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Karin was staring out of the window. Seriously bored. Teacher, Misato Ochi, was explaining something about the writing in board. It was a math class. Karin, who was somewhat like Ichigo, was pretty good in school, so she already knew what the Miss Ochi was talking about. In front of Karin, Yuzu was listening to the teacher, so Karin had no one to chat with.

Why can't school already end? I want to go to my soccer practice already! ,Karin though with a sigh. She was still continuing her old hobby, and was pretty good at it. She had started to play in a local team and was already one of the top forwards in their team. Still, it was only the first lesson of the day. This is gonna be a looong day.

Karin turned her gaze away from the window and buried her head into her arms. Maybe I can sleep. I'm sure Miss Ochi won't mind, she thought and closed her eyes. The teacher's voice was fading as she was getting drowsier by every minute. Just as she was about to fall asleep someone knocked on the door. Karin sighed angrily. The person knocking had just prevented a nice nap.

Miss Ochi went to open the door and Karin gazed out of the window. She stared at the tree right next to the window with a smirk appearing in her face. The old oak was close enough to jump onto its big branch. Karin had tried it one day when she had been cleaning the classroom. Sure, they were on second floor, which meant she wouldn't die from the fall even if she missed. Plus, she was in the back row, so no one would see her jump.

"Yuzu!" Karin whispered to her twin. She turned in her seat. "What? You know I need to concentrate", she whispered back scowling lightly. Karin smirked wider. "Listen Yuzu, now that Miss Ochi is at the door, I'll get out of here. Don't worry; I'll see you at lunch." Yuzu raised her eyebrows surprised.

"How are you going to- KARIN!" Yuzu almost screamed as she looked her twin climb out of the window and jump out. Karin turned to look back with even wider smirk. "Could you bring my stuff to the roof at lunch? Thanks!" she laughed and climbed down from the tree and ran away. She was going to have couple of hours free time, so she was going to enjoy a nice nap somewhere. She just checked her uniforms pockets to make sure she had her cell phone with her in case Yuzu started to worry too much about her.

Back in the class room Yuzu was staring after her twin almost angrily. Almost being the key-word. After all, it was just the way Karin was. Still, jumping out of the windows goes almost too far even for Karin, she thought with a scowl. She quickly cleared her sister's desk and turned to look at the door. Miss Ochi was still talking with someone.

"So class, here's our new exchange student", Miss Ochi said as she turned back towards the class. She walked to her desk and a white-haired boy followed. "My name is Hitsugaya Toushiro", the boy introduced himself and stared back at everyone with his extraordinary teal eyes. Every single girl, including Yuzu, decided immediately, that he was cute.

"So, we only have one free seat in the back next to Kurosaki Ka…rin? Kurosaki, where is your sister?" the Miss Ochi asked Yuzu, who blushed very deep. "Well, you see miss Ochi, she was bored", Yuzu explained. "So? And how on earth did she disappear?" the Miss Ochi continued. She was sure that the raven-haired Kurosaki had been in the class when it began.

"She jumped out of the window", the light brunette girl answered quietly, staring at her desk. "She WHAT?!" Miss Ochi exclaimed. She turned to look out of the window and was able to see a girl with shoulder length hair pulled in a ponytail running away. "You Kurosaki's sure are one crazy family", she sighed and patted Yuzu's head. "You seem to be the only sane one"

"Oh well, she's probably going to come back at lunch. Just give her the homework then, Kurosaki", she smiled. "Oh, and Hitsugaya, you can sit in the empty chair next to the empty chair next to the window", she said pointing at the desk. "Sure Miss Ochi", he replied sounding a bit bored.

"And Kurosaki Karin will help you get around the school and everything once she comes back", Miss Ochi continued and the whole class was just staring at her. Is it okay for her to be so carefree? was a thought many of the teens had.

In the near park, Karin was happily sleeping without knowing anything about the new student or her being his helper. That was until her phone started beeping. Karin groaned and straightened up from the class. She pulled out her phone. A message from Yuzu. So either Miss Ochi noticed I ran away or she's just worried.

Karin opened the message and read it. And reread it. And read it for third time. "I… have to help some new kid? Why? WHY? Gah, today was a bad day to jump out of a window", she muttered to herself getting up from the grass. A young woman with a stroller glanced at her worriedly and she smirked at her. It must sound odd if someone complains about jumping out of a window. She dusted her clothes and started to walk back to the school.

She knew that the rest of her family wouldn't have known about her escape, if the Karakura College wasn't so near the park. Bad for Karin, it was, and a certain orange-headed Substitute Shinigami was just heading back to his lesson.

"Karin! What are you doing here?" Ichigo called after his little sister. Karin stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to see her big brother in a black kimono. "Hi Ichi-nii", she tried to smile a sweet Yuzu-smile. Thing is, she doesn't smile sweet Yuzu-smiles. Ichigo scowled.

"Don't tell me you're ditching?" he said. Karin shot him an irritated glance. "Oh, and you mister Shinigami never did?" Ichigo smirked. "Always. But I had a reason. Well, I had a reason most times." Karin smirked back at her brother. "Well, I've got reason. I was bored."

"Ichigo! Come on!" both Kurosakis turned their heads towards the sound. Rukia was waving her arm farther from the two, and she too was in Shinigami outfit. "More Hollows?" Karin asked. Ichigo had told Karin everything after Aizen had lost and the espada had been destroyed. Yuzu was the only person in their family, who knew nothing about Shinigamis.

Ichigo smirked at Karin. "No, I think this time it's not because of a Hollow she wants me to hurry." Karin stared at her brother for few seconds before she blushed deep red. "There are things I don't need to know", she muttered and Ichigo laughed. "Then don't ask", he said ruffling Karin's hair. "But go back to school now", he continued before running after Rukia.

