Disclaimer – I don't own Duradara!! … This is another one of my MANY episodica series of poetry…

1: A Brand New City

What a new experience it is
Starting fresh and anew
Stepping out comfort zone
Making a stride to be
Among those normal
Among those cool

It is a fresh step there
Into a completely new world
A brand new fresh place
An adventure awaiting
Upon the dark streets
And in the darkest night

The adventurous happens
Charging past ones eye
Upon a motorcycle horse
A steed equally equal
And haunting in deed
And the false sound

It is all within the city
The darkness is upheld
And hard to the end
Can a light be shed
Upon the craziness
Or will it regress

Author's note – When I first saw the first episode, I was spell bound, by the animation, and the oddity of the story. I had to wonder, what is with the vagueness. It is rather intriguing.