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Brave New World

Part Fourteen

New Beginnings


That's what Sam Lane thought of Steve Trevor, tying his hands and legs to a chair. In front of him was the television, replaying earlier images of the Justice League's fight against Kalex from over an hour ago. Sam Lane knew it was over now. The Justice League won and he lost.

For him, he felt the world lost.

He turned his head watching Steve Trevor hang up the phone. He got news Superman was on his way, along with the military police ready to take him in.

"So, are you going to turn yourself in as well or throw me under the bus?" Sam Lane asked. "Your hands are dirty, too. You didn't participate in the beating of the Kents but you knew they were going to be kidnapped and you knew what we were going to do to the alien. There's also you setting up Wonder Woman."

"I'm not going anywhere," Steve told the soon-to-be former General. "I have sins to atone for. I thought it would be enough that I resign but I see I have to do more. If I am to be imprisoned for what I did, so be it."

"Whatever," Sam Lane muttered. "You are a complete disappointment. You could've been my successor in the crusade against aliens."

"If I had been so foolish to do that, I would've killed off the remaining good and common decency that was in me."

Sam Lane's response was cut off by the arrival of Kal-El and the military police.

Kal-El and Sam Lane's eyes locked on each other. Both were filled with hatred for one another. Kal-El made the move to stand over Sam Lane. "I should rip apart every bone in your body for what you did to the Kents and me."

"Do it," Sam Lane challenged him. "You know you want to. I helped tarnish your name, I kidnapped the people that took you in and tried to kill them. I tried to kill you. Surely, you want to do some physical harm to me instead of turning me over to the authorities."

Kal-El briefly looked over to the military police and back at Sam Lane. "You know what? I do." Kal-El ripped off the ropes around Sam Lane's wrists and ankles. He yanked the General from his chair with one hand around his neck. Kal-El's eyes burned as he stared at the General. "I want to kill you with my bare hands. I want to make you pay for what you did to the Kents, myself and inadvertently Diana." His eyes returned to normal as he tossed Sam Lane against a wall. "But I won't." The military police picked up Sam Lane and cuffed him. "I'll let your very own government take care of you to show they don't share your views. I and the Kents will personally testify against you in court."

"You testify. The world will know you weakness," Sam Lane taunted. "Then everyone who wants you dead will come after you."

"That doesn't scare me," Kal-El said. "Not anymore."

The military police took Sam Lane away. Kal-El saw the military police ready to take Steve Trevor away as well when he stopped them. "Could I get a second?" Steve requested. Released, Steve approached Kal-El. "I owe you an apology for my feelings toward you. I was wrong to hate you because you are an alien. I should've helped you but I was blinded by my hatred and jealousy of you. I was also blinded by my love for Diana to see I wasn't the man for her. I didn't want to let her go. She's the most amazing woman." Steve explained. "Who would want to let her go? Tell her I'm sorry for everything and I wish her a happy life with you."

In that moment, Kal-El saw the glimpse of a good man. Perhaps the man Diana was attracted to and wanting to come back. "We may never see eye to eye but in regards of your feelings for Diana, I can understand. I apologize for some of my brash behavior towards you."

"You're apologizing?" Steve couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"For some of it," Kal-El assured him. "Not all."

Steve Trevor accepted as much as he walked off with the Military Police.

"Only one more to go," Kal-El murmured to himself.

Lex Luthor felt safe in his underground lair. Twenty-four hours had passed since that fateful battle of Kalex against the Justice League. He was disappointed at Kalex and the Injustice League's defeat for it forced him into hiding for who knows how long. He'll wait a month before contacting Mercy. Mercy would keep an eye out for any trouble and if need be throw herself under the bus to protect him.

"At least it's comfortable," Lex said of his underground facility. Lex poured himself a glass of wine and sat on his leather couch.

He was proud of himself. When he first considered building a hidden facility he thought of building it in New York or California but that was too obvious. No one would consider looking for him in a small town outside Dallas, Texas.

A tremor passed through the room causing Lex to spill his glass over his expensive carpet. Lex thought it was an earthquake but remembered earthquakes didn't pass through Texas. Lex quickly realized the rumble was coming from one area.


