Last Ditch

Author's note: This is an AU behind the scenes version of the converstaion with the boys and Mary in 5x13. It's not word for word, however I think the boys were thinking along these lines when the big decission came down. Hope it's entertaining.

Sam somberly entered the room and joined in Mary and Dean's conversation. His serious eyes met hers as his heart ached. "I can never be born. We have to stop it before any of this gets started. It's the only way." It's all that's left. They've taken all our other options. If I can't save you any other way, I can do this.

He looked at Dean from the corner of his eye and saw the beginning of his displeasure. He wouldn't like it, but he'd have to see reason. This was all he had left to do for them. He'd do it to save their parents. And Dean would go along.

Brothers Brothers Brothers Brothers

You can't do that. Dean thought to himself when Sam entered the room and joined the discussion. You can't never be born. Leave me alone. I'll never know you. That's not acceptable. We're a team Sammy. Brothers. There can never be a world for me without you in it. Don't you get it? If you won't be there, then I won't either. "He's right. It will be better this way. We can never be born. You have to leave John." If we're doing this, we're doing it together or not at all kiddo.

Sam's face is one of shock and regret for seconds as his mask slips, but then he comes into grim realization and he gives his brother an imperceptible nod. He'd been scared, so scared, and hurting. He didn't want to never have his family, never know Dean. It was the only way, the only option. But he should've known his big brother would never go for it. They were a team, bonded for all time in blood, in spirit, in heart. They were family. Always. Whether they risked it all or gave it all up, they'd be doing it together. "He's right."