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Chapter 4: I Must Be Dreaming

"Hmm, who do we have left?" Beast Boy grinned at Raven. "You keep starring at me you're going to end up looking like Patchy the Pirate too, just ask already." Raven said annoyed. Beast Boy looked back at Cyborg who was grinning evilly signaling him to go on. Raven noticed this and started to get a little nervous.

"Raven, truth or dare." Beast Boy asked arrogantly.

"That depends which one will knock that senseless grin off your face?"

"Just answer the question." Beast Boy said abruptly

Raven smirked then decided to just go with it. "Fine I pick truth." Beast Boy almost jumped out of his seat, "Do you like Robin?" He practically shouted. Raven was completely caught off guard. She glanced at Robin who looked like a bus had hit him. She was trapped and there was no way out.

"I…I…" Her face began to turn red. She couldn't lie thanks to the stupid truth potion that someone had to steal out of her room when she told that someone not to set foot in her sanctuary. She had no other choice but to tell the truth.

"I like Raven ok!" Robin shouted which made everyone turn their heads in his direction. Both his sudden outburst and what he just said astonished Raven. "Infact-" he rose from his seat and looked Raven, "I love her. She's everything to me. She's my life and I can't live without her." He looked around to his astonished friends.

"C'mon I bet I'm not the only one that feels this way towards someone. Guys?" Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire looked down.

"It is true, I have the feelings for Speedy." Starfire chirped.

"Well I have been secretly dating Bee for like almost three weeks." Cyborg confessed.

"Dude! You and Bumble Bee have been dating and you haven't even told me about it?" Beast Boy said enraged. "That's because I knew you would blab it off to everyone. We've been trying to see how it would all work out and didn't want anyone tormenting us if we broke up." Cyborg said.

Raven got up and began to walk towards Robin with an expression that looked like she was really ticked off. 'Great, I made her mad.' Robin thought as Raven stood face to face with him. "You aren't kidding right?" Raven asked with a bit of anger in her voice.

"We're on truth potion so yeah, I am in love with you." Robin chuckled nervously.

It was then when Raven leaned into robin enveloping him in a passionate kiss. Robin's eyes widened at this sudden action but then he slowly began to close his eyes and return the kiss. Raven wrapped her arms around his neck while Robin latched his arms around her waist. As they were kissing a golden light started to form around then along with the others. Robin and Raven paid no mind to it as it began to rise and send out sparks adding to the scene. The other three stood to the side smiling. At last the two lovebirds were finally together.

"It took you two long enough."

The two pulled away smiling as they continued to embrace eachother. "I love you too Robin." Raven put her head on Robin's shoulder as he kissed the top of her head.

"Do you think the potion wore off by now?" inquired Cyborg.

"Well I know the only way to find out."

Beast Boy ran to the kitchen and grabbed what looked like a can of beef stew. He than ran back and held it up to Cyborg's face. "For you Cyborg, I got this yesterday at the store and I know how much you like meat so I thought you'd like it." Beast Boy beamed.

"Cool, thanks BB but what does this have to do with seeing if the potion wore off or not?" Cyborg said as he began to remove the cover. Just Cyborg removed the lid plastic snakes exploded out of the can and hit him square in the face.

"Yep, it's gone."

Cyborg was about to go after Beast Boy when Raven signaled him to come over. Cyborg grumbled as he sluggishly made his way over to where she and Robin were standing. "Make this quick I need to get back at that little-" he stopped as Raven continued to smirk. "What did you do?" Cyborg chuckled as Raven whispered in his ear "I took his hairbrush and soaked it in meat juice."

"Wow you did not just do that."

"I did." Robin put his arm around Raven's waist as the two walked out of the living room. Soon after they left Beast Boy sped back yelling "Who put this gunk on my comb and what is it?" Beast Boy held up his comb to reveal brown goo covering the entire brush.

"I have no idea but I have to leave, me and Bee are going to the movies tonight bye y'all."

"Star did you do this to my comb?"

"No but I must depart too, I have scheduled a get together with friend speedy and I do not wish to be late." Starfire dashed to her room in a huff leaving Beast Boy, once again, dumbfounded.

"Teen super heroes and their hormones." Beast Boy then began to walk to his room trying to rid his hair off the mysterious brown goo.

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