Immediately, he knew. "No! He couldn't-"

Kal-El burst in the room, dirt and pieces of the ceiling falling into the room. Lex dived for cover under a table but he was soon pulled out by the strength of Superman.

"Did you really think you could hide from me?" Kal-El gave Lex Luthor a firm shake. "You are going to pay for what you did to me."

"How did you….?"

"I can hear clouds rub against each other. I can see every cell in a body and you didn't think I could find you?" Kal-El went on. "Your assistant Mercy wouldn't talk and instead of forcing her, I decided to find you myself by scanning the entire planet."

Kal-El flew upwards, taking him and Lex Luthor out of the underground base.

"I will tell the world about your weakness," Lex threatened.

Like that was going to intimidated Kal-El. In fact, he never felt so empowered. Let someone try to weaken him with kryptonite, he will take his enemies down in spite of it. "I am not afraid to let the world know I can be weakened but just so you know, I can and will find a cure."

They were out of the facility and welcomed by the sight of the setting sun. Still winter, Lex shivered under the chilly winds. "So, what if I go to jail?" Luthor wasn't scared. "I've been there before and I've gotten out."

Kal-El was so glad Lex Luthor said that so he could tell him, "That won't be happening again. With the dirt the Justice League have on you, members of the Injustice League ready to rat you out and the attempt you made on my life, you will be behind bars for a long time, if not for the rest of your life. Also, I plan to build a facility that will hold you and every member of the Injustice League. Personally, scum like you belong in the Phantom Zone but the people on this planet may find it inhumane even for someone like you."

"You put me in jail and leave Mercy to run my company?" Lex laughed at the scenario. "She doesn't have the mindset to run my company. The company would crumble in her hands. Do you know how many people work for me? How many jobs will be lost?"

Kal-El smirked. "I assure you no jobs will be lost." It was an idea he discussed with Bruce and it wasn't hard to get him or Dinah on board. "Wayne Enterprises, Queen Enterprises and New Krypton will take good care of LexCorp."

Rage rose in Lex at what Superman was implying but in his anger he could only spit out, "New Krypton?"

"The name of my company," Kal-El explained. "In fact, I think New Krypton will look perfect where LexCorp is standing."

"What?" Lex snapped. "The name LexCorp will always be on my building I built from the ground up and it'll be a cold day in hell before my company is sold off to you, Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen."

"I'll buy you a jacket."

A memorial was held for Flash, Green Arrow, Huntress, Plastic Man, Black Lightning, and Hawkman a week later to celebrate and honor their lives. Because of their dual identities, the deaths of their real names such as Wally West and Oliver Queen would not be released until a proper amount of time has passed so no one would connect the two.

Thirty minutes before the memorial started, Diana, J'onn and Bruce were on their way to meet with Kal-El in a conference room.

"Why is it Kal-El wants to speak with us?" J'onn asked on the way.

"You're the mind reader," Batman said. "Shouldn't you already know?"

"I do not purposely read minds," J'onn said.

"Patient, Bruce," Diana encouraged her friend. "You'll soon know."

Kal-El turned away from the window upon hearing Diana, J'onn and Bruce enter. "The memorial will start soon so I will make this brief. I found a cure to the kryptonite poisoning."

Bruce glanced at Diana. No reaction. She knew this. "Okay," Bruce drawled. "Why tell us this? Why not the entire league?"

"I'm not going to take the cure."

That garnered surprises from Bruce and J'onn.

"Why not?" J'onn asked.

"Kalex," Kal-El answered simply. "He was invulnerable, out of control and went through the Justice League without breaking a sweat. I would never do that to the Justice League but if there was a chance I ever got out of control…under some unknown power perhaps, I want to be stopped. Thanks to the techniques Diana is teaching me, I can fight off the kryptonite poisoning for a long time but I can still be harmed by it. So, if I should ever be like the monster Kalex, I want you three to create weapons that will kill me using the kryptonite we've collected."

Once again, Bruce looked to Diana for her reaction. She knew but Kal-El's decision clearly distressed her. "You don't trust Diana to kill you?"

"Honestly, no." Kal-El was very frank about it. "I know Diana and she knows me. If Diana was out of control, I couldn't kill her anymore than she could kill me. I know Diana would try to reach me even at the risk of her own life. I would do the same for her, but the world can't lose her. I won't let the world lose her." Kal-El pulled his eyes off Diana and towards Bruce and J'onn. "So, I am looking to you two to do it."

