"Rejoice friends!" The alien girl shouted. "Tonight is a night for fun and games!"

The rest of the titans, some more than others, were not looking forward to Starfire's day of fun. The girl did not seem to realize that the things she thought were fun for the human race were fun more than twenty, maybe thirty years ago.

"I bring you the games made of boards, hopping over scotch and hoops of hula!" She announced as she tossed the items on the ground below. A couple plastic hula hoops, a few sticks of chalk and an old game that she must have found in Beast Boy's room.

"Which shall we do first?" She asked batting her huge eyelashes. The boy's looked to one another, mainly to Robin. They didn't want to hurt the girl's feelings and so.

"Let's play clue" Robin said pointing to the game. At least that was somewhat similar to what they do now, without the clues of course.

The five of them sat around the game board and after explaining the game to Starfire, played the game until finally.

"It was Ms. Peacock in the library with the candlestick!" Robin shouted. "I can't be wrong!"

The rest of the titans sighed and tossed their cards away.

"You always win robin" Cyborg spoke dryly as he helped Starfire put all the cards back into their places. "If you don't win we have to play until you do. It always works like that"

Robin opened his mouth to say something but then immediately closed it again knowing that Cyborg was right. He never lost.

"What next?" Beast Boy asked

"Perhaps the hopping of scotch?" the alien suggested.

"I'd rather drink a bottle of scotch" Raven spoke in her usual monotone voice with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Yeaaah…" Cyborg spoke looking at the chalk pieces. "Can we just move to the next one Star?" He asked

Her eyes lit up as he suggested the next item.

"The hoops of hula are my favorite!" She spoke flying gracefully through the air and grabbing the five rings. "Everyone take a ring and we shall all proceed"

Raven picked up the ring and glared at the little alien girl. "Starfire. Do you expect me to do this?" She asked with a scowl on her face.

"But of course" She spoke. "It is fun…." The girl trailed off. Raven watched as the girl placed the hula hoop over her head and around her waist. Without hesitating she gave it a push and started to swing her hips and the ring whirled around her. She was a natural at this.

"…Fine" She mumbled under her breath and followed Starfire's lead. She figured that if she could not get it she would just use her powers anyways to make the ring glide around her hips so that she did not have to listen to one of Starfire's tips. But she found that she did not need to use her powers to control the ring. It came naturally. She looked over to the other titans and found that they were not so fortunate. The ring wouldn't even fit around Cyborg so he was already at the counter bar fixing up something to eat. Robin seemed to have for a moment but it would lose momentum and fall down his spandex covered legs. He picked it up with frustration across his face.

"A challenge then!" She heard him shout.

She glanced over to Beast Boy and saw that he too had given up in trying controlling the plastic ring but he was rather intently watching her. There was something about the way that he was looking at her that made her blush deeply. Without thinking her powers flared and she placed her hood over her head. The ring dropped to her feet as she lost concentration. She watched as Starfire stopped as well and turned to her.

"Friend raven you do not need to be embarrassed" She said immediately picking up the ring again. "It is easy to start again" And she went back to what she was doing. Luckily it was easily resolved. The other titans would figure she would get embarrassed about doing something so childish.

She looked back over to Beast Boy who was holding the plastic ring in his hand but was pointing to the door out of the common room. She gave him a small nod and removed her hood.

"I'll be in my room" She spoke quickly and briskly walked away from them without saying another word.

"Is friend Raven okay?" Starfire asked.

"I think she's a little….embarrassed. I'll go check on her" Beast Boy answered and turned to follow the nervous girl.

He walked calmly into her room, his eyes adjusting to the darkness lit only with a few candles.

"Why were you watching me like that?" She spoke

"Like what?"


