Sick Songs

A/N: Sorry, not very clever with the title. :P An off-hand comment in the episode discussion thread on another forum led to this little fluffette planting itself in my head. Enjoy!


"But Mom! That 'little friend' is the culprit who infected me to begin with!" He shot a glare to said culprit. Penny just rolled her eyes and tried to curl up more comfortably on the her end of the couch.

"Now, Shelly," came Mrs. Cooper's voice from over the phone. "You're smarter than that. You know full well it takes a few days before you start showing symptoms."

"Yes, but my immune system has always been weak, meaning my incubation period is shortened."

"That still doesn't mean this is Penny's fault."

"Of course it does!"

"Shelly...." Mrs. Cooper gave a warning.

"No! I won't do it!" Sheldon pulled the covers back up around his head and pouted. Not that his mother saw any of it, but she knew his stubborn whine when she heard it. Time to pull out the Mom Tone.

"Sheldon, you listen here. That girl did not get you sick just from a hug! Now, no one else is around to take care of you so you will put me on speaker phone. Understand?"

Sheldon gave a long suffering sigh and said in a quiet voice. "Yes."

There was some shuffling as he moved to place the phone on the coffee table. Penny groaned and weakly kicked him in the leg when he bumped her. Sheldon pouted again and withdrew back under his covers.

A few seconds later, soft singing started filling the room. Penny opened her eyes and looked down at the phone.

Soft kitty, warm kitty

Little ball of fur

"Sheldon, is your mother singing to us?" She asked in a croaked voice.

"Well not if you insist on talking through it! Mom, start over." Sheldon demanded. His mom complied, and soon Penny and Sheldon were both relaxed and dozing off to the warm, sweet tune of "Soft Kitty".

It really was a good 'sick song'.