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Karin's Pov

"Toushiro… I will kill you!" Ichigo growled behind us. We both froze and Toushiro slowly glanced over his shoulder. Ichigo was standing there, looking angrier that I had ever seen.

"Kurosaki, I really can explain", Toushiro said, trying to smile as my brother growled again. This was not gonna end well.

"Oh, you can explain! I don't think I need an explanation. NOW GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY SISTER!" Ichigo roared at Toushiro. He started to get up, glancing between me and my brother worriedly, but I grabbed the front of his kimono and held him down.

"Don't listen to my brother, he's an idiot", I said. Toushiro looked at me confusedly. I usually didn't act like this. I sighed deeply.

"And I'm cold. So, please, don't start running away from him, at least not without me", I continued, my voice teasing.

"HEY! I'm not planning to run away!" Toushiro said looking a bit hurt. I stuck my tongue at him smile tugging the corners of my lips.

"You sure? I think you've run away from him at least twice by far if I remember correctly", I teased with a wide smirk. Toushiro scowled at me.

"Toushiro, didn't you hear what I said. Get up and face me like a man!" Ichigo growled. Toushiro looked over his shoulder and turned back to me sighing. He wrapped his arms around me and stood up holding me bridal style.

"Kurosaki, you're getting too carried away. So what if I'm dating Karin? It's her choice not yours", Toushiro said and I was able to hear from his voice that he was slowly getting angry. Ichigo opened his mouth to say something back to him but I interrupted.

"Yeah, he's right Ichi-nii! I can decide who I will date!" I said angrily, trying to sound scary. It wasn't as scary as I would have wanted, because the coldness of the air caused my voice to tremble.

"I can decide who you won't date! I mean, how much older he is than you? Hundred years?" Ichigo asked pointing at Toushiro but staring at me. I shrugged glaring back at him.

"So what? Rukia is hundred years older than you and still you date her!" I shot back. This time it was Ichigo's turn to shrug.

"It's different", he said nonchalantly.

"Yeah? Like how?" I asked raising my eyebrow angrily.

"Well, we're both Shinigamis, so I'll pretty much stay as old as I am for a long time once I move to Soul Society. Or rather look as old as I am. Well, you know. And I am older than you so I can decide who is not good for you", Ichigo said moving his eyes to glare at Toushiro.

"I could be a Shinigami if I wanted! Plus, what do you know about who is good for me and who isn't! What if I say Toushiro is the best for me anyone can be?" I yelled at him and squirmed in Toushiro's arms, trying to get down.

"Remember your ankle", Toushiro whispered to me but set me down next to him nonetheless. And at that moment I remember I didn't have shoes and there was snow on the ground.

I screamed because of the surprise and jumped up wrapping my arms around Toushiro's neck. He didn't expect me to do anything like that and lost his balance causing us both to fall back into the snow.

"Sorry, no shoes", I said smiling sheepishly. Toushiro laughed at me and rubbed his nose against mine but his laughter died when Ichigo started growling again.

"Okay, now you're so dead!" Ichigo said taking Zangetsu from his back and bolting towards us. Toushiro's teal eyes widened in horror and he just pushed me off of him, spun around and shunpoed to the opposite direction. In mere seconds both Ichigo and Toushiro were just two spots in the horizon.

"This is just great", I mumbled annoyedly. I sat up and tried to hold my feet in the air.

"Remember that I have summer clothes on!" I yelled into the direction the boys had disappeared to. Of course they couldn't hear me.

I sighed and looked around. There were just piles of snow and some pine trees. I sighed again. What was I going to do now?

"Karin! What are you doing here alone!" a surprised voice said behind me, catching me off-guard. I tried to get up to be ready to defend myself from an attacker and shivered when I got snow under my shirt.

"Renji! You just on time! Quick, help me up!" I said when I recognized him and reached my arm towards him. He blinked a few times confusedly but took my hand and helped me up. I shuddered as the cold snow met my bare feet.

"Cold, cold, cold!" I said switching the foot I was standing on, though my left ankle was hurting so much it was hard to stand on it.

"Where are your shoes?" Renji asked staring at my feet.

"I didn't have shoes when I was kidnapped! I wasn't planning for this to happen", I complained. I wrapped my arms around myself and hoped the haori Toushiro had given me had longer sleeves. It was really cold.

"Oh right! So, where are Toushiro and the Strawberry? I thought they came this way?" Renji asked looking around.

