The Parachutist by Camilla10

Chapter 34 – The Sequel is here!

Author's Note

Hi everybody! This is to tell you that I have finally started posting on Fanfiction net the sequel of The Parachutist, titled: Parachutist 2 – Our New World. Chapters 1 and 2 are already on. Here is the Summary.

It is the summer of 1945 and the war in Europe has ended. Despite his transformation in a vampire, Edward has found his love again, has prevailed over his bloodlust and they have married. Now he is going back to America with his human bride, where they'll join Carlisle's family. How will be their life with the Cullens, when will it be the right moment for Bella's transformation? Will the Volturi discover them, will they face new dangers? As the previous one ONW is rated NC 17, as there will be sex and some violence.

I will post frequently, as the story is all written.

Finally, if you liked The Parachutist, you have still a few days to vote for it. It is up for the Shimmer Award and precisely the Adonis Award (Best Use of Edward), along with two other stories of mine:Confession for the Blood Award (Best Horror/Suspense), Eros and Psyche for the Pawn Award (Best Post- Breaking Dawn). Some of my favorite authors are also running: Jmolly, Raum, RedSummer and many others. http:/shimmerawards(.)blogspot(.)com/

Please note that the two chapters that comprised Carmen's story, published here as a future take, have now been removed, as they will be part of Our New World.