"Like you should be", Karin muttered before starting to walk again.

When Karin got back to school it was still five minutes before lunch break. Karin headed straight up to the roof and sat there to wait for Yuzu. After couple of minutes Yuzu's head peeked around the corner. "Hi Yuzu!" Karin greeted with a big smile. Yuzu smiled too. "Hi Karin. This is Toushiro."

A white-haired boy was walking behind Yuzu. He looked like he had always a scowl on his face and he was staring at his phone. Karin was only able to stare at him. His teal eyes moved from side to side as he read something from phone. The phone was in his right hand, while left was in his back pocket.

Karin, like every other girl in the school, thought right away that he was good looking. The eyes, oh so nice eyes, was the only thing Karin was able to think about. Then Toushiro lifted his eyes from the phone and looked at Karin, who, of course, blushed deep red. "So you're that Karin", he said, teal eyes staring into dark a bit bluish eyes. (A.N. I checked so many pics and they were maybe grayish, but grey and blue are close colors and blue sounds prettier, so I'll use that.)

Karin didn't know how to react. It sounded like he wasn't the least interested if he was correct, and he was still scowling. "Yes, I'm that Karin. I hear I'm supposed to drag you around the school. But I think you can do it yourself, can't you, Shorty?" Karin asked teasing. An anger mark popped up in Toushiro's forehead and he snapped his phone shut.

"Did you just call me Shorty?" he asked slowly eyes closed. Karin smirked. "Yes, I did. You're short, aren't you, pretty boy?" Toushiro opened his eyes and walked closer Karin. Karin stood up and soon they were standing noses almost touching, Toushiro staring a bit down and Karin up (Karin is about 5 cm (about 2 inches) shorter). "As you can see Kurosaki, I'm taller than you!" he said, sounding almost proud.

"True, Hitsugaya, but I'm a girl if you hadn't noticed", Karin said smirking. Toushiro smirked evilly and was about to say something back when Yuzu interrupted. "Karin, do you want your lunch?" she asked smiling nicely. Karin looked at her confused but still nodded. "Good, then leave that poor little boy alone and sit down", Yuzu continued.

Karin shrugged and sat down next to Yuzu, who handed her a lunch box. "Hey, Kurosaki, do you think you can just shrug me off? And Kurosaki, I'm not 'that poor little boy'" Toushiro said and glared at the twins. Neither of them said anything, both just stared at their lunch boxes.

"Toushiro, you know, it's pretty irritating when you call us both 'Kurosaki'. For one, it's confusing, two, it's annoying, and three, I promise not to call you Shorty if you call me by my name. Deal?" Karin said and lifted her eyes to meet Toushiro's. He was silent for about a second as he stared at the genuinely smiling girl.

He smiled too. "You've got yourself a deal, Karin." They smiled at each other for a while, but the moment was soon interrupted by a loud grumble. Karin looked confused and Toushiro blushed. Yuzu started laughing. "You're hungry, aren't you?" she asked. Toushiro looked away with a grumpy expression and nodded.

"I have an extra lunch box. I was going to take it to nii-chan but he's a big boy so he'll survive", Yuzu smiled. Karin chuckled. "Or Rukia will help him survive. Just take it Toushiro." He smirked and took the box. He sat next to Karin and started eating.

First Toushiro was just listening as the twins chatted, but as Karin started talking about her soccer practice he joined the conversation. "You play soccer?" he asked, sounding a bit surprised. Karin turned to look at him, scowling. "Is it that surprising? Yes, I'm a girl. And yes I play soccer. It's not impossible." "She's good at it too!" Yuzu praised her sister.

"Hey, I believe that girls can play. I'm just surprised 'cause I can play some soccer too" Toushiro said trying to calm Karin down. She raised her eyebrows. "Oh, you can?" Toushiro smirked. "Yes, and I think I'm pretty good." Karin smirked too. "We'll see about that."

"Is that a challenge?" Toushiro asked raising an eyebrow. "Yes, pretty boy, yes it is", Karin said and stood up. "Can you come over to the soccer field today? My practice ends at five." Toushiro stood up too. "I'll see you there then. But let's make it a bet."

"Oh, this sounds good. How about the loser will do three things for the winner? They can be anything from a 'get me a coffee' to 'write a book about me'", Karin suggested. Toushiro smirked even wider than before. "You don't know what you got yourself into. It's a bet!" he said putting his hand in front of him. "It's a bet!" Karin agreed grabbing the hand. "Don't start crying when I beat you Toushiro!"

Yuzu watched the two often in silence. They're really similar. And seem to like each other's company. I haven't seen Karin this comfortable around any guy since we started high school, she thought and smiled happily. When Karin was younger she had only guys as friends. Then Heita had asked her to start date him. It had changed Karin's friendship with the boys. She wanted to only be their friend, and always feared she was too flirty around them, so she became really awkward around them.

"By the way Karin, are you still gonna make me find my way around the school by myself?" Toushiro asked as he and the girls were walking the stairs down from the roof. "Oh that. Well, I guess I'll show you around as much as you need. But now, let's head back to the class", Karin answered looking at her feet to hide her pink cheeks.

As they entered the room Miss Ochi turned to glare them. "Kurosaki. I see you've decided to come back now. And I see you already met Hitsugaya. I think I'll still have to call Isshin. After all, Ichigo never jumped out of the window when he ran from the room. I really hope you can use the door after this."

"Don't worry, I'll use the door. And you don't need to call the old goat-face. I guess I'll tell him myself…" Karin said blushing a little. Yuzu chuckled softly and even Toushiro could prevent a little chuckled from escaping. "Oh shut up you guys", Karin sighed as she walked back to her seat. This time she was whishing for the school day to end even more than before.