Yusei : A Diamond in The Rough


Yusei Fudo sat on Jack's coach with his knees to his chest. The clock on the wall white wall showed that it was one o'clock. The young duelist was well aware of the time but found himself unable to sleep due to the recent events that occurred over the past weeks.

Goodwin was back to his old devious manipulating ways. Lazar had showed up at the gang's underground hideout sporting two things, one was a passport and a plane ticket. The other was a copy of adoption papers. Naturally this all came as a big shock-especially for poor Yusei. It couldn't possibly be true, yet it was all there in black and white.

Rex Goodwin, the Director of New Domino and the Satellite, had adopted him. Yusei Fudo, a Satellite street punk. Not to mention a convicted criminal(at least in Officer Trudge's opinion).

But that was just the tip of the iceberg, Lazar had continued to say that if Mr. Goodwin's demands to return to New Domino were not met, then he would be forced to excerise his apparent 'rights' as Yusei's legal guardian. And his didn't want to think of what those might be.

The sound of the bedroom door opening snapped Yusei from his thoughts as Jack came to stand over him looking sleepy and of course grumpy".

"Why are you up Jack?" the Satellite asked.

The blond frowned and crossed his arms "Me? I roll over and you aren't there? Why are you up so late love?" Yusei sighed heavily as his boyfriend of three months sat next to him and put a comforting arm around him.

"I've been thinking, that's all. I mean why would someone like Goodwin adopt me? A Satellite when he could've had anyone, and what's with this academy he's sending the both of us to?"

Jack closed his eyes before saying "Yusei…you aren't just anyone, you're New Domino's dueling champion, hell you even helped save the world. Perhaps Goodwin is trying to *snort* turn you into a respectable citizen".

"Ha,ha very funny" Yusei said rolling his blue eyes "But seriously now. I'll never be accepted, I'll always be known as the Satellite scum who beat their beloved champ by cheating…it's as plain as the mark on my face" he whispered gingerly touching the yellow pattern.

Jack felt a pang of guilt in his chest. But he knew the perfect way to make him forget! Without warning he pinned his cobalt beauty under his tall lithe body and began kissing and sucking his neck, he was rewarded by a moan from Yusei.

"You wanna do this now?" he moaned.

Jack grinned "You said you were having trouble sleeping, well I'm gonna wear you out Yusei". he said before slipping a hand into the smaller teens waist line.

"If you insist" Yusei smirked.