"Why not send you to the Phantom Zone?" Bruce asked. "It's holding Kalex and you told me Krypton's most dangerous criminals are being kept there."

"Yes, but with my knowledge of the Phantom Zone, I can find a way out."

J'onn and Batman looked at each other before deciding what they should do. Finally, J'onn spoke. "If that is your wish but we will exhaust every other possibility before doing so. It would be a last result."

Kal-El knew it was a hard decision his friends had to make but he was glad they did. "I understand."

"Could you two give us a moment alone?" Diana requested and her friends honored it. Alone, Diana asked Kal-El, "Are you sure about this? Not curing yourself of kryptonite? Wanting us to kill you if you become like Kalex?"

Kal-El was certain of his decision. "Yes, I am. I don't need to be invulnerable or worried of anyone knowing my weakness. If I ever get in trouble, I know you and my friends in the Justice League will help me. And as for killing me, it's a necessary precaution. I know the power that courses through me, and I know over time as I continue to be under the yellow sun, I will get stronger. There may be a time where kryptonite won't affect me at all. When I was on the Kent farm learning my powers, I knew how dangerous it would be for anyone without good intent to have my powers."

Diana understood Kal-El's line of thinking. "And witnessing Kalex, you knew you had to take action to prevent something like that from happening again, including having yourself killed if necessary."

Kal-El nodded. "Yes."

Diana took her hands in his. "Let's hope that day never comes. I want to be with you for a very long time."

"So do I." Kal-El kissed her hands and asked Diana, "Will you be my wife?"

Diana's mouth parted in surprise. "What? You're proposing to me?"

"Yes. Do you accept?"

Diana chuckled, "You don't know much about proposing, do you?"

"In regards to Earth customs of proposals? No. As for Kryptonian proposals, we simply ask. There was no need for flair or dramatics for a response of yes or no but it was a serious question. We knew it was not something to be taken lightly."

Still clinical in some ways, Diana thought. It's going to be interesting being married to him, she thought. "Even though we've not been a couple for very long, my answer is an easy one and it will not change. Yes, I will." Then she laughed, "I only hope our coupling isn't as clinical as your proposal."

Kal-El grinned wickedly. "That I can assure you is not. Oh," he rumbled, "the things I will do to you."

"And the things I will do to you," Diana repeated in the same tone as she pulled Kal-El to her for a kiss promising of things to come.

Steve Trevor stepped out onto the porch of his log cabin home in Oregon. The small town he now called home was different from Washington, D.C. It was quieter, cleaner and a place he could start over. His life has been a circus ever since Kalex was revealed to the world and the story Jimmy Olsen wrote exposing him, Sam Lane and Lex Luthor to Kalex and the kidnapping of the Kents and Kalex's connections to them. Sure, he was the lesser of three evils but people still hated him.

Even though he resigned to avoid DOMA's name from being dragged through the mud, especially when Steve testified against Sam Lane and Lex Luthor in court, DOMA still took a lot of heat for Steve Trevor being apart of the organization and DOMA made sure Steve paid for that. His pension was taken away from him and every case Steve personally worked on that involved aliens was being reviewed again. Gossip rags even investigated his personal life and his connection to Wonder Woman, making him out to be a pathetic man chasing a woman he had no chance with and a psycho stalker trying to kill Superman so he wouldn't have competition for Wonder Woman.

During the three month trial, Steve's willingness to come clean and expose Sam Lane saved him from going to prison, but being followed by the paparazzi everywhere he went during the trial, Steve felt he was in prison. They taunted him, teased him, tried to get him to react so they can have something for their magazine but Steve maintained his cool. Steve accepted the embarrassment as his punishment for betraying the people of Earth but as soon as the trial was over and Sam Lane and Lex Luthor sentenced to life in prison, Steve packed up and left Washington, D.C. forever.

Now in this quiet town, Steve hoped to finally have a quiet life.

"You're certainly far from Washington, D.C."

Steve Trevor looked down from his porch at the woman he thought of as his angel. "Diana."

After all he did to her and Kal-El, Steve couldn't believe she was here. In fact, this was the first time since that awful confrontation in Sam Lane's base that they saw each other. Diana never attended the trial even when Superman testified. She made herself conveniently absent.