"Ichigo caught Toushiro kissing me and is chasing him across the world. Judging by the speed they left they might be half way across the pacific by now", I said glaring into the direction they had disappeared. Renji bursted into loud laughter.

"You poor little girl", he said patting my head. I glared at him as menacingly as I was able. He laughed again.

"Maybe they'll come back some time. Need a lift back home?" he asked. I nodded. "Yes please. It's so damn cold in here!"

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get you back to warmer climate", Renji said and lifted me up to his arms in a swift movement. I sighed in relief when I got my feet off the cold ground.

"Thank you Renji, you're a life-saver", I said smiling and wrapping my hand around my toes to warm them up. I felt them tingle as the blood started to circulate faster again.

"Now, which way is back?" Renji said looking around confusedly. I hit my forehead with my hand and looked at him desperately.

"Don't tell me you have no idea? Then call someone! You must have some way to contact the others!" I said and sneezed. Seems like I was going to get a cold. Why must this happen to me?

"I kinda broke it. I was fighting some hollows way away in the south when one managed to land a hit on me and my communicator fell and broke. After I had beaten the Hollows I had no idea which way to go so I came this way. Then I felt Ichigo's reiatsu and tried to come to find him but found you instead. So I have no idea where we are, but I'm guessing were not in south", he said looking around.

"No shit, Sherlock!" I mumbled, though I was really glad he had gotten lost into this direction. Otherwise I might have had to sit in the snow for God knows how long!

"We'll take a lucky guess and go this way!" Renji said cheerfully and shunpoed to the opposite direction than what Ichigo and Toushiro had gone. I really hoped his lucky guess was better than mine usually were.

Toushiro's POV

I swear Kurosaki has gotten faster during the time I was in Soul Society! He wasn't that fast last time he was chasing me. Or then he's just so angry he's drawing out power he didn't know he had.

You have been slacking off! If you just always to paperwork you'll become weaker, Hyorinmaru said. I just growled as an answer and looked over my shoulder to check how close the orange-haired substitute Shinigami was.


"Are you completely stupid! Who on earth would stop after you yell something like that?" I yelled back.

Run Toushiro, run. Faster than the wind, faster than the light, run till you see the golden sun, Hyorinmaru hummed.

Since when have you been a poet?

Since I decided I was tired of being just a sword. I'll write a book!

Good luck with that…

"Kurosaki, please calm down! You're overreacting. Let's just talk. Remember, we left Karin alone to somewhere in Siberia! Shouldn't you be a protective brother?" I yelled over my shoulder.

"WHY did you leave her there? I thought you were supposed to protect her?" Kurosaki yelled at me sounding horrified.

"Because you idiot bolted at me! I had no time to take Karin with me! You really are an idiot…", I sighed the last part under my breathe.

"Stop now so that I can beat you up and go to rescue her!" Ichigo roared again. I sighed and stopped. Kurosaki hadn't expected me to do so and ran past me.

"You stopped?" he asked staring at me surprisedly. I nodded.

"I figured there was no other way to talk to you. Now listen! I know we probably should have told you earlier about us, but Karin was afraid you'd react like that. So now be a mature big brother and calm down", I said forcing my voice to stay calm.

"Let me think about that… how about no? BANKAI!" Ichigo yelled and the black cloud surrounded him. When the cloud dissolved he had already called his mask.

"We don't need to fight you idiot!" I yelled at him and dodged the black Getsuga he shot at me.

"I won't let you touch my sister again!" Ichigo yelled, his voice quivering the way it always did when he had his mask on. It was a bit scary.

"Then you leave me no choice", I sighed. "BANKAI!"

The ice from Hyorinmaru floated through me and formed the wings, claws and tail. I glared at Ichigo.

"So you will fight with me for her. I'm impressed", Kurosaki said and shot another Getsuga Tenshou at me. I moved my wing in front of me to guard myself.

"It seems like I have to. Though this won't take long", I said. After the Winter war I had improved my bankai, and I was now able to use many of it's abilities faster than I used to. Also it was easier for me to use my abilities here where there was so much ice and snow. So I did something I wouldn't have been able to do five years ago.

"Sennen Hyoro!" I said pointing my sword at Kurosaki. Ice-pillars rose from the ground and surrounded him completely.

"Wai- wha?" he said gazing over his shoulders to look at the pillars. I couldn't help but smirk.

"You'll need to cool down for some time", I said and turned my sword clockwise. The pillars moved swiftly closer to Ichigo, but not to kill him I did let the pillars crush him. He was just locked within the ice without being able to move. Knowing him, that wouldn't slow him down that much.

