Chap 1- Surprise Surprise

The Slytherin and Gryffindor Quidditch practice was a success. Had it been a real game, Hurry's team would have won by 140 points, as it stands, it was simply practice. The strange part to Harry wasn't that Draco couldn't seem to stay on his broom, or that Ron had scored more points than usual, but that Snape was in the stands.

Harry knew that Snape had been following him for the last two days, but what he couldn't figure out was why. It was the second week of school, and Harry knew that he had not done anything out of the ordinary. He hadn't ventured down to the Chamber of Secrets or even gotten in a scuffle with a Slytherin yet. The only thing that Harry had done that could even possibly be construed as out of the ordinary was turn in his potions essay a day early, and he was pretty sure that wasn't a crime. He was actually hoping to get it back early as well, but no such luck in that department. He was rather proud of this particular essay; it was the first one that he put actual effort into.

After last school year ended he decided that he would start applying himself and not just doing the minimum amount needed on homework. Harry knew he was intelligent, he started taking classes at the local community college near his aunt and uncles house every summer after his second year at Hogwarts. Harry figured that if he wanted to get somewhere in the Wizarding world when he graduated however, he should probably show his intelligence through his school work at Hogwarts like he did at the muggle school. Harry had never once received less than an A- on any paper in the muggle college. Now if only he could manage in the wizarding world.

Snape watched as Harry cleared the field of the Quidditch supplies while all the other students took to the showers. There was something strange about Potter, in the light of the afternoon sun there was a strange glimmer surrounding him, like fairy dust that simply hovered there shining and sparkling ever so subtly. Snape sat In the benches for so long that Harry forgot he was there Harry walked into the locker room as everyone else hurried to the castle for dinner.

"Great practice Ron, I'll see you at dinner in a bit."

"Sure thing Har-er Captain."

Both boys shared a laugh and parted. Harry levitated the heavy Quidditch box into his Captains office and locked it up. He began undressing knowing that Snape wouldn't dare enter the Gryffindor Locker rooms. He thought wrong however.

Snape had entered and headed towards the captains room to talk to Harry about his potions essay. Snape was positive that Harry had cheated, but he was having a hard time proving it. If he couldn't find evidence than the professor would settle for a confession. However, when Snape walked in and saw the office lights off and the door locked he deduced that he must have missed harry on the way to dinner. Snape began to walk out only to be stopped by a well rounded and slightly deep tenor voice coming from the directions of the showers.

"Ave Maria, Gratia plena…Maria, gratia plena…Ave, ave dominus tecum…
Benedicta tu in mulieribus…"

Snape looked around the corner to find a man with his back facing him. The stranger's lean, muscular body and tan skin glistened under the stream of water. His black silky hair clung to his narrow shoulders and every muscle it cascaded over down to his thin waist. Snape couldn't think of any student this could have been, which was just as well since he couldn't help but admit to the obvious beauty that this man was so composed of. The stranger continued singing growing slightly louder with confidence and not once missing a note.

"Benedicta tu in mulieribus, Et benedictus, Benedictus fructus ventris tui
Tui, Jesus, Ave Maria, Ave Maria"

Snape left guarding the entrance allowing the stranger to bathe in private, then he could interrogate him upon exiting as to what the man's business was at Hogwarts. Snape waited leaning against a tree, hidden in the dark when the man came out with tight fitting and rather complimentary student's robes. Snape could vaguely make out a serpent crawling around the stranger's wrist, it was a wizard tattoo, that was for sure, but that still didn't explain what the man was doing here. Just as Snape stepped from the tree the man looked behind him at the sky

"Well, still and hour and a half until dinner ends. Gives me some time to fly and study"

The stranger pointed his wand at the stack of book under his arm as they floated n front of his face. Snape noticed McGonagall's Transfiguration text book laid itself gently in the grass after the stranger stated "I'm four chapters ahead in that. Charms isn't even challenging anymore, and I'm already fluent in Latin, no need for the beginner's book." another two books floated to the grass. "next year I'll just talk to my head of house if I desire a study period. Fat lotta good that'll do me in the world, Divination indeed." Snape couldn't help suppress his grin as the book Professor Trelawney used fall to the ground much harder and rougher than the rest. "Now, Defense against the Dark Arts or Conquering Potions? Hmmm." Snape knew that this student, since he could be nothing else, was a sixth year, but who was he? "Go with my favorite I suppose" Snape hated when people ignored the obvious importance of potions, Snape glanced a look and found the man looking rather perturbed at his broom on the ground.

"How am I supposed to practice my mind-only magic with this ridiculous glamour using up most of my power reserve?"