Diana stood at the bottom of the steps of Steve's porch. "Nice place."

"Thank you. I think a little peace and quiet is what I need after what happened in D.C." He walked to the edge of the porch. "How did you find me? Why are you here?"

"Diana Prince still has friends at DOMA." Diana walked up the steps. Standing face to face to him, she said, "I never got to thank you for testifying in court. It reminded me of the Steve I knew. I couldn't come even with Kal there, it would've made things worst and stopping by your place to thank you was out of the question with the paparazzi around."

The only person from DOMA who knew he was here, was his former secretary, Eve. Though he was happy to see Diana, Steve felt foolish, too. It was a one in a million shot but he thought Diana had come back for him "You didn't have to thank me. I did what I had to do."

"So," Diana said carefully, "are you hiding here until things cool down?"

"Not hide." He stepped away from Diana and sat in a chair on his porch. It was still hard being this close to Diana and not able to touch her. "This is home for me. I've had an incredible career at DOMA, Diana. I think I deserve a chance to return to normal life instead of dealing with monsters, meta humans and aliens on a daily basis. I was a complete workaholic."

Diana recalled the many days and nights Steve spent at DOMA. She often thought that was his first home and his penthouse apartment was his second home. "I think you were out of the office probably five days out of the year."

"I loved my job," Steve said wistfully. "How many people can say that in this day and age?" He chuckled derisively. "I had the best job in the world and I completely blew it."

Diana leaned against the wooden railing as she stared at Steve. She knew things were rough for him personally but she couldn't do anything about it. He led himself down this path. "I know you resigned from your position before the news broke of your connection to Sam Lane and Lex Luthor but testifying against Sam Lane cost you everything you worked for. Eve told me you lost your pension. You've resigned but you couldn't go back to DOMA if you wanted to. You can't even consult with any of the agents. You're completely blacklisted."

Steve shrugged. "It's penance for what I did." He forced a smile. "Don't worry about me, Diana. I'll be fine. I just wonder who will run DOMA now. They will have to get someone with a clean record, someone who is capable of leading a team of alpha agents, preferably someone who worked in the field with experience dealing with the most dangerous meta humans. DOMA has their work cut of for them."

Diana coughed. "Actually, I've been offered that job."

Steve's mouth dropped. "You?" He stammered. "I don't mean you're not capable, Diana. I'm just shocked they offered you the job."

"You weren't the only one. I was, too, especially since I was fired but since it was by you the higher ups investigated your reasons for firing me and thought you were bias because of your stance towards aliens." Diana didn't elaborate on that. "They don't believe I was tied to your connections with Lex Luthor and Sam Lane and above all, I am what they are looking for."

If anyone was to replace him, Steve was glad it was Diana. "You will make a great Director of DOMA."

"I would if I was taking the job."

"You're not?"

Diana shook her head. "No. I don't want to go back to having a double identity, and being leader of the Justice League, I wouldn't have the time to be a Director of DOMA. Besides, I want to return to my roots as Princess of Themyscira and be an ambassador for my people to this world. There's so much I can do and I can't do it being a Director of DOMA."

Steve nodded in understanding. Sort of. "Whatever you plan to do I'm sure you will be successful with it. Congratulations by the way."

Diana held her breath. "What for?" She wasn't aware that he knew.

A slight smile tugged his face but his eyes were sad. "Your engagement."

"You know?" Though engaged secretly until after the trial weeks ago, Diana wasn't aware Steve knew.

"I may be living in a log cabin where the nearest home is ten miles away and the nearest store twenty but I do have wireless service out here and a TV. I hope you and Kal-El are very happy together."

"Thank you."

"Are you expecting kids?" he asked.

Given the nature of their relationship in the past, Diana was a little comfortable sharing this with Steve but she told him anyway. "Kal and I are hoping to have children. We think it's possible. Aphrodite is one on my patrons. Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering. I pictured us with kids. I wondered if it was possible."

Diana wasn't sure how to take that. "Maybe you shouldn't think about that anymore."

"I try not to but sometimes I can't help myself," Steve said truthfully. "I know you will be a beautiful bride and a wonderful mother, Diana. I'm not ashamed in saying I wish it were me you were marrying but I know it can't be for us."