"I didn't expect you to be able to do that. You haven't before right? And I watched you control that ring by swinging your hips around like that" He spoke "I very much enjoyed that sight. It was very intoxicating and I couldn't look away"

She released the breath that she had been holding. "You thought it was sexy? Not childish"

"Very much so" He spoke and then paused. She turned around to face him. His forest green eyes were watching her with the same intensity as before. "In fact. I'd very much like it if you did that again. But just for me"

The look of surprised vanished from her porcelain face and she gave him a sultry smile.

"I would love to" She answered. Her eyes glew black with magic and she removed her cape, boots, and her leotard all at once.

She watched as the smirk fell off his face and was replaced with surprise and then that look like he was going to devour her. God, she had learned to love that look. It was so…Gar. It was who he was. Half animal half man and all hers. He sat down in her antique wooden chair.

"I thought I'd make it more…personal" She spoke. She stood before him in a matching set of crimson. It was striking against her pale skin and it brought out the violet of her eyes.

"Personal is good" She held her hand out to him and he placed the plastic in her hand. She grinned and lowered the ring around her hips and began to swivel it around. He watched as she fell into a rhythm with the ring, like she was listening to an imaginary song and keeping beat with it. His eyes never left her face. She was so relaxed. Her eyes closed and her lips in a permanent smile.

He watched as the ring flowed up around her flat stomach and down around her thin narrow hips. He imagined him touching her soft skin and jutting hip bones instead of the pink piece of plastic. Desire flooded through him as her hands threaded through her hair and her hips swung around gracefully. His eyes traveled down her body eyeing her ample chest, thin hips, and toned legs.

"Take it off" he growled. She opened her eyes to see his glaring into hers. The man was gone, replaced by the beast. The hula hoop fell to the floor with a dull tap. "Now" he added with emphasis.

Without breaking his burning gaze she reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra quickly. It fell to the ground in front of her. She stopped for a second before sliding her pair of matching panties down to her ankles where she stepped out of them.

"Good" He spoke. His eyes traveling over her again. Her small thin ankles, slender legs, uncovered and shaven lips. His thoughts paused for a second as he felt his arousal grow beneath his uniform. He resumed and his gaze fell upon her ample chest. Her breasts were full and round and much larger then her uniform made them appear with small dark nipples which were hard from the cold air around them. When his gaze met hers her eyes fell from his to below his waist and then back to him.

He smirked and snapped his fingers. She snapped out of her gaze and looked him in the eyes.

"Continue" He ordered. She nodded and bent down low so that she was level with his waist. She glanced up at him and when he didn't make any movements she picked up the ring and placed it at the level of her hips. She swung it around and fell into the same rhythm. She was dancing to an invisible song, a sultry and seductive dance.

He watched the plastic move around her bare skin, gliding effortlessly. His eyes were transfixed on her large chest. Her breasts swung and bounced as she danced with the ring and the urge to pounce on her grew within him. His hands gripped the arms of the chairs until his knuckles turned white. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back as thoughts raced through his head.

The song was nearing its end and she opened her eyes to look for his reaction and gazed upon him. His hands were clamped around the chair and his neck was exposed. She could hear his heavy breathing and gazed and watched his large cock twitch under his pants. The ring dropped immediately and she rushed to him. Her hands laid overtop his and her mouth found the hot fabric over his arousal. He moaned loudly as her mouth covered him. She gasped after kissing and sucking him through the cloth. Her hands tugged down harshly on his black pants and they came down to his thighs. She kissed wildly between his legs, biting and nipping the tender flesh of his inner thigh.

He moaned, raising his hips and pressing them against her mouth. She grinned. Has the predator become the prey? She waited, trying to build his desperation and frustration. He squirmed above her and it was exhilarating to see him like this. His cock was exposed jutting out towards her just begging to be taken. She held her breathing and with the very tip of her tongue made a single lick across the head.

He groaned loudly above, cursing under his breath. She released her breath and looked up at him. His eyes were screwed shut but she noticed that his hands were…furrier? She paled. The Beast. She certainly didn't want him to come out. True, she liked it rough but she wasn't ready for the level of roughness of that particular door right now.

