I was looking at Velvet Goldmine a few nights ago and I watched the part where Brian kisses Jack several times. I kept wondering what was going through Jack's mind at the moment so I came up with this.

I do not own these characters or Velvet Goldmine. If I did Jack Fairy would have a lot more screen time.



I was currently looking in the mirror, lightly bettering my make-up when I saw his reflection. I would be lying if I said that he wasn't beautiful as he stood there with his wild hair, gazing at me with that intense look in his eyes. I blinked slowly a couple of times and by each blink I noticed how his reflection got closer and closer.

I kept a straight face while he placed a delicate yet firm hand on the base of my neck and silently led my face towards his. For a minute I was gazing right into his ashen eyes. None of us said a word and we didn't need to either. I liked it better without words anyway. The moment you started speaking in these situations you mostly just ruined it all while the silence and the gazes left an even bigger impression than any word could ever leave.

Our lips met, gently at first but it soon got more demanding as he leaned his weight towards me, forcing my back to the porcelain washbasin. Again I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy the kiss. As I had previously suspected he was a good kisser even if he may not be the best.

His hand rested by my left cheek, playing with my hair and the shell of my ear. It tickled a little but it felt nice so I allowed it.

Who knows how long the kiss lasted. It could have been seconds, minutes, I don't know. He slowly began to pull away again, allowing me to stand up straight. I heard how someone broke the silence by coming in through the door, glancing at us. I didn't know who it was and I didn't care.

He was gone. He had left just as silently as he had entered, leaving me to gather my thoughts. I lowered gaze for a second, lightly biting my lower lip as if checking to see if the taste of him was still there.

I knew it hadn't been a kiss of love. Passion maybe but not love; it never was. I had already learned from a while back that whoever made a pass at me always wanted something from me. It could be a share of my fame or just to get me into their bed. They always wanted something but at that moment I couldn't understand what he wanted. He hadn't asked for anything and he hadn't hinted that he wanted anything. He had simply just kissed me and then left.

I turned towards the mirror again, gazing at my own reflection. My hair was a slight mess, at leased on the left side where he had held his hand. Only then did I notice it.

Slowly turning around towards the door he had left through I fingered my ear and true enough, my gem was missing. The same pendant I had found as a child, the small yet important item that had symbolized who I am was lost. He had taken something, just like everyone else; he had taken my most precious keepsake.

I was surprised to find that I wasn't as angry as I thought I would be. I felt nothing, as if my insides were empty. At that moment it felt like nothing would anger me or even upset me. It was a strange feeling.

Surely I could chase after him and demand that he give my pendant back to me. Everyone I knew had seen me with that pendant so it would be no trouble proving that it was mine. It should be easy enough but I didn't chase after him. In fact I didn't even ask to get it back, ever.

I brushed through my hair with my fingers, until it was in place again, before I returned to the people who were waiting for me outside. I kept my usual dignified face for the rest of the evening, letting everyone know, letting him know, just who I was.

I was Jack Fairy and pendant or not I was still one of a kind.