Chapter 2: Told you so

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Jack: "Yes 'cause I know I will".

Yusei: "Shh Jack don't give anything away".

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The flight had been an uneventful one. Yusei slept through most of the trip, they were an hour from landing when Jack woke him up "Yusei, I can't believe I'm saying this but you might want to put on the cover up before we land".

Yusei groaned "Et tu Jack?" he said taking the cover up out of pocket "I don't even know how to put this on".

"Fine don't do it then" Jack huffed. The shorter teen sighed in exasperation and shook his head.

"You don't think this is all a bit stupid Jack?" Jack tucked the duel monster cards he'd been fiddling with and said "Of course I do, but you want to have fresh start don't you?"

"Of course I do Jack" Yusei replied softly. He did desire a fresh start. He was so tired of the hateful glares and scoffs he got whenever he left the house. Although he never told his lover and friends this, but sometimes Yusei wished he could run away from it all; Away from the hate.

"Look love, you don't have to put it on now" Jack said.

Yusei smiled at the former king "Thanks Jack". The tall blonde smiled and pecked him on the lips before buckling himself in.

In no time the small jet land safely at a private terminal at the Tokyo international airport. When the portable steps rolled securely into position, the hatch opened and Jack and Yusei walked out. A black sedan pulled up immediately and the driver got to open the back door.

"Lazar?" Jack blinked in surprise as the passenger crawled out to face the two.

"Not exactly" the blue haired midget snickered. Upon closer inspection, Yusei could tell that this Lazar look alike was somebody else. Instead of wearing red, he wore blue, even the lines that were supposed to be red on his face were blue.

"Who are you his clone or something" Yusei asked.

The blue haired midget snickered again "Sort of. My name is Lanzent, I am Lazar's elder twin brother. I am also under Mr. Goodwin's employ and was instructed to escort you to your new home".

"Great I thought I rid of that sadistic little freak, now I meet his brother" Jack groaned.

"Well are you coming" asked Lanzent climbing back into the car. Jack groaned again as Yusei elbowed him towards the vehicle.

"C'mon Jack it won't kill you".

"Hmp says you" he grumbled scooting in.

The driver shut the door and started the engine, soon the black sedan was zooming down the highway into the city. "This is your class schedules and campus map" Lanzent stated handing Jack and Yusei two pink envelopes "Joseph here is your personal driver, he'll take you wherever you need to go".

"Hi there" the blonde driver said grinning. His accent sounded Brooklyn-ish.

"Nice to meet you Joseph" Yusei said smiling.

"Hey…Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Jack suspiciously.

"Oh I doubt that Mr. Atlas" Lanzent sneered "Joseph here is just a humble chauffer". Yusei noticed a firy flash of defiance cross Josephs brown eyes before disappearing.

The car ride ended and the occupants got out of the car to study the outside of their new western style Victorian home with a large porch painted gray. The sloping lawn looked well watered and weeded, to the left was the garage. It was large enough to shelter both their duel runners and the car.

"I'll let Joseph here show you around" Lanzent said handing the older man the keys "have a lovely weekend, you start school on Monday". When Lanzent made his departure, Joseph sighed and turned to the two. "I need to go take the car to be cleaned and vacuumed, think you can handle it?" the older man asked handing them their luggage.

"It's no problem Joseph you go ahead" Yusei assured him. Although they didn't catch it, a devilish glint sprinted across Jack's face. So he and his little fox were going to be alone eh? The tall blonde intently followed the cobalt beauty into the house that Goodwin so generously provided them.

The inside of the house had a quaint vintage style to it. The wood floors were highly polished, and the walls were painted a pale yellow and white. The living room held a red leather sofa, and a flat screen plasma television.

Being the tech-nut that he is, Yusei wandered over to the T.V., He yelped in surprise when he was lifted off the floor and slammed into plush red leather cushions.

"Oh Yusei, Jack wants to play" Jack sang crawling on top of his cobalt beauty and claiming his mouth.

"You're a real horndog Jack" Yusei smirked seductively when they finally broke apart.

"And that's why you love me" Jack chuckled removing their clothes. The former king went straight for Yusei's neck, sucking and nipping it mercilessly.

"Ah-Jack!" he gasped arching his body. Jack always knew what buttons to push to get him in the mood. Yet so did he. With one hand tangled in Jack's short spiky hair, Yusei used his free hand to slowly stroke the Australian's impressive, hard member. Jack hitched his breath and moaned loudly.

"Mmmn…that's it" he moaned. Jack sensually ran his tongue down Yusei's well sculpted body and took his own throbbing shaft in his mouth. Yusei writhed and bucked as the former king sucked harder and harder, bobbing as he went.

"J-Jack…get on with it!" the satellite growled in desperate need.

"Whatever you say love" Jack smirked, sucking his fingers. Yusei hissed as he felt Jack insert one digit after the other.

"Ready love?" Jack said positioning himself, Yusei nodded and draped his arms around Jack's slender neck.

With a grunt, Jack pushed his shaft inside, Yusei moaned louder and louder as the movements became more rapid "Harder Jack!" Jack snorted, he wanted to toy with his lover abit longer. So he picked up the pace but only a little bit.

Yusei shuddered in ectasy and tried to move his hips to meet Jacks thrusts but the former kings hands were firmly holding him down "Come on you're not even trying!" he yelled.

"Oh you want me to take you harder then?" Jack panted.

"Yes! Fuck me dammit!" Yusei snapped. He knew Jack was just playing him on.

"As you wish love" the blonde grinned he finally let out all the stops. Yusei screamed as Jack pounded him over and over into the couch. Stars and lightning exploded in his vision "AHH Jack I'm close..really close!" he gasped.

Jack hissed and shot straight as he delivered one final blow and came violently inside his shorter lover.

The two lay collapsed and breathless in the living room, basking in the afterglow.

"Hey Yusei" Jack snickered.

"What's so funny Jack?"

"I told you so".

"Oh do shut up".

"I love you too".

End Chapter.

Did you guess who Yusei and Jacks driver is? Yep it's Joey Wheeler! In case you didn't know this, but in the episode where they run across Akiza, you Joey's son Jesse dueling in the background. But he wasn't part of the plot in any way, shape or form.