"I hope your head cools down while you're in there. I'll go pick up Karin. See you at Urahara's!" I called and waved at him. I was able to see how he growled at me, but the ice prevented him from moving so that was all he was able to do.

Smiling a satisfied smile I turned around and shunpoed towards the place I had left Karin.

After five minutes of running I noticed familiar trees and slowed down. Other thing I noticed was the lack of Karin's reiatsu.

She should be around here… Where could she have gone with a sprained ankle? I wondered starting to get a little worried. Who knew what kind of wild animals she could have encountered.

Once again you're thinking too much. Maybe her ankle wasn't hurt so badly and she's currently shunpoing towards Karakura, Hyorinmaru suggested, but the worry was clear in his voice too.

No one shunpoes far with a sprained ankle. I've tried if you don't remember, I noted, though I was sure Hyorinmaru did remember. He often teased me how it was hard for me to learn to walk in bankai.

Maybe she met a polar bear and is riding home in its back! Stop worrying and start searching for her reiatsu you young idiot!

Muttering angrily under my breathe I did as Hyorinmaru told. Closing my eyes I concentrated on the warm reiatsu of Karin. I searcher first from a small range but widened it quickly when I couldn't find her. I was getting a bit panicky, though I would never admit it.

Just as I was going to quit searching I felt a faint tinge of the familiar reiatsu and let out a relieved breathe I didn't realize I was holding. She is okay.

Then another thought crossed my mind. How come she is so far from here?

A friendly polar bear?

I really doubt that…

I quickly shunpoed after the reiatsu before I would lose it completely. It seemed to be moving relatively towards Karakura town so I figured she must have met someone, probably Urahara, who was now taking her back home.

Renji's POV

After I had picked Karin up I first shunpoed in a pretty slow speed but when I noticed her temperature was rising I sped up.

"Are you feeling okay? You don't look so good", I said looking at the small girl worriedly. Her eyes were glistening and I was sure she already had fewer. She coughed few times before relaxing in my arms again.

"I think I've caught a cold. That's what you get for spending time in the north with only summer clothes on", she said smiling weakly. She was looking really sick. And I'm not good with sick people.

"We should be at Karakura soon. You loom tired so if you can, try to get some sleep. I doubt you have been able to sleep well in that cell of yours", I said. She smiled faintly. Her eyes were already half closed.

"You're right, I am pretty tired. Wake me up when Toushiro returns, will ya?" she mumbled barely managing to make the words understandable.

"Sure sure, he'll be here soon", I smiled at her. I had never been good at recognizing emotions and such but it was clear that she was in love with the tiny captain. Good for them.

Karin took a firmer grip on the haori she was wearing and drifted to sleep. Her breathing slowed down slowly and in few minutes she was snoring.

Look at that, Toushiro is correct! She drools! I noticed with a small laugh.

It took about half an hour from me to reach area that I recognized and from there about five minutes to make my way to Urahara shouten.

The red-head kid and the quiet girl were outside the shouten, cleaning the front. Or at least Ururu was cleaning, Jinta was once again practicing his baseball skills with the broom.

"Hiya! Has Urahara already returned?" I asked landing in front of the kids. They both looked at me and then at Karin in my arms. Both seemed surprised to see Karin.

"Is she okay?" Ururu asked carefully. I was surprised, she usually remained silent. She was probably friends with Karin and that was the reasons he overcame her shyness.

"Just a little cold. She'll be her usual self before you even realize", I told. Ururu blushed and nodded.

"The owner returned about five minutes ago. He should be inside", Jinta said spinning the broom around. I nodded and passed him as far as I was able to avoid being hit in the head by the broom.

Suddenly I heard a scared gasp behind me. The voice was oddly familiar, though I wasn't able to recognize it.

"What happened to Karin?" the girl behind me asked with worry apparent in her voice. Right, that was Yuzu, the third Kurosaki sibling. I turned around and saw her looking at Karin with hands over her mouth. I was kinda surprised to see her without her blue pet-cat. Maybe Grimmjow was at the clinic.

"Don't start panicking, she is just sleeping", I said quickly, because the girl looked like she could faint any moment. She lowered her hands and looked at me expecting a further explanation. I sighed.

"Just follow me inside, I think there are other people who can do the explaining much better than I can", I said and turned around. I heard the quick padding of her feet as she ran after me.

"Ah, Abarai-kun, long time, no see. I hope you're alright- hey, is that Karin?" the green man asked when we he spotted us.

