Ok guys new story and I hope it's better than the last one!!!!!! The story it's a usual sister fic…I know, I know hundreds of them, but this a little different…I don't have a happy family reunion!!!!!!!! C'mon give it a try…please????? *puppy eyes*

SAM: you need to practice this

ME: huh? what the hell are you doing here???? You are not real…

SAM: ummm…Yes I am…I think I'd know If I wasn't real…

ME: are you sure?????

SAM: yes

ME: are you sure that you're sure???

SAM: I'm sure that I'm sure…

ME: are you sure that you are sure…*slap on the head* ouch!!!!!What the..???

SAM: never doubt a Winchester….

ME: yes sir…

SAM: good….now what do we say???

ME: *huffs* I don't own the Winchesters

SAM: now on with the story……

ME: bossy….


"C'mon Cass…. I'm tired, can't I have a break?" I said while I tried to dodge the sword

"No you can't. Lucifer never rests" he said trying another attack

"I know that but we have been training for 3 hours straight. I deserve a break"

"Ok Natalia you can rest…5 minutes the most. And you also have to stretch your wings. They are a little rusty"

"Whatever Cass" I said while I rested against a tree. I closed my eyes trying to relax a little when I felt Cass sitting next to me.

"You did good today Natalia, better every day"

"Well….I have a great teacher" I said with a smile. He was ready to answer this when we both heard a familiar voice behind us.

"Surprise, surprise….who do have here???? A rebel and a…" he made a disgusted face and said "half monkey bitch"

"Shut your mouth Zachariah" I said while trying to hide my rage

"You are in no position to give me orders Nephilim"

"What do you want Zachariah?" Cass asked

"Ohhh nothing….just kill you but that is for another day. I want to talk to Dean" Wait a minute…who is Dean? I thought

"Not happening. I won't let you" Has Cass been keeping secrets from me???? It looks like he would die for the guy

"Well….I guess that I have to make you then" he said and raised his hand. I thought fast, thankfully, took Cass hand and I flew us out of there. I could still listen to the jackass.

"Son of a…"

I took away from Zachariah and took us back to the motel I was staying in. Cass managed to land on his feet but I was a different story.

"Ohhh you got to be shitting me" I said when I realized that I had landed on a tree outside the motel.

"I told you to practice on your flying" he said smirking. Cass smirking ???? Where did he learn this?

"Shut up and help me get down" I said and he did help me.

While we were inside the motel, I had to ask him. I had to know who Dean was. I didn't know why. I just did.


"Yes Natalia?"

"Who is Dean?" I asked him and he stared at the floor

"No one" he said innocently

"Lying is a sin you know" I said and he glared at me "ok scratch this…but still…don't lie to me. Not you too" I almost whispered the last part but he heard that. He sat on the bed next to me and touched my hand.

"I'm sorry. I did lie to you and I feel awful but some things must be kept a secret."

"That's bullshit Cass" I said and get up "I know there is something to do with me so I DESERVE TO KNOW" I yelled

"Natalia Electra Winchester" oh no… he used the whole name "listen to me. You will find out but not now. Now it's not the time. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Castiel" I said pouting and walked to my bed. I lied down on my back always along with my I-pod. I can't sleep without my music…I knew Cass was still there so I said…

"I wish you had a last name, then I could boss you around…Hmmm Castiel Collins could be nice" I said and he rolled his eyes. He walked over to my bed gave me a kiss on the forehead and he told me "Go to sleep Natalia, tomorrow it's a long day" and so I did.

I woke up the next day and I already knew that I was alone in the room. It was colder. So I did my usual routine starting with the bathroom…a shower was all I wanted.

I finished 20 minutes later. Dressed, tanned and ready. Now…where was that angel???

Half an hour later Cass appeared slightly annoyed.

"What's wrong A.B?" I asked him using his nickname...Angel Boy

"Nothing important, A.G" he answered using mine…Angel Girl

"I'm half an angel Cass…."

"Do you prefer H.A.G?" (A/N. half angel girl) I thought about it and said…

"A.G is fine by me…so what's wrong?" he looked at the floor again.


"Let's go, I have to show you something…someone" he said and without me objecting he zapped us outside a diner.

"What are we doing here Cass?" I said slightly annoyed

"You have to learn the truth"

"About what ?"

"Your father A.G" he said to me

"What about him? I met him once and I was only 5"

"There is more. You see you have…" he paused and looked someone behind me. I turned around to see what he was seeing and I saw two men. One very tall with shaggy hair and the other one were shorter with spiky kinda blonde hair

"Why you called us and told us to meet you here Cass?" the shorter one asked

"I have to tell you something. To all of you" he said looking all three of us

"Who is the girl?" the taller one asked

"Her name is Natalia and she…." He stopped looking at me

"For goodness sake spit it out Cass" I said

"She is your sister" he said very quickly. For a moment there was silence. No one talked

"What?" asked the shorter one

"It's true Dean and I'm sorry to tell you about it like this but I had no choice" So that was Dean….

"How is this possible? Our Dad would never cheat on our mother" the other one said

"And he didn't Sam. John met Natalia's mother many years after your mother's death" he said and I could feel his eyes on me. I didn't speak throughout this talk but I kept staring at my locket round my neck which inside it had a picture of my mother and father together. I had brothers???? I couldn't believe it. And the way they look at me is just….like the other angels look at me because I'm a Nephilim…they hate me already.

"That's bullshit Cass" I heard Dean say and that woke me up from my thoughts "it can't be not her". Ok I had enough of this…

"Listen pal, I don't care why you hate me so much but suck it up. My father was John Winchester and there is nothing you can do to change this"

"Natalia enough" Cass said "can you please go inside the diner and eat something? I need to talk to the brothers alone"

"Fine" I said and stormed inside waiting for what will come next.

An hour later Cass walked into the diner and sat next to me. I knew I wasn't going to like what he was going to say because he had the "I run over your puppy" look.

"A.G you have to go with them" he said

"WHAT? Are you crazy?"

"They have already agreed to take you along…you need their protection"

"I need protection? I? Are you kidding me?"

"No I'm not. Please you have to go with them. I promise I will explain…"

"But they hate m A.B; they don't want me with them"

"Can you do this for me please? It's very important" he said looking me in the eyes

"Arggg… fine. I can't say no to you, but if they kill me…I'll haunt your angelic ass first." I said and get up, watching out of the window the two figures waiting by a black car.

I paid the bill and headed outside. Cass told me that he had transferred all my stuff into the trunk of their car. When I approached them Dean said coldly to me

"Get inside, we have a long trip" and stepped into the driver seat as Sam sat shotgun. I got inside the car and sat on the backseat.

We have been driving for about one hour so I decided to break the ice. More like an iceberg.

"So…where are we going?" I asked as politely as I could. Nothing. Not a word. Silence.

"Where are going Dean?" asked Sam

"Texas Sammy, weird killings…" Dean ANSWERED to SAM

"Oh… just the ordinary stuff"

"Yeah Sam, ordinary and usual stuff"

Well that would be a fun ride to Texas…hooray for family reunions. Remember to beat the crap out of Cass later for this. My story has only begun.

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