Jason loves me so! *squee!* He's Written another epic spanking fic for me taking an alternate route from the 4 part mini for the Mighty Thor: Loki

First part in italics is taken directly from the Loki Trade, then the story spins off from there.

Odin's steely gaze fell upon Loki as he entered the small cell, who swept grandiosely inside to stand before his adoptive father, who was eye level to Loki despite the fact that he sat on a small stool hunched forward with his hands upon his knees. Loki worked to keep the contemptuous look on his face as he met that raptor stare; even though unarmed and defeated, the All-Father intimidated him. Odin straightened slightly as he entered, the chains on his hands and feet rattling with the motion. ''I admit no small surprise, my son. I had not thought to see you in this place.''

Loki's upper lip curled back in a contrite snarl, ''No? And why is that?''

Odin continued to stare casually, ''Why, because of the shame you must feel before me.''

Loki smiled cruelly, ''Shame? The word has no meaning for me. Dangle a joint of beef before a starving dog. When that hound, after long hours of begging, finally savages you and takes the meat, and your arm besides, must it feel shame? Or something closer to victory?''

Odin leaned forward, his great mane of long white hair flowing over his face as he put his head into his hands, ''I... I have utterly failed in you.''

Loki leaned in, his eyes burning with anger, ''No, father; I am not so easily fooled as that. I know, as you have always known, that you succeeded with me most admirably.''

Odin regarded him dully, the greatest of all gods looking as nothing so much as a tired old man, ''I do not take your meaning.''

Loki's eyes narrowed as he spat out, ''Oh, do you not...? ...You slew my true father on the field of battle.''

Odin interrupted, his eyes hard, ''I do not deny it. I defeated Laufey according to the rules of engagement... there was no dishonor in it, for him or for me.''

Loki snarled, ''Indeed? ...What do the 'rules of engagement' say about kidnapping your victim's son?''

Odin's brow drew down in annoyance, ''It was to honor Laufey that I took you as my own... you were a true prince, heir to an honored warrior.''

Loki pointed an accusatory finger at Odin, ''I was more that that, All-Father. I was a means to an end for you, was I not?''

A flash of anger crossed Odin's eyes, ''Do not riddle me so. If your festering mind holds an accusation, have out with it.''

Loki sneered down at him, his face a picture of disgusted outrage, ''Simply this, then: How best to make a hero? Give him a means by which he might define himself so. Set up a field of black against which his white will be yet more blinding.

Odin's eye did not waver from Loki's. ''You speak of Thor.''

Loki splayed his hands as if explaining something to a child. ''Yes, I speak of Thor. My stepbrother, filled with energy and ambition. How to mold him according to your will?'' Loki sneered. ''Why, Mold a villain alongside him. Take into your arms a helpless babe. Prod him with temptation. Reward him with ridicule. Expect the very worst from him and refuse to see any good, lest it flourish thereby.''

Odin looked away, sighing heavily. ''You are deranged.''

''Am I? Then look at me, father, and tell me plain that I was not brought to your court for the sole purpose of galvanizing Thor's goodness.''

Odin merely hung his head, looking defeated.

''I understand you now, but you do not yet understand me. In demonizing me, you have outwitted yourself. I am Laufey's revenge. Of late I have been told that I am a prisoner of fortune... that the forces which created me are inviolate across many realms, and thus those whom it uses are exempt from blame for their role in the tragedy of my life. And yet I myself am ever to be held guilty for my own actions-- which, by the laws of the cosmos, I am helpless to change or alter. No matter the crimes committed against me, it is only I who will be called criminal.''

''I reject this outright. And I have proved that the laws of the cosmos are not so immutable as I have been told. I now rule Asgard. I have ceased to be the trickster and am henceforth lord of all. And those who have had a hand in making of my misery will not escape my righteous judgment. Thor my brother is to die at sunrise. And you, stepfather, slayer of my true father, you are to watch him.''

Odin's stare had shifted to the floor as Loki ranted, his shoulders hunched, his countenance resigned. He finally looked up to to reply to Loki's threats, ''And how will you do this thing, Loki? The god of thunder is not so easily dispatched.'' Odin knew Loki had captured Thor, but was uncertain how well Loki had managed to subdue his half-brother.

Loki smiled confidently, gleefully even as he looked down at Odin, ''I will cut off his head.'' Loki's smile spread as he gauged Odin, making sure the All-Father knew it was within his power to carry out his edict, wanting to see concern on his step-father's face.

Odin rose slowly to stand, chains sliding noisily along the floor as his burly bare-chested form reached it's full height, towering over Loki. Loki tried his best not to flinch or cringe away but did so anyway. ''No, you will not.''