"She probably caught a cold in the north. I told her to get some sleep because she looked like she was tired", I said. Urahara nodded and the smile which had disappeared momentarily returned.

"Of course, that's understandable. Just wait a moment", the man said and turned towards the closet behind him. After rummaging through it he pulled out a futon, blanket and a pillow from the closet. He spread the futon on the floor.

"There, you can put her there", Urahara said moving the blanket out of the way. I placed the small girl carefully on the futon and he moved the blanket to cover her.

"She seems to have some fewer. Not too high though", the shop-owner said placing his hand on Karin's forehead. She mumbled something incoherent and turned around in her sleep. Yuzu sat next to her head and was looking at her worriedly, though she had calmed down somewhat.

"So what has happened?" she asked finally lifting her eyes to look at us. For the first time I realized how much she could look like Ichigo.

"Karin got kidnapped", a soft voice told from the doorway. I was sitting my back towards the door so I gazed over my shoulder. Captain Hitsugaya walked in and sat down at the other side of Karin's head.

"What?" Yuzu asked, eyes wide open. Hitsugaya nodded and brushed absentmindedly some strands away from Karin's face. He looked at her face for a moment before lifting his eyes and starting to explain things to Yuzu.

Karin wasn't the only one in love. I had never seen Captain Hitsugaya like that and it was downright said a little scary.

Toushiro's POV

After I finished explaining everything to Yuzu she sat in silence thinking about what she had just heard. Finally she sighed and a small smile appeared on her lips.

"That sounds exactly like some trouble Karin could get by not doing what she was told", she said and I smiled at her. She knew her sister really well.

"The main thing is she is okay. But it sounds like nii-chan is going to cause some trouble to you", Yuzu continues smiling compassionately. I grimaced.

"Yeah, he really didn't take the information well. I really hope he hasn't been able to make his way through that ice yet", I said.

Somewhere in Siberia

"Hey look! That looks like Captain's Sennen Hyoro!" Matsumoto exclaimed pointing straight ahead. Rukia lifted a hand over her eyes to see better.

"Yes, and it looks like someone is inside it", she said. The two women shared a look and quickly shunpoed closer.

"Rukia, tell me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Ichigo?" Matsumoto asked pressing her face against the ice pillar.

"It is him or he has an identical twin he never told me about", she sighed. It was pretty clear what had happened here.

"So Ichigo apparently knows about Captain and Karin-chan", Matsumoto said. Rukia nodded.

"And he didn't take it well", the taller woman continued. Another nod.

"Should we let him out?" Matsumoto asked turning to look at Rukia. She seemed to ponder it for a while before nodding with a deep sigh.

"Okay, I can handle this. Growl, Haineko!" Matsumoto said and guided the ash to surround the ice-pillar. With a small movement she sliced big chunks of ice off. It was enough to enable Ichigo to get free.

"WHERE IS THAT BRAT! LET ME AT HIM!" he roared the second he was out of the ice. Matsumoto scowled at the boy. She didn't like her captain being talked like that. But she wasn't crazy enough to mention it to the young Kurosaki.

"I'd say he's back at Karakura", Rukia suggested. Ichigo was looking around with rage in his eyes and looked really much like an angry bull. With orange hair.

"Just wait YOU BRAT!" Ichigo roared and bolted towards Karakura faster than he had ever run before. Matsumoto and Rukia shared a look and shunpoed after the man. Maybe they should have left him in the ice after all.

Back at Karakura (Toushiro's POV)

Karin shifted a bit turning her face at me. Everyone in the room stopped moving like fearing they were the one who disturbed her sleep.

She blinked a few times sleepily before her eyes met mine. I smiled at her confused face.

"Morning. Did you sleep well?" I asked with a gentle smile. She yawned and smiled with eyes barely open.

"Somewhat. I feel a little sore and sick. Where am I and why am I here?" she asked sitting up and rubbing her eyes sleepily. Karin was never a quick at waking up. Suddenly she was almost choked by Yuzu who grabbed her into a tight hug.

"I missed you so much and can you imagine my reaction when I see you're back but you're unconscious! Why can't you take care of yourself better? Or at least listen to Toushiro?" she said almost sobbing. Karin hugged her get back gently and patted her back.

"Sorry about that. I never realized someone would want to kidnap me", she said and I caught her eye over Yuzu's shoulder. I looked at her a bit angrily and she looked back guiltily. Exhaling slowly I closed my eyes and opened them again smiling at her. She smiled back and let go of her sister.

