She was walking down the street thinking about Sweet's book when it happened. She had read about all the near-by robberies in the area, where people would be robbed of the strangest things, like a shoe or a coat, and then beaten terribly, but she didn't want to let this scare her out of a perfectly safe late night walk. Booth had told her earlier to be careful, and all she had said was "you're the one who always says I'm a 'kick-ass black belt!"'

"Bones, of coarse you are a kick-ass black belt," he had said, "I'm just looking out for you. One of those people almost died, and they were all in your neighborhood." It took him a while, but he finally got her to promise him to stay safe.

She didn't consider herself to be breaking her promise, but she knew Booth would. Why was he so protective of her anyway?

She thought about the time when Sweets had pointed out Booth's protectiveness. Sweets had told them he had put many of things he had observed about them in his book, and this was just another one she didn't want him to have thought important enough to add in the book. This protectiveness from Booth had annoyed her many times, but sometimes she was grateful for it. She strolled down the sidewalk thinking about Sweet's book and everything he may put in it that she wished he wouldn't. But he probably wouldn't have a book at all if it wasn't for all the things she didn't want him to put in there, so she figured she would have to get through it.

She was really getting worried about what could be in there. Like the time Booth was forced to go into court with her Max as the defendant, or the time they kissed for 'five steamboats' in order to visit him and Russ in jail in a room besides a jail cell. That was something she and Booth had never said anything about after its happening. She was so consumed in thinking about all the things that could be put in the young doctor's book that she didn't hear the foot steps behind her.

She had no chance to see her attacker. She only knew that he was tall, judging by the angle he grabbed he neck. He lifted her by it, chocking her the whole time. He then removed a bracelet of hers and started shaking her wildly. He was going to break her neck! She heard a crack and felt a surge of pain in her neck. The pain was overwhelming she couldn't even think about how dangerous an injury like that can be. When her body tried to scream as a natural side affect from the injury, she couldn't because moving her jaw moved her neck and there for caused her pain. All she wanted was for the pain to be gone. She heard a satisfied laugh from her attacker and was very hopeful he would be on his way now so she could get some help. She felt herself being lowered to the ground, but just as soon as she was back standing, her attacker forced her down onto the ground. She didn't struggle much because of the pain in her neck, but she also knew somewhere very for away from her train of thought that the slightest wrong jerk in her neck and she would be dead instantly. Her attacker held her down and kicked her. She didn't fight back, so she really couldn't understand why he was holding her down. She heard more cracks. He kicked her side several times, so she guessed ribs. It took all of her strength not to tighten up and risk killing herself because of her neck injury. He stepped on her knees, most likely breaking something in her leg. She was so dizzy and in pain she couldn't even think of where the bones in her body were. That was something she had completely and thoroughly memorized. He then took out a knife and made slashes in her legs and on her face. All she wanted to do at this point was scream. She didn't even care if no one heard her. This pain was so great, making so the one time Temperence Brennan wanted to show emotion, it would kill her to do so.

Finally he was done torturing her. He didn't take her purse, only the bracelet that he had first took. Brennan was so dizzy, even while she lay on the ground. Her vision was completely black sometimes, and other times she could just barely see. She didn't have much time. She was going to pass out. Moving the least amount as possible, she grabbed her phone out of her purse. She hit the speed dial button. There wasn't even enough time to dial 911. She hoped she would be ably to say help before she passed out, and she hoped Booth could find her.