Title: Xiggys and Movies and Zombies, oh my!Xi

Author: Lacey

Rating: T


Pairing: XigDem

Summary: Demyx refuses to let his baby be brought up on zombie movies. MPREG, AU, XIGDEM

Warnings: Mpreg, fluff, smex

AN: Alright, XigDem day has been kind of mean to me, but I think I can finally write something for it. My muse is here, at least, for something cute and short and sexy.

Demyx yawned, sitting on the couch and watching Resident Evil, rubbing his belly. Sure, the movie had him jumping, but he was snuggled up against his lover for the ride, so he felt better about it. He kissed Xigbar's shoulder, decently distracting him and making the older male look over.

"What is it, Dem?"

"I don't like this movie, and neither does Xiggy Jr." He giggled some at the teasing name.

"Mm...well, Xiggy Jr. there will learn to like it. I was raised on movies like this, so will he be." Xigbar gave a rugged grin, and Demyx hopped up from the couch.

"No! No child of mine will have to sleep with us until he's forty because he's afraid of zombies!" He cried, laughing, running for the bedroom.

Xigbar was up after him, walking slowly into the bedroom as if to seem imposing.

"Raaawr...I r zombeh." He put his arm up in front of him, his other limp at his side, head lolling a little and one leg dragging along behind him. "I r want braaaaaaaaains."

"Oh no, Mr. Zombie! You can't eat me and my baby!" Demyx cradled his medium-sized belly in his arms, scooting back until he felt the backs of his knees hit the bed. "Don't come any closer, or...or I'll jump!"

"Braaaaaaaaaaains~!" Xigbar roared playfully, continuing to drag himself closer before pressing his body up against Demyx's.

"Oh, Mr. Zombie! D-don't touch thaaaaaaaat~!" The blond cried, head falling back as Xigbar pretended to claw at the large belly, using his fingertips to rub the exposed flesh. He leant down and kissed the baby bump, then began to pretend to chew on it, sucking and driving the smaller male crazy already.

"A—ahhhh! Zo-oooombiiie!!" He cried, "D-...ahhh...n-not the ba-aaay beee!"

The more Xigbar sucked and nibbled, the weaker Demyx's legs grew. Soon, he fell back onto the water bed, purring and moaning gently. Soon, the 'zombie' had his lover pinned to the bed, hands on his stomach and lips on lips. He ground up against his lover's entrance; he was permanently stretched, by now, perfect for Xigbar's thickness. The boy was pregnant, and that made for an increase in sex drive...which meant that, by now, they had had a lot of time to get to know each other sexually.

Demyx's tiny shorts were pushed out of the way, now, before being forcefully tugged off, no underwear beneath them. His little shirt, hardly covering his chest, was deemed good enough to stay, and the 'zombie' turned back to his duty of playing with that tummy with his mouth, his own clothes quickly disappearing. Soon, they were both as naked as they were going to get, and Xigbar was grinding himself up inside the young musician.

Their time together like this was loving and brief; it didn't take long at all for Demyx to be spent and Xigbar to follow him when that somehow-still-tight tightness only grew tighter. Once the blond had caught his breath, he blinked and looked up at Xigbar, who was still sheathed inside of him.

"Xiggy...if you're a zombie...and I just had sex with you...is it necrophelia?"

AN: I'll just leave Demyx's question open for discussion. :3 It's debatable, apparently, so you guys can go ahead and tell me what you think. And I told you it would be short...I'm not in the mood to write more expressive porn at the moment, mind is too set on HYPER. I might make some more before the night is over. Anyway, see you next time, guys!