"So where are we and why?" she asked again looking around herself, probably recognizing the surroundings.

"We're at Urahara's. Renji brought you here after I and Ichigo… left you alone in the snow", I said looking really embarrassed. Yuzu glared at me a bit angrily. Karin's eyes widened as she remembered what had happened.

"Right!" she exclaimed and sneezed right after that.

"Maybe you should lie down. You have a slight fewer!" I said putting a hand on her shoulder. She shook her head.

"I don't feel as sick as I did before my nap. I can sit", she said and pushed my hand gently away. I sighed but let her be. She didn't want to appear to be weak. And she was right, she didn't look that sick. Her eyes glistened a bit and her cheeks were redder than usually, but otherwise she looked like her old self. Like she was ready to jump up and play soccer.

"What happened to Ichi-nii? I hope he didn't hurt you", Karin suddenly said checking me from head to toe. I smirked before trying to look hurt.

"You think he could actually beat me. I'm wounded", I said. Karin rolled her eyes and smirked.

"To answer your question, he's probably still frozen solid somewhere in Siberia", I told. Karin eyed me carefully and I was sure she was somewhat worried about her brother's well-being.

"Don't worry, knowing him, he's going to soon get himself free if he isn't already. And when he's free he's sure to come here, so we need to know what we'll say to him", I noted and Karin sighed falling back to the futon.

"Sometimes I wished he would be our little brother, not big brother. Things would be easier to handle", she said and Yuzu giggled. I smiled compassionately.

"Hey Yuzu! Grimmjow is here! Do you want him to stay outside or can he come in", Jinta called from the front.

"Let him in, I promise he won't destroy anything", Yuzu called back. Jinta slid the door open and my eyes widened in shock. My jaw fell open and I couldn't remember how to close it.

Wow. Just wow, Hyorinmaru said. My thoughts were similar.

Karin looked at my shocked face and rose back to a sitting position. Seeing Grimmjow her expression changed in a similar way.

"Holy shit! What has happened to him?" Karin managed to choke out. In front of us wasn't the small kitten Grimmjow had been when we left. He had grown A LOT!

He looked like a small tiger. Maybe the size of a snow leopard, and he pretty much had the same form too. His blue eyes shone brightly and they had this intelligent glow in them.

Otherwise he looked like the same cat he had been earlier. Almost completely white fur, with a little blue around his eyes, on the tips of his ears and on the end of his tail. There was also some blue in his paws.

"I guess he isn't a normal kitty. I've also noticed that people without reiatsu can't see him, which is a good thing", Yuzu said shrugging.

"He certainly isn't a normal kitty", Karin mumbled so quietly that I barely heard it. When the blue cat approached Yuzu, Karin tensed up but as he started purring she relaxed again. Yuzu smiled brightly and rubbed him between his ears.

"Ichi-nii told me about the Grimmjow he fought in the past when he noticed little Grimmy was the size of a small collie. I think he might have some connection between that Arrancar, but my Grimmy is a good kitty, aren't you", Yuzu said cooing to Grimmjow. He purred even more.

"At least you have someone to guard you from Hollows now", Karin said shrugging it off. Yuzu nodded smiling brightly. Grimmjow lied down next to her eyeing Karin curiously.

"So back to business, how are we going to keep Ichi-nii from killing you?" Karin asked and I sighed. Just then Urahara poked his head around some random corner he and Renji had disappeared to. It appeared they had been fixing Renji's communicator.

"You guys better hurry up getting bright ideas, Ichigo has been unfreezed and is heading this way", he said holding up the communicator. Suddenly it beeped and exploded.

"I guess I wasn't able to fix it after all", he sighed and disappeared behind the corner again. Karin, Yuzu and I were left staring after him. Grimmjow was already sleeping.

"So we'll just need to calm Ichigo down for long enough that we can make him understand there's nothing he can do or say about this", Karin said making a circle with her hand around me and herself. I nodded.

"I'll be a decoy and you knock him out so that we tie him up", I said with a serious expression. Karin slapped the back of my head.

"C'mon Toushiro, I need some real ideas!" she said, though I didn't miss the small smile tugging the corners of her lips.

"Just talking won't probably work. At least it didn't work before", I sighed. There weren't many other choices.

"Toushiroo!" a quiet voice roared so far away that I could have mistaken it for wind if I didn't feel the crazy reiatsu in the same direction.

"He's coming", Karin said in a bit scared voice, like she was talking about a storm or something like that. I drew in a long breathe and tried to gain a good composure so that I wouldn't start fighting with Kurosaki immediately.

