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Aerith – the Crisis Core name -------this one ,

Aeris – the Original Game name

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The 'Gift' of a "Second Chance".

Chapter 1

It had been about nearly a decade, ever since the Planet rose in turmoil. Sephiroth's reunion had failed and the rest of the remnants had vanished. Cloud remembered those times with heartache. He had given everything up when he realized the Stigma sent illnesses far and wide with hardly a cure. He had thought it best to stay away from his team but had also learned, later, that it was with people he trusted that he fought the hardest.

That had been two years ago.

He recalled the times when they were all together. He had travelled the Planet, gathering people, and they had helped him save the Planet. Of course, he had also travelled around thinking he was someone he wasn't. Zack.

Zack had been Cloud's closest friend and Aerith's boyfriend, or at least close to it, but they were still too much willing to sacrifice. Zack had died fighting for their lives, their freedom, and Aerith had died fighting for the Planet. He had failed to save them both.

That had been seven years ago.

His thoughts travelled backwards until he thought of Sephiroth and when he had been a renowned General of the greatest esteem. Cloud had been a mere infantryman then and was always travelling with Zack from place to place. The man had been sane at the time.

Whenever he thought of the great General Sephiroth, he kept wondering what sort of man he would end up to be if he never doubted his existence as a being. If, maybe perhaps, he had never read those documents, or if the man had been told the truth of his birth in the first place.

He would never know.

That had been nine years ago.

Now, the Planet was at peace once again and without Shinra extracting its essence. There was little to fight for anymore and Cloud felt that a part of him went missing when he laid his sword down for the final time. Though, there was the occasional monster hunt or the finding missing persons list.

Thinking about his memories, he wondered what he would do differently if he had a chance to do it again. Would he be able to stop the madness before it even began? Or would he start destroying everything himself? He didn't know.

Cloud started drowsing on the field next to a tree and enjoying the soft wind blowing in when he suddenly spotted a wave of pink above him. He didn't remember the last time he had seen someone wear that particular pink…. He quickly sat up, startled, to find none other than Aerith waving hello at him with a smile.

"Aerith?" He backed up into the tree. "You're alive?"

"Hi, Cloud." Aerith giggled. "And, sadly, no." She walked up to him and sat down beside him. Cloud looked doubtful but eventually relaxed against the tree again. There was a silence shared between them before Cloud sighed and looked towards the girl he had failed to save.

"Why are you here?"

Aerith cocked her head to one side. "Because I wanted to be?" She laughed at his incredulous look before continuing. "Actually, I came here to give you a gift."


"Yes, a gift." She frowned, "But maybe you won't like it."

"A gift for what?"

She got up before twirling to face him again. Her braid circled around her just as it did for her many years ago. "Nothing in particular." She smiled. "Though I should probably warn you about it."

"What is it?" His curiosity was getting to him and he sat straighter in attention.

Aerith's face became serious. "…A second chance." She looked at Cloud sadly. "Don't worry. Everyone will remember it like a dream, but only that, a dream." She sighed. "They'll doubt that it actually ever happened…but they will remember."

"What do you mean a 'second chance'?" It was Cloud's turn to frown. "A second chance at what?"

Aerith waved Cloud's question away and continued. "You have nothing to worry about, though." She added cheerfully. "Unlike the others, you will remember it as you do now!" She gave a nervous laugh, "Well, I will too but don't tell anybody." She winked and put one finger to her lips. "It's our secret."

"Remember what?" Cloud was getting impatient and nervous all at once. He didn't know where this was going but he didn't think he would end up liking that "gift".

"Oh but by 'everyone' I only meant our team so don't worry, Cloud, Sephiroth won't remember…I think." She laughed nervously. Suddenly, a light started surrounding Cloud before his vision was nearly impaired by it.

"Aerith! Wait!" He tried struggling to his feet. "What do you mean that Sephiroth won't.— "

Aerith just smiled and waved cheerfully as Cloud was engulfed in the confusing light. He meekly started to argue but not before Aerith shouted a "Good Luck!".

Finding it futile to struggle, Cloud fell in a white out.