Summary: And to think, it all started with a drink with a random woman who was now engaged. A little insight into what Shawn thinks of Lassie.

AN: So looking back, I realized Lassiter has given out a few compliments in three word phrases, and thought I'd incorporate them into a monologue of Shawn's thoughts over the last few seasons.

If I owned Psych, I'd make Tim Omundson stop buzz-cutting his hair—let the hair movie! But sadly I don't, so I await the day Steve Franks will say it.

78. Drink

It all started with a drink.

He had gone with a random girl who then got engaged, but then found Lassiter. That night, when Carlton "Lassie" Lassiter of the SBPD said that Shawn astounded him, his heart skipped a beat.

The idea that a man who had tried to push him out of his work life would ever confess to such a personal acknowledgment was bizarre. Because of his eidetic memory, he was able to remember the drunken smile as he said those three words, and for once he was grateful for his "gift." But what came next was the defeated look on Lassie's face as he told him about his separation and gave him the cuffs (although those had possibilities) and promptly fell to the floor in a drunken stupor. So when he confessed to Juliet that he wanted to help Lassiter get back on his game, he was sincere. But quietly to himself, Shawn wondered if he was doing it all because of the goofy grin Lassiter had given him at the bar that night.

So many comments on Lassiter's good looks made him realize on a subconscious level that he found the man to be attractive. But Shawn never took the time to truly think about that when there was the cute, smart and sassy Juliet O'Hara always willing to help unravel clues with her 80's reference knowledge that impressed him on occasion. Then Abigail came along—the girl that might have been the one, and he went after her to fulfill his thoughts of "what if." Abigail was great—wonderful even, and he was happy to have her as a girlfriend. But now she's in Uganda, and their connection is slipping all the while he's getting closer to the detectives. Juliet is more distant now, but he supposes that happens when you accuse her favorite big brother of murder. The fact that he and Lassiter agreed on something (albeit when it was appropriate to begin eating a friend, but who's counting?) amazed Shawn. He's been able to know Lassiter over the past three years, help loosen him a bit, and he can say he's been happy to have met him, even under the circumstances. Shawn's always been about meeting new people, and Lassiter could be quite a character.

Lassiter even told him "nice shooting, detective"—another three words that made his heart skip a beat with elation despite his weariness of being shot.

All because of a drink at a random bar with some randomly engaged woman was he allowed knowing about the straight-laced detective and his strange little quirks. He was able to delve into what made Lassie tick, his love of guns and civil war. He had been able to hear the three words that made his heart beat—maybe it would be possible to hear once again in the future.

And possibly say three words back.