We knew Ichigo had arrived when he came through the roof. I heard a faint protesting yell from Urahara and figured either Renji or Ichigo would be the one fixing the roof.

"Now you can't escape", Ichigo growled pointing Zangetsu at me. He was still in bankai.

"Ichigo, put the sword away, I just want to talk to you", I said lifting my hands in front of my face. There was no change in Ichigo's position.

"Ichi-nii, just listen to us! Stop being so angry at Toushiro! He hadn't done anything wrong!" Karin exclaimed and stood up. While she was sleeping Urahara had healed her ankle.

"Except he seduced you behind my back!" Ichigo said back. Karin looked at him with a blank expression before she started to giggle.

"Toushiro*giggle* seducing someone! *giggle* That's just priceless!" she managed to say before collapsing on the floor with a giggle-fit. I looked at her rolling my eyes but I had to agree her about that. I wasn't a seducer, or at least I didn't think I was.

"Listen to your sister Ichigo. I can tell you this much, you can't stop me from dating Karin no matter what you do", I said solemnly. Ichigo glared at me, but the glare lacked the rage it had earlier.

"I still want to fight with you for her!" he said. I heard how Karin slapped her forehead. She started mumbling something and I just stared at Ichigo dumbstruck.

"Prepare to be defeated!" Ichigo roared getting the rage back and was about to bolt at me when I heard what Karin was mumbling.

"-the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws", she finished and I moved out her way as quickly as I was able.

"Sokatsui!" she yelled and caused a blue energy burst to fly towards Ichigo. He barely had time to turn around when it hit him and send him flying through the wall. Another protesting sound from Urahara.

"Sorry about the wall!" Karin yelled. I stared at her surprised.

"Since when have you been able to use kido?" I asked. She turned to look at me and smirked.

"Did you think I just casually hung around with Momo? She's the kido expert! Of course I asked her to help me to learn kido. I can't fire anything powerful without an incantation but it's better than what Ichigo can do", she said. I had to admit, it was understandable. She always wanted to become stronger and kido was the one last thing she needed to learn before she could become a Shinigami. Now she knew even that.

"Anyone gonna pick up the carrot-head?" Jinta yelled from the hole in the wall. I sighed and shunpoed next to the unconscious Ichigo. Picking him up I whispered: "You have a scary sister", before I carried him inside.

Karin's POV, an hour later.

Ichigo finally woke up. I guess I might have overdone it, but I'm not good at controlling my strength when using kido yet. Just give me few months and I might be a lot better.

"What happened?" Ichigo asked jumping up from the futon he was on. It wasn't the same futon as mine, Toushiro had insisted I stayed on it in case I might feel like I was going to pass out.

"I used kido. Don't ask, I'll explain later", I said. Ichigo turned his head to face me and his expression immediately turned grim. I guess he didn't like the fact I was practically sitting on Toushiro's lap. He opened his mouth to protest but I didn't let him even start.

"Now before you start yelling again we need to make few things clear to you. One, my life isn't something you can control, which means I can date whoever I want. Two, there is no way on earth you can separate me and Toushiro because three, I love Toushiro", I said.

Ichigo was silent for a long time which he spent just staring at us. He seemed to be deep in thought. I yawned and rested my head against Toushiro's chest.

"I have a question for Toushiro", Ichigo finally said, sounding so calm and not angry that I was surprised.

"Ask away, I'll answer if can", Toushiro said. I noticed he was not complaining about Ichigo using his first name, but I knew it wouldn't stay so. He just didn't want to anger my brother now.

"Will you promise to take care of her?" Ichigo asked staring at Toushiro. My mouth fell open and I felt bit uneasy. It was like Toushiro was going to marry me. Well, that would probably happen someday, but not someday soon.

Toushiro nodded solemnly. The seriousness of the boys was starting to scare me. Finally Ichigo smirked darkly.

"Good. Cause if you ever hurt her I'll enjoy beating you into that unrecognizable pulp I mentioned earlier", he said. Toushiro returned the smirk.

"Like you ever could. And Kurosaki. Please call me Captain Hitsugaya", Toushiro sighed. Ichigo's smirk widened.

"Never gonna happen, shorty!" he said before disappearing. I started after him, mouth still hanging open.

"Do you think I damaged his brains that badly?" I whispered when he was gone. Toushiro started laughing.

"I'm glad if you did", he said squeezing me tighter against his chest. I smiled happily.

I feel alive, I feel a love, I feel a love that's real

The End

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