Raising The Bar

By: Smash41KMF

Disclaimer: I do not own The Prince of Tennis, but I do own this story and Kathryn!

Chapter One: I'm the New Girl( Oh Great!)

Hello! Kathryn is new at Seishun and she first meets Fuji! But Kathryn is different from the other girls, she understands the guys, and they accept her as one of their own almost immediately. It's better than the summary, just read it! FujixOC!

I yawned, as I sat up in bed, before stumbling to my feet and over to the dresser. I combed and braided my hair, pulled on my uniform, slipped on my stockings and dress shoes, and grabbed my bag from beside the door. Today was going to be my very first day at Seishun Academy, and as much as I hated their school's uniforms for the girls, I really was excited to start. I had heard so much about the school, and how great it was from a lot of my dad's friends' families, and I couldn't wait to see if it really was as great as they were saying. As I walked down the street, my mind wandered, as I gazed up at the sky. ' What's it going to be like there? Do they speak English? Is my Japanese good enough to understand them? Will I be accepted? Well I'm not too worried about that one, I could care less, but it would be nice to have at least one friend here. Do they have the same sports as they do back home? What if I want to join a club, and they don't have it, or I can't join because it's already started? How will I do during class? What if I don't understand what they are talking about...?' I groaned and physically slapped my palm on my forehead.

" Stop. Just stop. Nothing good will come if you keep worrying about it!" I scolded myself aloud, and suddenly froze when I came up to the large sign in Japanese that read: Seishun Academy. I grinned, and then looked up, past the sign and gasped; the place was giant! " Whoa..." I mumbled, not taking note to someone approaching my back, until they were standing right beside me and leaned down to comment on my awement( if that's even a word! I now declare that it is, if it isn't!).

" You know, it's even better inside and also around the campus, instead of just standing in front of it." I heard a somewhat monotonous, probably maturing, voice whisper in my right ear and I jumped, stumbling sideways, away from the voice, my eyes growing huge.

" What the-!" I exclaimed, and a boy, also probably older than me( I think), with faded chestnut-brown long hair and a pair of long legs came into my plane of vision. In my opinion, as far as guys went, he was good looking.

" Sorry! I didn't mean to startle you too badly, I'm sorry." he laughed, as he walked over and offered me his hand, and I noticed that he was even cuter up close than he already from a distance of about five meters( yeah, I stumbled that far).

" I-It's a-alright, you didn't mean it." I stuttered, as I hesitantly took his hand and rose to my feet, with his assistance. I was surprised at how strong he was, so when I was on my feet, I was pulled somewhat forward and into him. I could've sworn that I was already blushing, because he simply chuckled again, taking an almost unnoticeably small step back. " Th-Thanks." I mumbled, as I looked up at him and was positive that I was blushing, not because he was still smiling, nor was it that he still hadn't released my hand either, but mainly because, when I looked up, I saw not only a cute boy, but a boy who looked almost like an angel; with his perfectly carved smile gracing his lips, a small, but not super small, nose, and lashes that any girl would give arm and leg to have. And even though all of these were lovely features, what really captured my sharp eyes was the shimmering and mesmerizing pair of sharp blue eyes that were almost completely hidden by his eyelids. I gasped silently, and it only looked like I opened my mouth, so I was okay.

We stood there for a few seconds, just looking at each other, before I finally pulled away, carefully trying to remove my hand from his, but he held it still and I blushed; because it wasn't as if he was squeezing so hard I couldn't break free, it was that he was instead holding it gently and carefully, but firmly enough to slightly restrict removal of mine.

" U-Um... I'm sorry and all about this, but... I... sort of have to go, I mean, I have to find the headmaster's office, because, you see, I'm... um, new here, and I need my schedule and directions and my locker combination, and all, sooooo... I guess... bye..." I said softly and I could feel him slump slightly in disappointment and I quickly added, " But don't get me wrong, it's not you, trust me! I just really need to get my stuff before the school day starts and I have to meet all my teachers, but it really was great meeting you..." I let my voice fade away as he chuckled and lifted my hand to his mouth and kissed the back of it, making my blush return worse than before.

" Shusuke Fuji at your service, Ms....?" He trailed of in response and I smiled at how polite and mannerly he was.

" Kathryn Hikaru, Fuji-san." I replied, as I watched him lower my hand, but still not releasing it( thank the heavens that the school still didn't start for another hour!). " Well, I guess I should get going, but it truely was nice meeting you, Fuji-san-" I replied, as I carefully drifted away, but I didn't get too far before I was held back by his hand still attached to mine, only instead of right in fron of me, he was at an arm's length, barely still grasping my index finger.

