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Naruto Uzumaki: Demon King

Chapter 13

Three and Nine

"Naruto!" Alma yelled out right before a silver blade attached to a steel rope flew through the air and struck Naruto between the eyes, spearing through his head.

Everyone there stood in awe as blood poured from the blond's forehead as the blade was yanked free from his skull with a wet slurp. The body slowly fell forward and struck the ground.

And the end of the chain was a young man, looking barely out of his teens. He flicked the blade to the side as he pulled it into his hand "Let's see your healing factor fix that" he licked the blood from his weapon and spit it onto the ground.

Alma began to move but Amy stopped her, shaking her head "This isn't over"

Black claws surrounded the young man's head and Naruto slammed him into the ground. Slowly, the blond stood up, his hands looking like the claws of a fox.

His eyes were red slits as he stared at the small crater that he had created. His hands slowly returned to normal as he walked over to his body. He reached down and grabbed the neck of the shirt and lifted the dead Naruto up. It's face was made of wood and looked a little like a doll.

The blond smirked "Substitution Jutsu, along with a wooden doll, Kankuro sure knows his puppets" he tossed the puppet aside and turned as the young man slowly stood back up.

Ersmil, a young noble turned Assassin. His sly maneuvers made him very wealthy and well known in the demon world. He became a council member under Salvier's recommendation. With the wealth and power of the Council, he eventually became even more powerful.

He was the type to vanish for days, on some secret mission on his own. The young man reminded him a lot of Kabuto. He had the same dark soulless eyes. Black hair slicked back, and silver eyes that looked as if they already knew how they would kill you.

He always wore a suit, neatly pressed and cleaned. He kept it clean, which was surprising considering his line of work.

Now his always neat suit was now covered in dirt and his dangerous eyes were filled with anger as they focused on Naruto.

Black blades slipped from his sleeves as he through them at the blond.

Naruto flipped upwards, chakra blades cutting through the steel "You are going to have to do better than that Ersmil, you may be an assassin, but I am a Ninja, assassination is only one of our jobs"

"If I remember correctly, you used to be nothing more than a human" the young man said pushing his hair back into place. His arms began to glow before he spun and slashed upwards, sending a blade of air toward Naruto.

Naruto's eyes glowed and he crossed his arms, red energy rolling across his form. He released it all at once with a loud roar, dispersing the blade of air. He grinned, canine's sharper "But now I am a demon" on the tips of his fingers, small spinning blue balls formed before he vanished.

He slammed into Ersmil's side, pushing the balls into his stomach "Five-Seal Rasengan!" the energy pulsed as it ripped through his shirt and into his skin.

The black haired man screamed in pain as he was thrown across the ground. He coughed up a little blood and growled as he struggled to get up.

"I'd stay down if I was you" Naruto said calmly "I would have thought that Salvier's little pet would have been stronger than this"

The man began to laugh softly "Assassination Technique: A Thousand and One Blades!" surrounding Naruto were what could only be described as a thousand and one blades, each being controlled by Ersmil's dark energy.

Naruto cursed as the blades lunged toward him "I walked right into that one" he spread his stance and began to twist 'This technique won't be as effective as his, but it will work in this situation' he smirked "Hyuuga Technique: Kaiten!"

He spun at high speeds, letting his chakra pour free from every point on his body. The red chakra flared out, creating a solid dome of spinning chakra, forcing the blades back.

Once he felt that he was safe, his eyes flicked forward and he used his legs to push him directly toward Ersmil "Kaiten: Full-body Rasengan!"

His body struck the man's with full force, sending him flying back as he landed back on his feet. His eyes were flowing with energy "Give it up Ersmil, I have you beaten"

Ersmil slowly stood back up, clutching his broken left arm. He stepped forward before Salvier spoke out "Stop Ersmil, this battle has been decided"

The young man turned to look at his elder to ask his reasoning but must have seen something in the man's face because he nodded and walked toward the other council members.

Imia stepped up to Naruto "That even scared me, I was sure you had been killed" she chuckled "I was about to kill him myself, even if it meant my position"

He grinned at her "Don't worry about it, I saw it coming from a mile away" he clapped her on the shoulder before she was called to the other council members.

