Annabeth POV

It was my, as well as Percy and Grover's, first night back at camp after our quest. All three of us, but especially Percy, were heros. I was getting ready for bed, back in the Athena cabin, and thinking about earlier today. Almost kissing Percy (just to steal his sword) had awaken some memories I've all but repressed in the back of my head. I slipped on a tight gray cami and owl-covered sea green pajama-shorts. I climbed into my bed and stared at the ceiling. I closed my eyes and all the memories I'd been repressing flooded my mind, like water breaking through a dam. I let them. Suddenly I was back at the Lotus Casino, in the room with Percy. I recalled every touch, every kiss, every cry of pleasure. My body shivered as I remembered every single place that Percy placed his lips, his hands. I don't think I'm supposed to be feeling this way towards him, but the feeling was new to me. I could claim the Lotus Flower did what happened in the Lotus Casino, but now, I want it to happen again. This emotion, it's, it's-

Desire. Lust. Love. I heard a voice, one that wasn't my mother, say in my mind.

I sat up, needing to see Percy suddenly with a passion. I want to know what his lips would feel like when I wasn't under a daze. Still in my pajamas, I snuck out of my cabin, not wanting to wake my siblings. I quietly crossed the area until I reached the Poseidon cabin, where only Percy resided. I walked on my tip-toes up the ramp leading inside the cabin and stopped. He was up too, pacing around his room. I leaned against a pole in the cabin, out of sight, and I just watched him. He looked anxious, and hyper. His dark hair was still messy, but a good kind of messy. I saw his eyes for a brief second, in the light, and almost gasped. I'd never noticed before how deep and fathomless those sea green eyes are; they actually remind me of the sea. I walked a tad bit closer and gaped: he wasn't wearing a shirt. Sure, I'd seen him shirtless back at that motel, but here it was different. He was only wearing pajama pants, but I got a good look at his upper body. It was defiantly toned, but not a big and bulky kind of muscular; he was lean and lithe, and I like it. Suddenly my hand, the hand that was under his shirt, started to tingle. I started to walk a little closer.

Annabeth, what are you doing? I heard a voice, defiantly my mom this time, whisper in my mind. I ignored it.

I know how much Athena approves of Poseidon: not any. She expects her children to be the same, to hate children of Poseidon. My siblings don't really approve of Percy, but I feel different towards him; defiantly friendship, but more. It's a feeling coming from my heart. I swallowed my pride and walked all the way into the cabin and cleared my throat, startling him.

"Oh, hey Annabeth. What'cha doing in here?" Percy asked, coming to a stop and leaning against a wall.

"Couldn't sleep." I said, suddenly entranced by a scent in the air.

"Yeah, me neither. I'm so energized right now. Why can't you sleep?" he asked, not noticing I was getting closer.

"Some memories I locked away decided to make an entrance today." I said vaguely, walking closer to him.

"What memories?" he asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

Then suddenly I was right in front of him, and realized that the scent was him. The scent was hypnotic: the smell of an ocean wave and a scent that could only be Percy. I didn't realize what I was doing until I heard Percy's head thunk against the wall. Much like he did, I was sniffing along his neck. Oh this scent, it was making me high. It was in that moment that I lifted my head up and stared into his eyes. I knew he wasn't under any spell, his gaze was steady, a little darker maybe, but non-the-less clear. I'm pretty sure my gaze was the same. I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the bed, pushing him down and climbing on top.

I leaned down till I was hovering over his lips. "These memories."

With that said, I leaned a little further until I was kissing him. He suddenly understood what memories I was talking about. His hands found there place back on my lower back, where my cami wasn't covering. I slid my hands behind his head and latched them in his hair, which was still soft and silky like I remember. He suddenly flipped us over, not breaking the kiss, so he was on top. He broke off of my lips and kissed down my neck. The hand on my back started to trace lazy circles, making me arch. My breathing became labored, his kisses making me dizzy. When he hit some sensitive spots on my neck, I quietly cried out in pleasure and felt him smiling against my skin. He started to kiss down my collar bone and reached the top of my cami, which was low on my chest. My hands came down from his hair, lightly skimming his scalp with my nails, and placed them on his shoulder. When he got to the lowest point on my cami, his lips caused a tingle throughout my body that had me digging my nails into his shoulder blade. Over my labored breathing, I heard the water outside start to turn into waves and were crashing into each other. Through half-closed eyes, I saw him staring back up at me, his normally sea green eyes were as dark as the deepest part of the ocean. His stare was causing me to break out in a series of shivers, so I locked my hands around his neck and flipped us back over.

I was about to lean back down, but he grabbed my face in his hands and held me up. "Okay," he said, stopping for breath. "Why?"

Percy's hands released my face, and found their place back on my lower back, causing me to shiver. "Why what?"

"This. Why?" he asked, looking up at me curiously with his dark eyes.

One hand came off of his chest and skimmed his face; he leaned into my touch. "Why do I need a reason?"

"Well, it's just that, um, it's-" He couldn't finish that sentence, since at that moment I was kissing his neck.

I pulled back up. "It's what?" I asked innocently.

