIC.

"I need all the information you have on the Decepticon's movements. I'm going to be compiling all the information I can gather about their current movements so I can plan a mission," explained Prowl. "Also, if you've picked up any Decepticon signals for even a split-second before they disappeared, I'll need the duration in which you picked up the signal and the location. Then I'll need to connect to your scientific satellites in order to gather information about the neighboring planets."

"That's a lot of information Prowl and I don't think our government is going to like you connecting to our satellites, even if they are made for studying space," said Lennox.

"I can handle the information on my own, and that's not all. As for you government, ask them if they would rather have us launch our own satellites to get the information I need," said Prowl and Lennox sighed.

"What else do you need?"

"A team of scientists to work with Wheeljack and possibly Perceptor to put together a small ship to get to the planet where the Decepticons are hidden. If we made a ship by ourselves, the engines would tear a massive hole in the earth's ozone layer." Will gaped at the black and white. "In any case, I'll also need to know if any government has plans on sending anything out of the atmosphere so I can make plans around them. I don't want any interference that could potentially cause problems for this mission."

"Oh, they're definitely not going to like that, especially the other governments."

"I don't care. I'm going to make sure that my bondmate has the best possible chance of succeeding at this mission, and if it succeeds, we'll have the upper hand against the Decepticons, who, might I add, are trying to wipe out the entire human race. Do the human governments truly value power and control more than their own lives?"

"That's a good question. Look, Prowl, I'll do what I can for the other things, but the techs are compiling all the information we have about the Decepticons. They should have everything together within the hour." Prowl nodded in acceptance. "As for the scientists, I'll get into contact with them and I'm sure they'll be ecstatic to get the chance to work with you guys on a joint project."

"Wheeljack is rather excited as well. He already had a few ideas by the time I left his lab. Hopefully, Perceptor will be able to keep him from blowing something up with the humans present and they may be able to keep him from doing so as well." Lennox looked a little nervous at that.

"Do you really think something will explode while they're working on the ship?"

"It's a distinct possibility. You may not react well if I give you the probability. In any case, Wheeljack has a tendency to surprise even me, so I do not think there is too much to worry about. I would suggest warning the scientists about Wheeljack's tendencies beforehand though."

"Yeah, good idea. Is there anything else you need from us?"

"At the moment, no. I will return in an hour for the information I need. Thank you for your assistance." Lennox merely nodded and watched Prowl leave the command center.

"Man, that guy is weird. I don't think I could ever understand him," said one of the techs.

"Soldier, he's a giant alien robot who's lived for millions of years. I don't think any human could truly understand him, or any of the Autobots for that matter," said Lennox.

Prowl headed to the Autobot command center and, after quietly greeting the mechs on duty, he typed a few keys and pulled up all information on the Decepticon's previous movements and possible motivations before transferring them to a data pad. With a nod to the others, he headed back to Optimus' office, hoping that he and Elita were no longer…indisposed. He knocked on the door and was called inside. Optimus was sitting behind his desk, which was rather messy, trying to sort out reports while Elita sat on a nearby chair with a rather smug expression on her faceplates.

"I would appreciate it if the two of you would at least give a mech some warning if you are going to be…occupied with one another," said Prowl dryly. Optimus blinked at the mech's words before he started to laugh, Elita giggling along with him. "I appreciate the locked door, but you can be rather….vocal. We're lucky the humans cannot hear as well as we can." That made the pair laugh harder, faintly embarrassed as well. "I would suggest asking Wheeljack to install some soundproofing. It has worked quite well for Jazz and me, both in my office and quarters." He smirked as the two froze and stared at him with wide optics. He let out a faint chuckle and Optimus shook his head in amusement.

"I get your point old friend," said Optimus. "Now, what is it you need?"

"It's about the mission you're giving Jazz," said Prowl and Optimus frowned.

"Prowl, I know you are worried for Jazz's safety, but he needs to go on this mission," said Optimus and Prowl held up his hand.

"I understand that, which is why I've already started gathering all the information I can get that could possibly help plan the mission. Wheeljack already has a few ideas for a small ship to get Jazz to the planet and I've asked Lennox to gather a team of scientists to work with him. Within the hour, I'll have the information NEST has gathered on the Decepticon's movements and Lennox is working on getting me connections to the government's scientific satellites and any plans any government has for launching anything into the atmosphere. I need to speak with you for I have an idea, but…I do not think anyone else is going to like it," said Prowl and Optimus smiled.

"You never cease to amaze me Prowl," said Optimus and Prowl's door-wings fluttered in slight embarrassment.

"Elita, would you mind if I spoke with Optimus alone?" asked Prowl and Elita nodded. She understood that Prowl also meant that she didn't want her to know what he was talking to Optimus about at all, which meant no communication over their bond until the mechs were done talking.

"Alright, I'll leave you two to it. I'm going to find Chromia," said Elita as she kissed Optimus on the cheek and left the office.

"Now, what is your idea?"

