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She looked up at him…

His dark, ocean blue eyes shimmered as his mouth curved upward to a smile. As he did this, Maddy noticed the slight laugh he let out, as he squatted down to her height. Her Brown hair, complemented the orange roots, and somewhat down her long strands of curls. A single, lone hair stuck up in her hair on the back.

"Daddy?" She asked in an adorable tone, Making him laugh a bit louder making it more presentable.

"Yes, Sweetheart?" He replied, still with a look of awe in his


"Why'd You leave Mommy?" She asked again, making his eyes flutter in a surprised way. "W-What? Honey, who told you this?" He asked, placing a hand gently on his daughters shoulder. Tears leaked from her eyes…

This hurt him…

He never liked to se her cry… She was only 4… What had he done?

Now at this moment, Tears pored from her Misty Blue eyes. Flint's heart filled with pain, as he tried to move his arms, and to move his hands to wipe her tears… He couldn't…

Trying again, he noticed her eyes…. They where reverted to something behind him….

He turned his head unwillingly, as a man in a black suit stood… He let out a sigh, as if he knew this was coming…. The man shook his head with a chuckle, as he extended both hands. "Flint Lockwood…. I never knew the day I'd have to take her away…."

Flints eyes widened as his Heart struck a cold beat… Like every vein in his body, was filled with sudden Icewater… 'Take away!? What was this about?' He thought quickly, as his hands tightened. "What are you talking about?!" He shouted, panting for a sudden note of shock.

"I'm sorry… But we warned you If you created another dangerous invention, she would have to leave. We don't need you filling her head with crazy thoughts…." He spoke, Picking up the whimpering girl. Flint couldn't move… It was as if he was paralyzed….

For a few sudden moments, he told himself to move, but he simply couldn't. A tear rolled down his cheek. As he noticed this, His eyes slammed shut. "No… Im not giving her up… She's All I have with me… She is my Weakness…. My world, my life….. She's My daughter…." He whimpered softly. The man laughed a tad, realizing how pathetic HE thought it was.

Maddy whipped her eyes, as she noticed her fathers true emotions.

"Daddy…. I love you…" She spoke softly, sniffing at the end.

"Come on dear…. Time to go." The man said, turning around, walking her to the car.

Flint fell to his knees on the ice cold pavement, as his eyes grew redder, and redder. They showed no sign of stopping.

"How could they? They just took her from my arms…" He moaned softly, crying at the end.

"How could they?"

Suddenly, He felt the Icy cold blod in his veins turn hot… they grew warmer and warmer, melting the frozen parts of his heart… Racing faster, his heart almost leaped out of his cheast…

"They took her… How could they?" He said again, falling unconscious to the blacktop.

He then woke up…

Sweat stained his face… Looking to his right, he noticed he was safe in his room. "Ahuh…" He gasped, catching his breath. "I-It was all a dream…"

"AHHH! DADDY!" A small squeak was heard. Flints feet couldn't take him fast enough.

"Wha-Wha-What!?" He shouted, sliding from his bedroom to her bedroom.

"There's a Monster in my closet!!" She chirped, making Flint rush over to her and hug her dearly. "It's okay… I'll make the monsters go away…" He chuckled from happiness. The little girl pulled the covers over her pale nose, making him giggle.

Backing away, he tiptoed his way to the closet playing along with the girl. "I'm Gonna' Find that moster and when I do, I will…-" He said, making the girl gasp and pull the covers over her Misty eyes with him opening the door.

"Its okay… You're tough Daddy Must have stormed them off…" A voice called from the door.

"Mommy!" The little girl said with exitment, leaping from her bed. Flint sighed. "Why wasn't she awake? Its been three hours scince I called. Nobody awnsered… Care to explain?" She questioned, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. "Sam, I can explain…"

"You don't need to…" She said sarcasticly, Watching her daughter pick up toys from her toy bin, and bring them to her father.

"I need to be going… Visitation rights for you expired at 8:00." She said again, but in a serious tone. Maddy made it obvious who she wanted to be with… letting a stuttered sigh pass his lips. "By Honey.." He called out to Maddy, who left, still in her pajamas.

Flint slammed back on to his daughters bed. The word haunted him.


Shaking it off his mind, Flint quickly sat up, and went back to his daily routine…

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