It started with just an innocent trip to the local bookstore. It was a weekend trip that was always made on Friday afternoon. Both Raven and Garfield would travel down to the local mall where Raven's favorite bookshop was. She had bought so many books over the past years that if she wasn't magic and couldn't put them all into a magical storage, then she'd have no room in her bedroom to walk.

She generally picked out books that were dark romances, such as an adult version of the vampire romance novel, a sci-fi adventure novel, or a creepy murder mystery. Naming the all the books that she got from that place was impossible, all save one. She had never picked such a book before; it was never in her style.

He always thought that since she was never one for physical contact over four years ago that she would still never want anything to do with it. It turned out then when they got together those years ago that he was completely wrong. Instead of being a shy girl with no desire for any physical contact, a girl that would take months for just a small kiss, she acted more like a man when it came to anything that was physical.

She was a lot more forward in what she wanted from him and what she wanted to happen. Since they had no parents that told them that they could or could not do something, the only thing that would stop them from doing what they wanted were the other three titans that were living in the tower. Even then though, the rest of the titans were doing the exact same thing was them, so it wasn't much of an issue.

So, when she picked up the book that day he was completely surprised. She didn't hide it and she wasn't embarrassed when she brought all of his books up to the counter to get wrung up. She just gave him a look that said 'stay quiet until we get to the car' and he complied.

She sat idly in the car for the first few minutes of the drive and then rummaged through the white plastic bag until she found the book. The front of the book was split into four quadrants; each of them depicted a man hovering over a pale woman in different positions. The title was large, bold and said 'Kama Sutra' She gave a sly look to him and opened the book to the middle.

He knew what was filled in the pages of that book and he knew that Raven would want to go through most of them, if not all of them.

"It's Kama Sutra" Gar spoke finally, looking at the road. She looked up from the book at him and nodded
"Yes" She spoke "Do you have any objections against it?" She asked.

He shook his head. Although he did not say it, he knew that she had read his mind or could sense his emotions about it. There was no lie that he wanted to perform the acts in that little black book. He simply would not be a male if he did not wish for that. He didn't know many different positions, but he hoped that this book would open up many new doors for both Raven and himself.

"They're in here alphabetically" She spoke looking through the titles. All he could see was black ink on off white printing paper. "I think we should do them in order" She spoke flipping back and forth, her eyes lingering on certain pages before flipping to other ones.

He nodded.

"If that's what you want love" he spoke to her placing his hand over her small pale one. He smiled without looking at her. He could see out of the corner of his eye that she was grinning back at him.

"How many are in there?" He asked her

"26, one for each letter of the alphabet" She spoke closing the book and putting it back into the plastic bag.

He grinned and motioned towards the bag.

"What's the name of the book?" He asked her. She only grinned back.

"The ABC's of Kama Sutra" She spoke with a sly grin.