AN: This had some Jake/ Neytiri, but it's mainly a father/ daughter moment for Jake and Sylwanin. Enjoy!

We Are One

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

"Daddy, Daddy!" Sylwanin exclaimed, climbing up to her father as she spotted him sitting still on one of Hometree's thick branches. Jumping up beside him, she recognized his relaxed posture and far off glaze in his bright amber eyes. Her hero was in deep thought. Curious, the young Na'vi spoke up. "What are you thinking about?"

Facing his daughter, Jake gave a small smile and reached for her hand. "I'm thinking about everything I have learned," he answered. "And I hope that in time you may learn these lessons too… though not the same way I did."

"Can't you just tell me now?" she asked, taking his hand and curling her tail around her body as she leaned comfortably against her father's side. Jake studied her eager eyes, clearly ready for a story. And yet he wasn't quite sure how to explain…

As you go through life you'll see

There is so much that we

Don't understand

Jake had never understood the war in Venezuela. He had never really understood why he had been injured so badly in the conflict. He had understood ever less of why his brother Tom had died. And he had certainly never planned on going to Pandora. He had never planned on falling in love.

To this day, he thanks Eywa for all that had come out of it. Through his loses he had found his gain. He had found a home and family once again…

And the only thing we know

Is things don't always go

The way we planned

Despite his wish for his son and daughter to never go through hard times, Jake knew that they were inevitable. Hopefully not to the same degree as he had gone through, but no matter what he was going to be there. The clan, the old avatar team, Neytiri and he would help them through…

But you'll see every day

That we'll never turn away

When it seems all your dreams come undone

And they had the strength to overcome whatever came their way. Thomas and Sylwanin were strong, body and spirit. And Jake would be there, hopeful and proud as he watched them. How could he not be? They were hischildren, his blood, his spirit. They were Neytiri's children, her blood, her spirit. The four of them were one. And they were one with the clan and one with Eywa…

We will stand by your side

Filled with hope and filled with pride

We are more than we are

We are one

Sylwanin knew that she wasn't the average Na'vi child. She knew of her alien heritage and how it separates her and her brother from the rest of the clan and she knew that the People loved them despite – or maybe even because- of it. She knew that she was the proof of a love between two unlikely People and therefore a bridge between their worlds. She knew also of how she was the daughter of the clan's leaders. She knew also that she was the daughter of Toruk Makto. She knew of the high expectations that would surely be on her. She knew who footsteps in which she would be trying to fill. Could she somehow find herself despite all that?

If there's so much I must be

Can I still just be me

The way I am?

And how much of what was to become of her was really in her control? Could she trust her own instincts, both that of the Na'vi and the Sky People in her? What did Eywa have in store for her? How could she balance her choices with her fate? Somehow her father had managed it…

Can I trust in my own heart

Or am I just one part

Of some big plan?

Father and daughter were lost in their own thoughts. Jake thought of all who made this life possible for him. His parents, Tom, Grace… they had all somehow shaped him into who he was today. Eytukan and Tsu'tey…they had both put up with him (and even managed to somewhat like him by the end). Though they were now gone, he could still feel them in spirit. He could feel them in the way they had impacted his life and in how he would impact his daughter's…

Even those who are gone

Are with us as we go on

Your journey has only begun

Yes, there had been pain. But yet, joy wasn't far behind. For such was this land's balance. No matter what, family still lived on. Both those alive and dead lived on through a family of one…

Tears of pain, tears of joy

One thing nothing can destroy

Is our pride, deep inside

We are one

The dead and the living. The people of Earth and the People of Pandora. They seemed like extreme opposites. And yet, here he was with children of his own. Children who were of two worlds. It was important that they understood this. They had to know that despite the differences and despite the past's battles, that they were part of each opposite and therefore created a whole. It was like the land and sky that created the one home in which they lived in…

We are one, you and I

We are like the earth and sky

One family under the sun

One day Jake's spirit would return his body to the land. Neytiri would pass her spirit through Eywa as she left her vessel. It would be up to Thomas and Sylwanin to become their own leaders within the clan. And it would take wisdom and courage. Wisdom and courage that came with one comfort. The comfort of being one. Neytiri and he were one. And they were one with their children. Their family was one with the People. And the People were one with Eywa. And Eywa was one with all things of the spirit.

Jake of course wasn't sure how to explain all of this to his young daughter who surely had her own journey of finding her identity among the People and within the world. And he was certain she wouldn't understand it right away. But it was important. Sylwanin would understand it someday, for she and Jake were apart of each other. Father and daughter were one.

All the wisdom to lead

All the courage that you need

You will find when you see

We are one