"You'll find someone," Diana told him. "I'm sure of it."

"I should," Steve sounded confident. "If I could capture Wonder Woman for a brief time, surely I can get the eyes of an ordinary woman."

The old Steve Trevor was coming back for sure. He always did have a sense of humor. It was something that was gone from him for a long time. "Good luck, Steve. I do wish you the best."

"I know." Steve smiled even though he was hurting inside. He was sure he wouldn't see Diana again. She was going to start her new life with Kal-El and he no longer had a place in it. "Goodbye, Diana."

Sam Lane stared at the dirty ceiling of his 4x4 cell. This was his home for the rest of his life. He had a long list of charges against him: kidnapping, attempted murder, abuse of power, illegal methods of torture and treason were only the starters. His base was promptly shut down and he was sentenced to prison for the next twenty-five years where he would not get out until his eighties while the snake, Steve Trevor, would not serve any time at all.

Steve Trevor testified against him in trial, confessed to everything he knew and as a result served no prison time. He lost his pension from DOMA and was blacklisted but Sam Lane didn't think that was enough. He felt Trevor should serve prison time with him.

Sam Lane took his eyes off the grimy ceiling and on the approaching guard. He was a tall bulky guard with the 'S' emblem of Superman's chest on the massive bicep of his left arm. When Sam Lane first saw him, he knew he wouldn't like him.

And in return, the guard didn't like him either. "You have a visitor."

Sam Lane stood up. He wasn't expecting his lawyer to come in today. His lawyer was busy working on an appeal. If he was coming unexpectedly, he had good news for him. Sam Lane followed the guard to a private visitor room. It wasn't his lawyer waiting for him but his daughter, Lois.

"Lois?" They haven't seen each other since he was carted from the courtroom to prison six months ago. She rarely talked to him during the trial. In fact, she was keeping a distance from him. Lois was sitting but he could see her face was a little rounder as was the rest of her body. "You've gained weight."

Lois sighed. How typical of her father. "That's what happens when one is pregnant."

"Hmph." Sam Lane slid into his seat. "Congratulations. Is it a boy or girl?"

Lois knew why her father was asking for the sex of the child. "Jimmy and I are waiting until the birth to know."

"Hmph." That didn't sound like an approval. "I'm surprised you're here to see me. After all you and your husband printed the story of my involvement in that alien's clone and you printed an editorial piece to save your ass. How did it feel to disown your father in a popular newspaper that can be read all over the world?"

"I had no choice," Lois said. "How did you think I felt when Superman told me what you and Lex Luthor did? My own father's bigotry towards aliens led him to kidnap and torture two innocent people; one who would've died without Superman's technology. If that wasn't enough, you tried to kill Superman, an alien, who has done nothing but help the people of this world."

"So you had to write the story." He gave her that. "What about the editorial? You didn't have to write that."

"I wrote an editorial expressing my disgust and disapproval over what you did. In a way, yes, I was distancing myself from you and I had to write it. As Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet, I have a responsibility to the paper and its readers. I couldn't let them think I share your bigotry, which I don't."

Sam Lane rolled his eyes. If they keep at it like this, they would be fighting and Sam Lane was more curious as to why his daughter wanted to see him than fight with her. "Why are you here?"

"I want to know why. I mean, you couldn't look at the good Superman was doing to see he was different from the White Martians? Didn't his good deeds make you see there are good aliens as well as bad? That it's wrong to judge him because he's an alien?" Using her father as an example, she said, "We humans aren't exactly saints. Look at yourself first before you judge others."

Sam Lane pounded his angry fists on the table. "The moment we let our guard down they attacked! The White Martians slipped into our world like illegal aliens, almost took over our planet and killed several of us in the process! I won't take any chances with another alien. The only good alien is a dead alien!"

Fired up, Lois shot back at him, "And you would make that possible by any means, even lying to me, your daughter. If I printed that story, I would've killed the reputation of the Daily Planet. Do you know that station you sold that story to ratings tanked in the news by ninety percent and the reporter who broke the story has been fired? If I printed that story, I would've bankrupted the paper. Our word would've been as good as those Hollywood rag magazines!"