"That I go on the mission with Jazz." Optimus shot to his feet in shock and about to protest, but Prowl raised a hand to forestall Optimus' objections. "Jazz and I are bonded now. If anything happened to him on the mission, I would possibly be incapacitated and of no help to plan a rescue mission. If he were to be…killed, I would not survive either. If I went on the mission with him, I would be able to help ensure his safety and the success of the mission. The Decepticons would not expect there to be more than one mech other than Jazz infiltrating their base. Also, this would be a good chance for me to finally put my old skills to good use after so long."

"But Prowl…I don't think Jazz would like having you on this mission as well."

"Then I suppose it's a good thing I am Second in Command while he is Third. Jazz once expressed a desire to do a mission together, though this may not be his ideal mission, it is certainly imperative that we succeed."

"You do realize this could cause some trouble in your relationship."

"Better some trouble in our relationship, than to have us both be incapacitated or dead, either because of the mission or because the Decepticons killed us all in the end because of a failed mission." Optimus sighed wearily and sat back down.

"I never win an argument with you, do I?"

"Not when it deals with logic, but you are always right when it comes to matters of the spark." Optimus smiled faintly. "While we are on the subject…and if you approve of me going, how should I tell Jazz?"

"I approve, how could I not? Just be straightforward and tell him as soon as possible. If you wait until it is time to go on the mission, he will most likely be furious with you for keeping this from him. I don't think you'll even be able to, so he will be angry with you for even trying. Explain it to him like you did for me and, while he may not be happy about it, he'll accept it in the end. We need this mission to be a success. I feel as if it will decide the fate of earth, the humans, and our fates." Prowl nodded in agreement.

"I would like to keep it quiet that I'm planning this mission and that I plan to go on it with Jazz. Keep it within the command structure. There will be less of a chance of the Decepticons finding out about it that way. And only a select few humans should be told of what we're doing. It's too easy for Cybertronians to hack into their systems."

"I agree. Now, I would suggest going to tell Jazz what you have in mind before you plan anything else." Prowl sighed.

"Yes sir." Prowl left the Prime's office, heading to his own where Jazz was still working on his reports. Jazz looked up when the door slid open and grinned widely, but his grin faded when he saw Prowl's serious expression.

"What is it babe?" asked Jazz as Prowl walked over and sat in his chair after locking the door.

"There is something we need to talk about concerning your upcoming mission," said Prowl and Jazz set everything down, turning his full attention to his bondmate.

"I know it's gonna be dangerous and I know it's prob'ly the most important mission ever. What else is there ta talk 'bout?" asked Jazz curiously.

"I'm going with you," said Prowl and Jazz sputtered in shock and protest. "Jazz, love, you said it yourself. The mission is dangerous and extremely important. I'm not sending you out there alone. Also, if anything happened to you…I would be devastated. I would not be able to handle losing you again, especially since we're bonded now. Now, speaking as the SIC, I would be unable to plan a rescue mission, or I would also be dead which would leave our friends without a tactician when the Decepticons put whatever plan they have in motion. You know the Decepticons only look for you when their base is being infiltrated, so I would be a surprise to them, especially since none of them know what I used to do. My old skills will be a great asset to this mission as well." Jazz glared at the floor as he clenched his hands together. Prowl could feel the turmoil in his lover's spark and reached out to him, both physically and over their bond. "You once said you wanted to go on a mission with me. Now we can, though I'm sure it's not quite the kind of mission either of us was thinking of."

"Prowler…ya know I've never really been scared ta go on missions for the Autobots. Ya know I love the thrill of sneakin' around and blowin' slag up, but this mission…it terrifies me. Ta think that ya are comin' with me? That just makes it worse, even though I know you're just as good as I am at sneakin' around," said Jazz. "I just…I don't know love."

"I've already talked to Optimus about this and he approves of me going with you. I've started gathering all the information we can get and we'll plan this mission together. We'll be side by side the whole time and I wouldn't have it any other way," said Prowl. Jazz gave a resigned sigh.

"I wouldn't either," said Jazz. "Ya always know just what ta say ta get me ta cave." Prowl chuckled quietly. "Just don't expect it ta work all the time."

"Do you really think you could resist me Jazz?" Prowl purred as he stroked Jazz's sensitive helm fins. Jazz shuddered at Prowl's seductive tone, his body instantly heating in reaction, his cooling fans kicking in in response. Prowl smirked and kissed Jazz sensuously. When he pulled back, Jazz whimpered at the loss of contact. "We are one, Jazz. No longer will we be apart for any reason. I will not allow the Decepticons to rule our lives in any way for any longer. It is time we ended this war once and for all and we will be the victors. I will make sure of that. We will have peace once more, and maybe…maybe we'll be able to create our own family."

"Sounds good," whispered Jazz.

"And maybe, one day, someday, we can return to Cybertron and rebuild," said Prowl.

"We'll rebuild Praxus. It'll be just as beautiful, no more beautiful, than it was before," said Jazz and Prowl smiled, grateful for Jazz's confidence and consideration that he would want to return to his city of creation.

"Yes," whispered Prowl as he kissed Jazz again. They immersed themselves in the love they had for one another, making promises to one day see peace with a family of their own and reassurances that they would do everything they could to see the end to the war.