She placed her mouth to his swollen head and this time started taking him in slowly. He grunted above her moving his hips, trying to get her to take him all. She smiled and complied. She took him in inch by inch until she could not handle anymore of him. She grabbed him by the hips and forced herself to take as much as she could. His large size and thickness made the job harder for her but in the end it was about his pleasure and not hers.

This was not one of those times she wanted to take it slow and torture him. It seemed that she had done quite enough of that already and she did not want the consequences that came with that path. She sucked on his length and he moaned above her. Whenever there was a lull in his moaning she immediately starting humming along and he would start moaning again, louder this time.

She felt his hand on hers and she stopped momentarily and looked up to him. The look of pleasure on his face was satisfying and she smiled.

"Yes?" She asked

He grabbed the hand he was holding and placed it on his untouched balls. His eyes drifted shit again and she gave them a gentle squeeze. He sighed heavily and placed his hand back on the chair arm.

She smiled and attached her mouth to his head again and ferociously began sucking on it while doing some moaning of her own. He moaned with her and when she took him all in again cursed loudly. She sucked him hard and hummed the whole time, grabbing his balls and squeezing them all the while. His hips flexed to meet her fuckable mouth and made the pace hard and quick.

"Godammit" He cursed above her. "You're too good at this. I'm cumming already" He groaned at her. That was something she loved to hear. Her humming ceased and she payed particular attention to the large vein underneath him and lapped at it when she could. His body shook and he cursed above her again. Warm liquid filled her mouth and she waited until he was done before swallowing it down and removing him from her mouth giving a final lick.

He sat there panting his eyes remained closed. She hoped that he didn't think this was the end. Because it certainly was not. She had much more planned for him.

He opened his eyes and looked up to see her smirking at him.

"What?" he asked

"Feel good?" She asked with the same sultry tone.

"Very good. I meant what I said. You're so damn good at that"

"Well thank you. But I'm not done yet" She smiled at the look of shock on his face. He certainly wasn't expecting that.

"Oh?" He asked suggestively.

"Of course not" She answered. She knelt down before him watching his cock, which never had the time to get anything close to soft twitch again. "We have something we need to take care of first"

"And what is that?" He asked

She didn't answer him. Instead, she took the time to fully remove his spandex pants until they pooled around his ankles. She slowly untied his shoes and slipped them off his feet and set them neatly on the side of the chair. She folded his pants and placed the silver belt over the arm of the chair. She stood up and grabbed the hem of his shirt and with his help pulled it over his head and set it on top of his pants.

When she was done she kneeled before him against and pressed her lips against his. She sighed heavily as his tongue delved in her mouth to meet her own and grabbed the back of his neck when they started to clash. It was rough and furious and on more than one occasion fangs bumped into teeth or soft swollen tongue. She pulled away first breathing in deeply.

He watched as she straddled him and the spark in his eyes grew larger. He defiantly liked where this was going. She placed a hand on one of his green shoulders and the other she wrapped around his swollen member. He moaned as she touched him sliding her hand up and down his length. She teased him brushing just the tip across her very wet lips.

"God Rae. Your so fucking wet" He moaned.

"I told you we needed to take care of something" She replied

"You didn't tell me you were going to be like this. I would have been more than happy to take care of this situation"

He felt her lower herself onto him and he slid in with such ease. He cursed above her. It was so good when it was like this

"Well. I'm in control here" She announced steadying herself using both of his shoulders now. "And I'm going to try something"

He liked the curiosity in her voice. It foretold good experiences. Before he could say anything witty in response she started to move on him. First slowly up and down, like she usually would to get herself well acquainted. It was slow and sensual and he loved letting her make love to him like this on cold nights. He felt himself move in and out of her slowly. She would rise completely and sink back down all the way to the base. He sighed loudly as she did this savoring that feeling of total engulfment.

