I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm feeling a little off, a little tipsy. There is something in the back of my brain trying to push forward, but something else holds it back. That part of my mind is what must be telling me how good Percy looks right now. His hair is all messed up and his greenish-blue eyes were sparkling as he was dancing with Grover. My head was pounding and I felt, well, off so I started to make my way back to the room that joined they boys'. I must of been really out of it because when I finally got to the hallway outside my room, I heard someone walking behind me. Some part of my brain must of still been functioning cause I had that person pinned up against the wall the next instant. When I saw who it was, however, I was frozen in place.

"Percy?" I asked.

"Hi Annabeth." He said, kinda tipsy himself.

I finally realized the position we were in, and I glanced up at his face. I locked gazes with him, but as I stared into his beautiful eyes, I noticed they were a bit clouded. Before I could do anything, our positions switched and I was suddenly pinned against the wall; one of Percy's hand captured both of my wrists and held them above my head and his other hand snaking its way around my waist. I shivered a bit at the closeness, goosebumps rising at my waist where my shirt exposed a bit of skin.

"Percy," I muttered. "What are you doing?"

"You smell good." Percy leaned in, sniffing my brunette hair.

It made me shiver. "What are you doing?" I asked again, my voice weak.

He didn't answer me, just continued to sniff. His breath was hot on my skin, making me shake all over. I could easily break out of his grasp, but the thing was, I didn't want to. At the moment, my head was only filled with images of him and nothing else. I almost melted when I felt his lips touch my neck, and my head thudded against the wall. The hand on my waist started to stroke up and down my side and a slight groan escaped my lips. His lips moved from my left neck, down my collar bone and back up to my right. By this time I was jell-o, shuddering every time I felt his lips touch my skin. He lifted up and pinned me with his sea green gaze, making my whole body erupt in a red-hot heat. The hand that held my wrists slowly came down, releasing them, and joining the other at my waist. He seemed to be trying to think, but the fog that settled over all of us was just too thick to break through.

Percy bent down and placed his lips on top of mine. I was shocked at first, but the fog rolled in and any reasons I had for not letting this continue evaporated. I leaned into the kiss, deepening it, and moved my arms up and around his neck, gabbing hold of his perfectly messy dark hair. Somewhere in the sane part of my mind, I knew this shouldn't be happening. My mother was not going to be happy. His hands moved to my back and moved across my barely exposed skin, causing me to forget my mother, and shudder. When breathing finally became necessary, he broke away from me and clasped my hand, dragging me to his room. When he closed the door behind me, he backed me up against the bed and pushed me over. I fell on the bed with a thud and he climbed on top of me, straddling my lower half while staring at me with his hypnotic gaze. His hand came up and started to trace along the exposed part of my chest. My whole body trembled and a slight gasp escaped my lips.

"You are so beautiful." He murmured so quietly that I barley heard him.

Percy was so sweet and brave. I would be freaked out if I were him, being thrown into a world of Greek Gods and monsters. He embraced it though and was also a decent fighter. I looked up at him through half-closed eyes and saw him staring down at me. I raised my arms up and grabbed him by the hair, pulling him back down to my lips; kissing him was addicting and pleasurable. One of my hands left his head and made its way up on to his stomach, on the inside of shirt. His whole body shuddered at my touch, making me smile against his lips. With the little strength I had left, kissing him was turning me into pudding, I flipped us so I was on top. I straddled him as he did to me and quivered when his hands found their place on my lower back where only my skin was exposed. My shirt was half-way up my back, but that really didn't matter to me at the moment. I gazed down at him, locking my gray eyes with his sea green ones. I leaned down, recapturing his lips with mine, and grazed my tongue against his lower lip. He opened his mouth, granting me entrance to explore his mouth. After about 2 minutes, he battled against my tongue for dominance and pushed his way into my mouth. He sat up, forcing me to settle into his lap and we continued our dance.

Percy broke away from my lips, down my jaw and back to my neck. My head lolled back and a slight gasp escaped my lips. One of his hands unconsciously started to stroke up my back, causing me to arch under his touch. His touch was my high: totally addicting. He went back up to my lips and this time I broke away and down his jaw and to his neck. His hand continued its lazy stroking as I explored his neck, probably leaving a few hickeys in the process. He gasped and groaned ever so often until he brought me back up to his lips. The hand that brought my head back up tangled its way into my hair and the other kept up its rhythm on my back. My head was starting to tingle with an unknown feeling, but seemed unimportant against the current situation. I brought my hand up from its current position around his shoulder to his hair, stroking from the crown back down. His hair was surprisingly soft and silky at the touch. His breath hitched and he deepened the kiss even more, if that's possible. My hand slid down his hair, nails dragging in the process, and nestled back on his neck. He re-flipped us over and settled back on top of me. His sea green eyes were darkened with lust and his breathing as irregular as mine. I reached my shaky arm up and place my hand on his cheek. He leaned into my touch and closed his eyes, allowing both of us to slow down our breathing.