Severus was shocked, no 6th year, or student for that matter could do wand-less magic let alone mind-only. That was rare even for accomplished wizards. Though his admission of the glamour explained why Snape had never seen this student before. But why would a student need to use a Glamour? Sure the tattoo was against school rules, but really one could cover that up without dipping into their magic reserve. Snape was forced out of his thoughts when he heard a loud rather indignant sounding huff

"guess I'll settle for wand-less tonight instead. Up." The students broom floated into the students hand, Snape allowed himself to be surprised again, the student's wand wasn't even in the other hand!

"Time for potions study. Broom circumerro!"

Snape, was he less dignified, almost allowed his jaw to drop. That was no known spell, clearly that was created by this student, but what for? It took Snape a few minutes to realize that the Latin translation meant both 'hover' and 'orbit'. The student sat side straddle and opened one of the books he was holding as the other floated to the rest of the books. Snape didn't know many sixth years that enjoyed his potions class, no non-Slytherins anyway, and if the red tie was anything to go by, this student was in Gryffindor. "But where to start?" the student asked no one in particular. "Snape said the Wolfsbane potion was next. Seeing how I mastered that quite some time ago, we'll focus on Veritaserum again." A white owl flew from the castle and landed on the student's shoulder.

"Hey Girl, Glad you found me. No mail?" The owl nipped at the mysterious student's ear as he laughed. "I'm still having trouble with the truth serum. You think Snape would help me if I asked nicely?" The owl cooed "hehe, yeah. I didn't think so."

Snape was astounded, he knew who that owl belonged to, but this couldn't be Harry Potter, that just wasn't possible. The man lay back on his broom and floated around the Quidditch field studying his potions book for over an hour. Snape got lost in watching the mans tight robes and long black hair just brush the ground as he rode his broom, Harry Potter or not, this man was beautiful.

"Oi, Mate." Ron ran towards the field with Hermione in tow.

"Hey guys!" Harry's broom few up just a few feet allowing harry to gracefully hop off, his robes billowing behind him as he closed his book. Snape felt a lump in his throat and found it hard to swallow around it.

"Are you studying potions AGAIN? Harry it's, like, the second week of school and you've already read the book through….twice!" Ron's face took on the curious quality of looking rather ill. Hermione pointed behind Harry and Harry saw his broom flying off, he sighed and pulled out his wand.

"Repetivi! Conmoratus Sum!" The broom flew fast and stopped hovering vertically in front of Harry and remained hovering even after Harry turned his back to it to commence talking to Ron and Hermione. Snape allowed his Jaw to drop this time. Broom magic only worked if you were looking at or on said broom, and those were no spells that he had ever heard before. He did however notice that they were Latin for return and remain

"And, I'll study it until I understand them all. Some of the potions in there are very difficult to understand."

"I think it's great that you're spending so much time studying. But maybe you should spend some time writing a book of all the spells you've created over the years, You've created enough for almost two books now. I'll even help you if you'd like." Hermione's eyes lit up in excitement

"It's just silly spells Hermione, besides, I still have to work the kinks out of half of them, I mean Conmoratus Sum only works for an extent of about three minutes. Not very impressive now is it?"

"Not even Dumbledore has created as many spells as you have Harry! It is, actually, quite impressive! But I'm not going to argue with you. You might want to restore your glamour, dinner just ended."

Harry pointed the wand at his face and with a sigh, he changed back into the shorter child everyone came to view as a savior. His hair was short and messy again and his tattoo was gone, the robes were about a size too big and his glasses returned.

"Really harry, Why do you even mess with that glamour? You could have any girl in the castle with your looks!" Hermione looked at him rather scathingly

"You know I wouldn't bother if it wasn't a direct order from Dumbledore. Besides, you know I'm not interested in girls." Harry looked back at his broom and grabbed it from the air.

"Blokes would probably fall head over heels for ya as well, hell if I didn't know better, I'd accuse you of being part Veela. Especially with the way my girlfriend over here goes on about ya all the time." Hermione slapped Ron across the arm as Harry laughed.

"Very funny, Ron. Besides, You know who I like, and there is not a snowballs chance in hell, part Veela or not. He always hates me, always will. Now, c'mon, I could go for some wizard chess." The golden trio started up towards the castle.

Snape was astounded, He'd learned so much that no one outside of his tight group of friends knew about him. Snape returned back to his office to write a letter.

Just as Harry finished beating Ron in Wizard Chess an owl knocked on the window and Harry let him in. Ron fed the bird a treat as Harry removed the letter from around his leg.

"Mr. Potter,

I understand that you are having some trouble in potions. I would also like to discuss your most recent essay. Come to my office tomorrow night at 9 o'clock in the evening. I will not tolerate tardiness.


Harry Froze. But how did Snape find out- even if he was following him tonight Snape would have- Oh GOD! If Snape was following Harry all night, what did he overhear, or worse, see?!

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