Loki sputtered, his face a mask of ill-contained rage, ''Y-you dare to tell me no?! Remember whom is the lord and whom is the one in chains, you fool!'' Loki began to step back nervously despite his bold words, perhaps he had ventured too close to Odin during his tirade... the chains... they would allow Odin to reach him from... Loki knew Odin could see his panic, and he tried to leap backwards, his mouth opening to scream, ''Guards!!''

But Odin, despite being much older, reacted far faster than Loki, a powerful hand clamping around Loki's thin wrist, dragging him inexorably towards the All-Father as Odin sat upon the simple cot Loki had afforded him. What is he...? Odin's intent became clear as he drew Loki forcefully across his knee, the latter still dazed from the speed of this unexpected action. Loki's mind registered the fact that Odin had slapped him across the rear almost a full second after it had happened. ''Ow! What in Hel are you doing?!''

Loki's eyes widened in shock as another swat landed across his cheeks then another, he tried to scramble off of Odin's lap, but the stronger god held him easily, pinning Loki's arm behind him painfully behind his back, the one hand more than enough to fix Loki onto Odin's leg with enough force to ensure he could not get away. Loki struggled for air for a moment, then stopped fighting to be free, a sigh of relief as Odin eased the force bearing down on his diaphragm cut short as he hitched his breath in pain at another slap. ''Release me! I am lord of Asgard now, you test my patience!''

A drop of sweat trickled down Loki's face. He had lost control. He was not sure anything he could say would get Odin to let him go. His heart sank as he heard Odin growl in anger over his last comment. He trembled in anticipation; he had just angered Odin and he was effectively pinned and helpless. For the second time in several seconds, Loki felt he had made a grave error. Where were the guards? He had summoned them from the space of a single hall, and still they did not present themselves, though at this time, Loki was not sure he wanted them to see his present plight.

''Release me, Odin, and I will be lenient in my treatment of you as prisoner, I have been thusly fair so far, have I not? I am a grown man, this is a foolish course you take!'' He tried to keep a straight face as he said this, glaring levelly over his shoulder at Odin, but a sharp slap made him yelp, and he shifted nervously. Odin saw this discomfort, and it seemed to spur him on, his large callused hand swatting Loki harder.

Loki shook with the effort of not crying out in pain, he did not wish for Odin to see how much this hurt, though his heart fearfully told him that Odin had already seen too much. ''This solves nothing, let me go!'' Loki gasped in shock as Odin suddenly ripped his pants down and planted a powerful slap across his bared ass. He could not help himself now, he cried out as each swat landed painfully, the clothes no longer acting as barrier to the painful sting that quickly reddened his cheeks. ''Stop!''

Odin nodded, more to himself than Loki, ''It would seem you are wrong, Loki, this does have an effect on you. I should have done this a long time ago. You are a whining petulant little eyesore, not for the foolish reasons you gave to me, but because you have gone for far too long without effective discipline. I shall remedy that forthwith.''

Tears of pain and rage ran jagged paths down Loki's face now, and he gritted his teeth with the effort needed to focus enough to talk through the pain, ''I am no child! You shall feel my wrath once the guards come and tear you from me! Release me now, or you will suffer! Ow!'' Loki yelped as Odin laid a powerful slap in the same place as the last, increasing the pain of his next slap so much that he bucked, yelling out his pained rage in an unintelligible roar.

''Fool of a son, you have no guards, it takes more than might to make a worthy ruler. This seems to vex you greatly, perhaps there is hope you can learn something from this yet.''

Loki screamed out as another strong swat landed unerringly where the last three had. His heart raced, Odin was convinced this brutality was going to somehow solve things, he trembled with the pain he had already felt, knowing he approached his threshold for it, dreading how long it might take Odin to feel satisfied that he had 'learned his lesson'. ''You see only rage here, that grows against you! Such treatment is wasted on an adult, and even if it wasn't, you have no right! I am not your son and you are not my father, save your discipline for your own kin!''

Loki shrieked as yet another slap landed on his incredibly sensitive cheeks, and he channeled the pain into punching Odin's leg with his free hand, biting and scratching as best he could, kicking his legs with all of his might, trying to hit Odin's spanking arm. Odin grunted and shifted Loki forward, putting his face out of biting range as he grabbed Loki's other arm, pinning it in place with the other behind his back. Loki gasped at the feeling of helplessness, Odin's muscled arm locking both of his into place at the small of his back and pressing hard to prevent his escape.

He continued to try to kick but the angle he was now at prevented him from getting the leverage he would need to strike Odin or interfere with the spanking. As the barrage of slaps increased in power and speed Loki felt his resolve break at his feeling of hopelessness. ''P-please! T-there is no reason we cannot be civil! R-release me, and let us talk as men!'' Odin simply shook his head, and Loki felt his last chance fade away, the knowledge that he could not get free somehow making each slap sting more sharply. Loki panicked, feeling like he could take no more, ''G-guards! Guards!!''