"Six more trials" he sighed as he walked toward Alma and Amy, looking up at them.

Alma smiled, looking very relieved "You are lucky you survived that one" she said shaking her head.

Amy chuckled "Yeah right, Naruto had him on the ropes, Imia was the only one, and is the only one who can actually give Naruto a run for his money in a full on fight" she blinked "Looks like I am being summoned"

She vanished, leaving the two of them. Alma sighed before she smiled again "Naruto, how powerful are you exactly?" she asked.

"Well, before I became a demon, I was a regular human with the nine tailed fox trapped inside of me, I was able to use his power to a certain extent" he chuckled "Now, I am the Fox and I can use the full power of all nine tails" he scratched his chin "I have only used the full power once and I could barely control it"

She blinked "That is incredible" she said softly. A second later, Amy appeared, looking a little worried.

"What's the damage?" Naruto asked.

"The other six were persuaded by Salvier to enact the Call of Nine" she said shaking her head "He even got them to give up a portion of their immortal lives" she hopped down next to Naruto "Prepare yourself for the last of the trials"

Naruto couldn't believe his ears. The council had used their last six trials to use the Call of Nine, which needed the power of the Shinigami to enact. The blond didn't even know what it did, just that it was supposed to be a last ditch attempt.

Amy stepped up to the council, with Naruto behind her "You have chosen to enact the Call of Nine" she said and closed her eyes "I will begin the process" she bit into her thumb and let the blood fall to the ground, each aqua colored drop striking the soft ground.

"For me, Death is not permanent" she said softly "Through my power, I open the Black Gate" behind her, a large black gate rose from the ground. A deep creaking sound came from the gate as it slowly began to open.

The soft sound of foot steps came from the now open gate. A tall shadow was seen as the person walked toward them, slowly, as the person crossed the threshold, a sandaled foot took form, followed by a red kimono.

Eventually a man was standing there, red hair falling down to the center of his back. His eyes slowly opened, showing red slitted eyes "Naruto, such a pleasure to see you again" his deep voice echoed across the grounds as his eyes turned to Amy "Miss Shinigami" he then looked toward the Council "Imia, I assume there is a good reason for calling me to the realm of the living"

Kurama, the Kyuubi before Naruto, didn't like the council. He hated them with a passion and would never address any one of them other than Imia. She had been as much of friend to him as she was to Naruto.

The young woman sighed "Salvier" she said simply.

"Mmm" he sighed before looking toward Naruto and smiling "Well, seems as though I will be your opponent"

Naruto blinked "But...ah...we are...equal in power right?" he asked.

He chuckled "Possibly, we both have the same powers, but we also have both had different experiences throughout our lives, our skill-set should vary" he grinned "Besides, I want to see how powerful you have gotten"

"I suppose I can, especially if it is for the trials" Naruto sighed before he grinned "I will fight you with my full power and all of the skills I possess"

Kurama smirked and turned, walking out into the middle of the field, the young blond following him. Amy watched them before snapping her fingers, the Black Gate closing quietly and vanishing. She jumped up next to Alma to watch the fight.

Alma blinked "So he is the original Kyuubi?" she asked softly.

Amy nodded "Yes he is, and to tell you the truth, I have been wanting to see this fight" she grinned "A clash of skill and power that no one can match"

"But how can they both have the same power? Shouldn't he have given up all of his power when he died?"

Amy grinned "That is the beauty of this place" she said "It allows the same power to exist in the same place, if Kurama were to leave, he would lose all of his power and become a regular demon, here, he is just as powerful as he once was"

Down on the field, Naruto and Kurama stood facing each other, red energy flowing off of their forms as they prepared to fight. Each stood in their own, though similar in basics, their stances were both completely different, each guarding specific aspects of their bodies.

The blue haired Shinigami smiled wide "The only other battle that could rival this one would be when the Sage of the Six Paths fought the Ten Tailed Beast and sealed it within himself" she looked excited as she pulled out a small notebook "This is something to put down in history"

With a blast of demonic Chakra, the battle between the two Kyuubi's began.

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