His dark eyes looked up at me, frowning since I stopped my kissing. The waves outside picked up speed, causing the whole cabin to shake. I looked down at him, raising an eyebrow at him. He just scowled at me before his hand laced itself in my messy hair and pulled me back down to his lips. My hands, which were on his chest, started to move up and down. In the back of his throat came an animalistic growl which caused me to groan in his mouth. The hand, which was still on my back, started to move up and down, up and down, moving my cami so it was halfway up my back. The skin on my back suddenly became hypersensitive, and every time I felt the pads of his hand touch a specific spot on my back, it caused me to shudder. He pulled up from our kiss and resumed to kiss on my neck, his hand still keeping up its rhythm on my back. He hooked his legs around mine and re-flipped us over, putting me on my back and his lips still attached to my neck. I rolled my head back, granting him more access to my neck. His kisses were my drug, and I'm happy to be addicted to it.

About an hour later, Percy and I were still kissing, but I was missing a few items of clothes, leaving me only in my bra and underwear; Percy was still in his pajama pants. He was currently at my neck again, but moving south with every kiss. The waves outside were still crashing around noisily, mirroring Percy's mood. When he reached my stomach, I whimpered, and he looked back up at me questioningly. I looked back down at him, my gray eyes dark with lust and desire, and he climbed back up me until he reached my lips. I was really hot, every place he kissed me feels like it was on fire. I laced my hands back into his soft hair, playing with it. I broke off of his lips and started to kiss down his neck and to his chest. I must of hit a sensitive spot, 'cuz next thing I know, he groaned and a huge wave responded, covering his room with water.

We were both sopping wet, both covered in water. He looked down at me and started to laugh, amusement lighting up his dark eyes. I placed my hands on his chest and pushed up, putting us both in a sitting position. I stood up and rung my hair, trying to get any water out of it. I turned around, facing him, and saw his eyes roaming over my only-bra-and-underwear covered body. My heart rate picked up a bit, just from him looking at me.

"Why?" I groaned out loud.

Percy got up and walked over to me, snaking his arms around my waist and placing his chin on my bare shoulder. "Why what?"

I leaned my head against his, closing my eyes. "Why do you have such an affect on me?"

He placed a kissed on my temple, causing me to shiver. "Affect?"

I shook my head slowly. "You get me to react to things I normally wouldn't react to. Like when you were staring at me before, it caused my heart rate to triple."

"Really?" he asked in a mischievous tone, his hands starting to stroke my bare stomach. It made me whimper. "I guess so."

I sighed, enjoying this position. A wind blew through the cabin, hitting my water-coated skin, causing me to shiver with coldness. Percy lifted his head off of my shoulder, and I frowned, before groaning again. I felt Percy drying me off, but not with a towel, no, but his tongue. His tongue was skimming along the back of my neck, forcing my knees to turn to jell-o. His hands were still keeping their rhythm on my stomach, making me whimper, groan and scream in pleasure all at the same time.

"Percy..." I said, meaning it as a warning, but it coming out as more of a groan.

His tongue skated its way up my neck to under one of my ears. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this."

My head was laying on his shoulder, and it took a minute for me to answer him. "We've done this at the Lotus Casino."

He was now under my other ear. "Mm...but we were both under a daze. I didn't know if you really wanted that to happen or not."

Percy's tongue went back down my neck and worked its way across my shoulder blades. I cried out, my eyes still closed. "I didn't know if I wanted it to or not. I was still undecided about you. It was after I thought about it, on our way to LA, that I realized I did and it scared me."

Percy was now working his way down my spine, causing me to arch into his touch. "Why'd it scare you?"

I had to control my breathing before I could answer him. "Love isn't an emotion I'm all to comfortable with, it contradicts the mind and you can't analyze it. Athena's children never fall for people because they love them, they do it for their intelligence or smarts."

He turned me around, he was now on his knees, and worked his way up my stomach. "What's wrong with you then?" he asked between licks.

I looked down at him and ran my fingers through his hair. "I met you."

He glanced up at me, his eyes dark again, and smiled. "Aren't you supposed to hate me anyways?"

He was on the upper part of my chest, above my bra, and it caused me to breathe labored again. "I am, but I don't." I managed to pant out.

He skimmed up both sides of my neck and reached my face. I whimpered again when his tongue skated on my cheeks, my forehead and temples.

"There. All dry." He said, a smile in his tone.

I opened my eyes and ran a hand over my body, surprised it wasn't wet anymore. I looked at him questioningly, but he just smiled, talking my face in his hands and kissing me sweetly. I melted into him, forgetting everything. We pulled back, both a bit out of breath, and I glanced at the water; it was now smooth and peaceful. This had sedated my hunger for him, so I dragged him back over to his bed and pushed him down. I was too tired to get my clothes, so I just climbed onto him and placed my head on his bare chest. His arm came around my shoulder and cuddled me into him, sometimes stoking my hair. I placed my hands on his chest and slowly allowed his steady heart beat to lull me to sleep. Before my mind completely gave into sleep, one thought ran across my mind: I was falling in love with the sea green-eyed dark-haired demigod son of Poseidon, Perseus Jackson.