Then her nails dug into his shoulder and practiced short quicker strokes. This was the kind of movement that elicited such pleasure. She would find that perfect rhythm and never stop and most of the time he couldn't help but cum so quickly.

"You always feel so good" He moaned to her reveling in the comforting warmth and tightness of her. "I don't want to stop but you make it feel so good"

When she didn't answer him he was confused. She generally wasn't talkative, she was just loud…but she usually answered him. He watched her face above him and she was so focused and concentrated. All for making him feel so damn good and he loved that about her. So what was this new twist? He found the answer very soon after he asked the question.

Instead of long stokes like she usually did, she changed. Now, he was reminded of that hoop. Her hands left his shoulders and she balanced herself upon his lap. She swung her hips around him like that hoop was gliding around her waist. It was the same erotic dance she was doing before but this time he was buried deep within her. It was that same sexual motion that he loved watching earlier and now she was doing it to pleasure him. Damn what a women. He moaned loudly at the thought and thrusted up into her. She grunted above her.

"Do that again" She moaned above him. He eagerly complied and she cried out "Again" She grunted. He smirked and thrusted harder. The sensual dance she was doing in her head turned into a fiery tango. The beat lifted and the hoop was not sliding around her, it was a whirling ring of fire and Gar had ignited that. Her thighs smacked against his as she continued to gyrate around him, picking up speed. She threw her hands in her hair again and cried out as the speed made him slam into her.

He reached out and placed his hands on her bouncing breasts stilling them. He grabbed them roughly fondling her while she continued to dance above him. The candlelight exposed the sweat of her flushed body as she started to writhe above him. His fingertips caressed the skin of her breasts to her nipples which he plucked lightly. She groaned above him and her thighs pressed together making her tighter.

"That's nice" He moaned "God that feels good. I think I need to do that again" and he pinched at them again. She spasmed and came down harder on him. He moaned in response. His hands drifted away from her nipples, though he had to come back to that down to her hips where he dragged his nails along her skin. Her pace became loose and he knew that she was starting to unravel. The perfect dancer gets tired doesn't she?

"I have something nice for you" He whispered to her. His right hand drifted down the front of her leg to the apex between her thighs. He watched himself slid in an out of her and it only made him feel more lust for her. She was his. But right below that, the joining of the two of them was what they both needed to unravel her completely. He was close. He already knew that and he had done his best to control his need to let go but not anymore.

He leaned forward pressing his lips to her sternum licking away the salty sheen of sweat. He kissed right towards her breast and took the peak into his mouth. She moaned loudly above him her hips picking up a bit of speed as she swirled around him still. He popped the nipple out of his mouth and growled into her skin.

"God I'm cumming again" He moaned against her. She grunted above him, her technique slackening. He was so close.

He lowered his hand back to the apex of her thighs and between her soft wet lips. His fingertip pressed very softly against her clit.

"Please" She begged immediately and he smirked. He flicked his finger against her and she screamed above him. He felt her constrict around his hot swollen length and let out a series of grunts and moans as he spasmed into her. He continued pressing against her clit, making her shaken uncontrollably around him. He prolonged it as long as he could before drawing his hand away. She trembled above him, her heavy breathing matching his own. She gulped for air and swallowed to wet her dry throat.

After several fevered moments she gripped his arm and stood up. His flaccid cock dropped from her and in between his thighs and she brushed hair away from the nape of her beck and out of her eyes.

"I will never misjudge that piece of plastic again" He spoke after minutes of nothing but heavy breathing and sighing. "Who knew a child's toy could be so sexy?" He asked her

She shrugged.

"I'm not sure. But anything that gives me that much please deserves it" She answered. Kissing him quickly on the cheek. "Come" She spoke offering hi m a hand up.

"As far as I'm concerned, you have checked on me. The others will be questioning soon why you've taken so long"

"Yeah. Maybe Cy made funnel cakes in celebration of this carnival theme….thing" He said with a huge grin on his face as the two of them started to gather their clothes from the ground.