Bonus Fic:
Conan's Magic Trick.

Kaito grinned at the sea of smiling children's faces. Doing shows for little kids might not have been as daring or as exciting as being Kaitou Kid, but it had several definite perks. "-I think there's one more thing stuck in my hat..."

The kids leaned forward, eager to see what he would pull out.

The ears were the first visible thing. White, long and just on the floppy side. Definitely rabbit in shape.

Followed by a mop of long white-blonde hair.

And a white leotard.

Which was quickly buried under the white tutu. With a bunny tail attached in the back.

Tights and large fake rabbits feet were the last thing to appear.

Conan glared at the magician whom held him aloft as the audience screamed and giggled.

"I violently dislike you." the cross dressing bunny-girl hissed in a stage whispered.

"Smile and wave, Kudo." He whispered back, grinning. "Smile and wave."

Definite perks.