Percy POV

I allowed my breathing to slow down as I leaned into Annabeth's touch. I don't know why I followed her up here, but I am really glad I did. Her touch, as well as her lips, were delightful and soft. Since I first saw her, I've wanted this to happen, to kiss her. I leaned a bit more and kissed her wrist.

Annabeth's POV

I shivered when I felt his lips press against the sensitive skin on my wrist. He seemed entranced before lifting his head completely out of my hand and kissed his way up my arm. Each kiss sent electric zips up my arm that a bolt of lightning would envy. By the time he reached my shoulder I was shaking worse than a bowl of jell-o; his touch had that much of an affect on me. He reached my jaw before reaching my lips again. As the kiss deepened and became more passionate, I moved one of my hands off of his shoulder and back up into his shirt, sliding it down across chest and stomach. My nails must have been out because he shuddered and pulled up from the kiss to control his out of control breathing. I watched him in interest before pulling him back down to my lips, needing his touch as much as a fish needs water. The kiss actually grew more passionate than it had before, if that could actually happen. My one hand was still under his shirt and I felt a tremble from deep inside his gut. The kiss kept getting deeper and passionate as the walls literally started to shake. I broke away from his lips and kissed down his jaw and to his neck.

Percy POV

My stomach already started to clench when our latest kiss took a deeper quality to it. When she broke away from lips and put her soft lips on my neck. A shudder shook my entire body and the hand under my shirt started to trace little circles on my quivering stomach. It was when her lips hit a sensitive spot on my collarbone that I broke. My stomach felt like something was squeezing it and anything water in the room, which included the pipes in the wall, the shower and sink in the bathroom and any drinks in the room, exploded.

Annabeth POV

Under my moving hand, I felt his stomach shake before everything exploded. The whole room was covered in water, causing me to pull up from his lips and look around. Percy sat up and shook his head. He glanced around the room and when his gaze landed on me, he freaked. His eyes went wide, his face red and jumped up off of the bed. I was still getting soaked, but I was more confused by Percy's actions.

Percy POV

When the water hit me, it woke me up out of whatever trance I was set under. I looked around the room when my gaze landed on Annabeth. She looked flushed and her lips swollen and her beautiful gray eyes settled on me. My eyes went wide when I realized what happened and blushed while jumping off of the bed. Annabeth just sat on the bed looking dazed and confused.

The Lotus Flower put you under the spell. I heard a familiar voice whisper in my head.

If I was to get out of here, I need Annabeth awake and out of this trance she was still under. How would I do that though?

Snap her out of the spell. Give her something familiar to hold on to. The voice said in my mind.

Her gaze followed me questioningly as I searched for something to knock her out of this spell. I went into her room and searched through bag, trying to find something she would know. My hand closed around a wooden object and I pulled it out, looking at a small owl statue. I guessed it was a gift from her mother. I brought it into my room and over to a still-sitting Annabeth. I sat down in front of her and grabbed hold of her wrist, looking curiously as she shivered. I brought the owl statue out from behind and placed it into her palm. She looked up at me and back down at the statue in her palm.

Annabeth POV

I looked down at the owl statue in my hand and then back to him. When I looked into his eyes, I didn't see the cloudy gaze he once had, but a clear, steady sea green gaze. The little figure in my hand seemed to warm a bit.

Break through the daze. Fight the hold. I heard a voice say in my head. A voice I could only figure could be my mother, Athena.

I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths, focusing intently on the warm statue. I felt my head start to clear and when I opened my eyes, I could think normally again. I looked up a Percy who was watching me with his beautiful eyes.

I looked back down at the owl statue, blushing a bit. "Thanks Percy."

Percy smiled, a bit of color flooding his cheeks as well. "No problem Annabeth. But we need to find Grover and get out of this place."

I nodded. "Agreed."

"Oh," he said, and I turned to face him. "Don't eat the Lotus Flowers. They caused the daze."

"Thanks for warning me." I said with a smile, touching his face with my hand.

Percy smiled and seemed to lean into my touch. I found that a bit strange, seeing how we were both out of this spell. I patted his cheek before grabbing my bag and leaving the room ahead of him.

"Hey, wait up!" I heard him call behind me, running and catching up with me.