" Shusuke." he said and I cocked my head and looked at him in confusion. " Call me Shusuke. Not Fuji-san, or kun or sama or any other honorific ending. Just Shusuke." he said, answering my unspoken question, making me smile let out a sigh through my nose.

" It was really nice meeting you, Shusuke." I corrected my previous sentence, putting an emphasis on his name and he grinned, " now would you please release my finger, I really do have to go." I laughed within my words when he sprouted a pout. Then, he suddenly brightened, as if sprouting a genius idea and I attempted to withhold a small giggle at his childish antics.

" I know, you wait here, I'll be right back, I promise! This will only take about five minutes, and if I'm not back by then, you can start towards the headmaster's office and I'll give you a tour of the school, deal?" he asked excitedly and I smiled.

" Fine, but-" I was cut off when he released my hand and took off, and normally I'd be a little annoyed by the action, but he was different. I watched as he gradually shrank in the distance, and I noticed that, unlike most people who ran with a bag over their shoulder, he seemed completely unbothered by it, and nor did he look awkward running with it, if anything, he actually looked graceful doing it.

As he ran, Shusuke Fuji was grinning, he honestly couldn't remember the last time he had ever wanted to be around someone as much as he did Kathryn at the moment. It felt like the heavens were finally looking down at him and repaying him for all of his rabid fangirls, because for once in his life he truly felt Kathryn was sent to him, and was exactly who he was destined to spend the rest of his life with, and he would mind having to; she was everything he'd ever wanted in one girl, he'd seen parts in a lot of other girls he'd met, but never had he ever felt so at peace and happy as he did around this new student he'd only met less than an hour ago, but he didn't care. Everything about her made him want to smile, and what made it all even better was that she seemed a bit shy, but definitely determined and he couldn't wait to get to know her better. She wasn't a gorgeous beauty like some of the girls at Seishun Academy, yes she was pretty, but he wasn't looking for that, he wanted a girl who could understand him, make him truly laugh and smile, make him happy. He was so lost in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed that he'd already reached his destination and he slowed to a walk, heading straight towards their grade's math teacher, Sumire Ryuzaki, oblivious to, or ignoring, all of the shocked stares and expressions that were being directed towards him, because he normally was never late, so it was a major surprise.

" I sure hope you have a very good explanation for this, Fuji." she stated mildly, her arms folded across her chest.

" Yes, I do." Fuji bowed to the older woman, and then began explaining what kept him asked if he could be excused, but only for this day, and she hesitated, but then agreed, knowing that he truly was dedicated and he'd find to make up for it somehow. " Thank you." he replied, trying to restrain his glee, before taking off again.

" ...293...294...295..." I counted as I waited for Shusuke to return, his five minutes were nearly up, only a few seconds left... and he rounded the corner, and I held up how many seconds he had left. " ...297...298...299...300..." he skidded to a halt in front of me, and I covered my mouth to keep myself from laughing. " I'm sorry to say this, but... you were a second late..." I said, stifling a laugh as he bent over panting in front of me. " Are you okay?" I laughed finally and he looked up at me and grinned.

" I'm fine, come on." he straightened himself and, to my utter surprise, took my hand again and led my towards the opposite direction he had gone earlier. The way he so easily took my hand after just meeting me, startled me because I had never been treated like this before, I mean I have held another guy's hand before, but not ever after just meeting them, and never had it ever felt so... so... right, like it was where I belonged, holding his hand, him leading me on, and hopefully, sometime soon, standing beside him, and instead in his arms... ' Stop it! this is not the time to fantasize over your future here, you don't even know how long you'll be staying or even if this is real, or if he's just playing with you, using you, or even... STOP!' I was mental screaming at myself and the only thing that came out of it was one major headache on my part.

" What's wrong?" I looked up, not knowing I had even been looking at my feet in the first, and I saw a slightly worried look on his face.

" Huh? What, oh no, I'm fine, just...nervous, I guess." I replied quietly and I could tell that he wasn't convinced, but he nodded anyways and offered me a slight smile, but I could tell he was still a little worried about me.

" Well, okay, but we're here, so come on." he replied, returning to the same, cheerful boy I had met this morning before opening the door to the headmaster's office.

I hope everyone liked it! My first one for this series, but I've been planning on writing it for some time. I corrected my mistakes!