DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter or any of J.K. Rowlings characters. But I do or rather my friends and I own everyone else. :)

Didn't you ever wonder what it would have been like to have gone to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Didnt you ever wonder what it was like to chat with Hagrid, duel with Draco, compete with hermione, or swoon about Harry? So did me and my friends. So we wrote Harry Potter fanfiction and incorporated ourselves into the stories. A few tips to help understand the blurbs:

Aino Menonette- Gryfindor, of farie decent, major crush on Harry

Felini Alias- Ravenclaw, vampire

Phoniex Derol- Ravenclaw, huge crush on Oliver Wood

Vennela Vicoy- Slitherin, Harpy, huge crush on Draco malfoy


The sounds of a rubber against parchment, and the shudder of a camera were the only sounds heard on the north shore of the Black lake. It was a partly sunny, fall day at Hogwarts. Felinei was trying to get some artistic shots of the fun and frolicking fall atmosphere. It was great to be a witch this time of year, Halloween was almost upon them.
"I give up!!!!" A quell and large roll of parchment flew past Felinei's nose at a remarkable speed for such light objects.
"Watch it Aino! You could have given me a paper cut." Felinei picked up the discarded writing implements, and plopped them into the lap of the disgruntled fae.
"I can't believe it!" The brunette witch grumbled ominously. "Two thousand bloody words! Can you believe it?" Aino clenched her lithe hands into fists at the sides of her head.

"No, I can't believe it either." Phoenix replied in a monotone voice, as she rolled over on her beach towel, not even bothering to open her eyes to offer the faerie a pitied glance.

Aino eyed her surreptitiously, wondering whether she should be grateful that someone cared enough to agree with her or take offense to the lack of indignation in her friend's voice.
"Oh bloody hell, would you like some cheese with that wine? Just go and do the friggin research and get it over with." Vennela's voice rang down from the tree she was sitting in trying to spot Draco on the Quidditch pitch.
"I can't write about this stuff though." the sixth year Gryffindor pouted. "I'm good at writing romance, and fantasy. That kind of stuff! Not reports. Who cares about how to properly mature and prepare Mandrakes to give to paralyzed people?"
"I'll be sure to remember that the next time I'm paralyzed." Felinei replied dryly. Her camera clicked again as she caught a Hufflepuff beater in mid swing on her memory card.
"Oh you know what I mean Fel. One day I'll be a famous fiction writer. And I'll--"
"Oh you don't have to wait to be a fiction author Aino." Phoenix lifted herself up on to her elbows, propping her dainty chin on her hand.
"Really?" Aino innocently inquired. "You think they would publish one of my stories now?"
Vennela hung upside from the tree above Aino's head, "Nix is right Aino. You're already a fiction writer. All your entries in your diary about Harry are proof of that." She smiled serenely.
What looked to be white puffs of smoke started coming out Aino's ears.
"I think she's going to blow." Phoenix giggled as she inched further from Aino and closer to the school just in case an escape was needed.
"I think her wings might pop off if she doesn't let it out soon." Vennela had scurried to the highest point of her hiding spot.
Aino took a deep breath, opened her mouth and....::Click::
"Huh?" Not the most intelligent thing that has even come out of the faes mouth to this day. "Did you just take a picture--?"
"Of your mouth open!!" Felinei choked out between gawffs of laughter. "Oh this is SO getting sent to Harry!"