He did not care if they saw him anymore, he only wanted to be spared from the horrible pain he now felt. Where were they? Why did they not come? Loki felt the tears dropping from his face onto the cold stone below. They all hated him, they would not come, they did not care what befell Loki, no one really did. He screamed his outrage, his voice resounding off the walls. Then his ears perked as he heard a distant noise from the hall leading to the cell he and Odin occupied, and his heart lifted in hope.

Soon he could pick out the distinct sound of armored feet striking the stone floors, and two guardsman burst through the cell door, pausing as they took in what they saw. Loki blushed in shame at them seeing him exposed as Odin continued spanking him, as if oblivious to the presence of the guards. ''What are you waiting for, you fools?! He assaults me! Free me from his grasp!'' Loki's face sank as the two Asgardians stood where they were, as if uncertain of what they should do.

''I am Lord of Asgard! You will help me, now!'' Spittle flew from Loki's lips as he screamed this, his voice lifted by desperate fury. Still they remained as they were, seeming to settle into place on either side of the door, in fact, as if he had summoned them to guard the exit instead of saving him from the spanking of his adult life. Loki simply screamed at them in humiliated rage, the slaps Odin continued to rain down on him driving the ability to speak from his mind.

He could take no more, and his body writhed in Odin's grip as he sobbed his pain with each slap, tears flowing freely down his face as his glowing red ass quivered in pain, clenching involuntarily before each swat. ''M-mercy! P-please, let me go!'' Loki shook with the sum of his misery; the intolerable pain, the humiliation, the guards who stood across simply watching him, surely laughing in their hearts at his persecution. He sobbed loudly, cringing at how pathetic his own voice sounded.

Odin spoke though he did not stop the spanking, slapping one cheek then the other to elicit a fresh cry of pain from Loki, ''You will cede ruler-ship of Asgard to me, where these guards can act as witness, and then I will command these two to leave us so we may speak.''

Loki squinted his eyes and gritted his teeth as he shook furiously, ''Never! You will not defeat me so!'' Loki gasped in shock, his eyes widening as Odin increased the speed of his spanking to a blinding volley. The trickster god screamed out until he was hoarse then continued to scream, his throat raw with the effort as he struggled to breath through his own yells, his body swaying as best it could within the confines of Odin's grasp.

He meant to take the kingdom back with a spanking! To break Loki's will with a child's punishment! He flushed red with shame, for he knew in his heart that he had already lost, that he could not hold out against the pain he felt, and Loki wept in defeat. The fact that he could not move bore down on him like a weight; Odin would never tire, this would continue for as long as Odin deemed necessary, Loki could not escape. He wailed pathetically, his mouth wide as he poured out his misery in wracking sobs. There was nothing he could do, once again Loki was doomed to lose from the beginning; he could not fight fate. ''Y-you have won!''

''I have won what, Loki? Please be clear to these guards what it is you have lost.''

Loki gritted his teeth against the rush of humiliation, ''Asgard is Odin's! Loki rules no more!'' he sobbed.

Odin nodded to the two sentries and they nodded back, leaving the two alone once again in the cell. Still Odin did not stop, his hand a blur as it poured punishment on Loki's welted backside. Loki twisted his head around to look at Odin over his own shoulder, his face a mask of pained shock, ''W-why do you keep spanking me?! You said if I gave you Asgard, you would stop! Once again, you have lied to Loki!'' Loki whined.

''Wrong, I told you that I would command the guards to leave, so that we could speak. I never said your spanking was over. It is over when I feel you are sorry enough for your treasonous behavior.''

Loki simply whined in misery as reply, yelping occasionally as Odin's hand met his sensitive cheeks. Odin still took from him, like everyone else, the All-Father was not happy with his victory over Loki, he meant to break his will completely as well. Loki sobbed his pain as he twitched under the hard slaps, ''S-sorry! I'm s-sorry! I truly am, I regret ever embarking on this affair!'' Loki bucked forward as a slap delivered to his seat caused him to cry out in agony.

Odin lightened the spanking ever so slightly, his face compassionate, ''Now we make progress, Loki, I am glad there seems to yet be hope for you. Whether you accept me as your father or not, I am your guardian and I shall make sure you correct this horrible path you have taken. Sadly, due to the fact that you have garnered a reputation as a master of lies for yourself, I cannot take you at your word that you are sorry, I will only stop once I am convinced without doubt of your regret.''

Loki wailed in panicked desperation, the irony of his inability to prove himself sincere to Odin not lost on him. He continued to rock forward with each slap, his mind numb with pain he could not handle, but maddeningly unable to escape from. A sudden tremor and a loud booming sound of shattering stone shook the air, giving pause even to Odin's hand. Loki knew it could only be Thor escaping from his prison, and as much as that thought scared him, he savored the break in Odin's relentless spanking, drawing in deep breaths as sweat poured in rivulets down his back, his body convulsing with remembered pain.

''T-thor escapes... he will seek me out now to do me harm...'' Loki's bottom lip trembled as he said this. This is how he would go to Hel; killed by his hated brother Thor, his pants still around his ankles and his ass covered with the prints of Odin's hand. He would be a mockery in death as he had been in life. Loki whimpered pathetically then bucked in surprise as Odin's hand came down hard once more. ''Y-you have not had enough?! Thor comes to kill me, and you continue to add to my disgrace?'' Loki yelped at the fresh pain; starting again after the rest only seemed to make the spanking hurt more!

Odin sighed at Loki, ''Your brother shall stay his hand if I command it; unlike you, he has proven his loyalty. We must finish your discipline, your obvious self-pity convinces me we are not yet through.''

Loki twisted in pain with each slap, but his fear drove him to focus enough to speak, ''Y-you mean to have Thor see me like this when he arrives?! P-please, I beg you, only let us continue after we have spoken to my enraged brother! Please father!'' Loki began to sob and cry anew as the new pain quickly became unbearable.

Odin glared at Loki as he increased the power of the spanking, ''So now you call me father? No. You said before that you knew not shame. Let this be proof to you that you need to remember it.''

Loki opened his mouth to plea further but the room shook then as the doors across from them blew open, each door slamming against the wall it hinged from hard enough to crack the stone, one door falling from it's heavy steel hinges with a boom. Thor stood beyond, his injuries still plain on his bared chest, but his muscles bulged with power and he wielded his hammer in front of him menacingly. His eyes burned with rage and small bolts of lightning crackled along his form. His eyes were locked on Loki and he took a step into the room before he seemed to realize the full image he gazed upon.

The anger seemed to slide off of his face, replaced by a look of confusion. Loki's skin darkened and he wished against all reason that Thor were still angry with him, he would rather Thor strike him with that accursed hammer than for his brother to watch Odin continue to spank him as he did. Thor lowered his hammer as he watched, his mouth open in surprised awe. Loki closed his eyes against his shame, bowing his head as he could no longer keep from crying out in pain with each swat as Odin continued to spank him evenly. He wished he could press his face into his hands or Odin's thigh, anything to hide the humiliation on his face from Thor, but his attempts to bite his father earlier had ensured that he could not hide himself now. So instead he simply wept, painfully aware of how pathetic his sobbing and each yelp he made looked to his brother.

After a few long moments, Thor collected himself from the unexpected sight, straightening to regard Odin, ''I see you have this well in hand father. I am pleased to see you have taken to punishing Loki for his crimes, albeit a little estranged as to your methods. I will speak to you later, as I most certainly have issues concerning Loki that I would like to bring to your attention, that discipline of this sort might not completely account for.''

Odin nodded at Thor, not slowing his hand in delivering slaps to his squirming sobbing son. ''Very well, Thor, I am most certain we have much to discuss. Leave us and I will decide later if Loki needs more punishment than I levy upon him now.'' Loki felt his heart sink at the thought of further punishment, trembling at the thought of Odin commanding Thor to spank him again, as it had 'proven effective'. Such punishment would surely be severe given his brothers wrath over recent events. Thor nodded back and departed without a word, the only sounds in the shattered cell now Odin's slaps on Loki's sore cheeks and the latter's cries of pain.

Loki wriggled around in a way that would have been comic, if there was any comedy to be found in his suffering. ''I shall leave you with this lesson to sulk yourself to sleep as you are sure to do, but here within the same chains you placed upon your father, my ungrateful son. However, first I shall administer ten more hard slaps to help you remember why we have come to this.'' Loki cried out with each slap, he could not be certain, but it felt as if Odin took more time between each, an eternity spread between each swat in which he clenched anxiously awaiting the next pain.

By the fourth slap Loki felt he could not bear any more, somehow the knowledge that he was to receive six more proving maddeningly impossible. Odin ignored his pleas, screams, and struggles, though, and Loki wailed and shook. He kicked out on each swing with the last three, his legs straining out and his back arched as he yelped loudly. Odin broke the chains that held him and attached another set onto Loki as his son shuddered on the floor, curled int a ball and crying into his knees. Never had he felt so broken. He could never win, a lifetime of misery. Odin regarded him for a moment before he turned to leave, ''Think on what has happened here, and before you think to apply yourself to more treachery, consider the fact that your punishment here is likely not through.''

Loki's only response was a long wail of anguish as Odin departed, leaving him crying alone in the dark room. Loki supposed this was what he got for gloating.

And so ends chapter 1. Stay tuned kids... *evil grin*