Lois stopped herself and took a moment to cool down. She couldn't get so upset. She was pregnant after all. "You know what hurts me the most? The fact you lied to me. You didn't care about me. You wanted to print that story by any means possible even at the risk of screwing me. Did you care about me at all or was this another way to punish me for marrying Jimmy?"

"I did what was necessary for the safety of this planet."

"Necessary? Safety?" Lois scoffed. "Is that your answer for kidnapping and torturing the Kents? For trying to kill Superman? For breaking so many laws?"

"Everyone seems to believe I'm the wrong person where I am the victim. We were in a war with aliens over a year ago. We almost lost this planet. Every alien should be regarded as an enemy. I did what was necessary to protect this planet and I was betrayed by my so called allies. Steve Trevor betrayed me because of his infatuation with Wonder Woman. He lost any chance with her when that alien arrived. I give him a chance to be on the winning team and he stabs me in the back. You," he pointed to his daughter, "and the rest of the world opened your arms to that alien because he looked human, he was considered hot by the females and did a few impressive feats to win you over. Had the alien been as ugly as his evil heart the world would see Superman alien as a threat."

"Listen to yourself!" Lois snapped. "You're blaming the aliens, blaming me, blaming Steve Trevor, blaming everyone but yourself! It was you! This is all your fault! For once in your life, own up to the consequences of your actions!" Lois braced a hand on the table while the other one rested on her stomach. Her little one was acting up. "I'm pregnant. I'm going to be a mother soon and I can't do this with you anymore. I have to think of the influences on my child's life and I can't have you in it. Dad, you are a bitter, hateful old man and I hope my child has none of your characteristics. It would not hurt me if I never saw you again."

Sam Lane watched his daughter walk out of his life forever. Not even for a second did he consider apologizing to her.

Jimmy waited for Lois outside the prison. As soon as he saw Lois, he went to her. She was crying.

"It's okay. It's okay," Jimmy soothed his wife. "What happened?"

Lois wiped away her tears feeling embarrassed. Her father didn't deserve her tears. "I don't know what I was thinking seeing him. I thought being locked up changed him, make him have some remorse."

"It's been six months." Jimmy didn't think a man with a heart as cold as Sam Lane would change in a short period of time. "Did he seem happy about the baby?"

Lois shrugged. "He wanted to know if it was boy or girl."

"And you didn't tell him it was a girl?"

"I knew what he would say. 'A boy is better.' And I would've smacked him." Lois rubbed her swollen belly. "Mom's gone. I thought Dad would at least…" she broke off. "It doesn't matter anymore."

"I know, Lois. I know. Just forget it. Forget him. You still have your sister, my family and me."

Lois hugged Jimmy knowing that's all she needed. "I know."

Hippolyta followed Kal-El up the stairs of his new home. With the money Kal-El acquired with his inventions, he purchased a stretch of land in Australia. It was isolated save for the kangaroos, koalas and other wild animals that roamed the area.

The home itself wasn't as big as Kal-El's home in the Arctic but it was still impressive with its ten bedrooms, ten baths, three safe rooms, a gym designed to handle Kal-El and Diana's strength, a science lab, kitchen, library, a private room for Diana with a manmade lake created by Kal-El behind the home.

Kryptonian and Themysciran material built the home Hippolyta and Kal-El stood in. Upon learning of their engagement, which Hippolyta approved of, Kal-El worked with the top Themysciran architects in designing and building a home suitable for his future wife and children. With the home near completion, Hippolyta was giving it her personal inspection.

"When will the teleporters be ready?" Hippolyta asked. Teleporters were being set up in the Themysciran palace and Watchtower for Diana, and if need be, her mother and Amazon sisters if they needed to immediately get to her.

"I would say in the next week or so," Kal-El answered. "What do you think of the home?"

"I am pleased. The alarms and safe rooms are very secure. The teleporters will be quite useful when they are online. I like the blend of Kryptonian and Themysciran culture you put into the home."

"Diana and I agreed our homes should reflect both cultures. It's rich in history that our children will benefit from learning about."

"You are expecting children?" Hippolyta asked.

"Of course." Kal-El paused. "That shouldn't be a problem with Diana, should it?"

"Diana's patron is Aphrodite. The Goddess wouldn't forget that important aspect of a woman. The question is if Diana is compatible to your Kryptonian body to produce children?"

"Yes. Diana has been tested and so have I. It may be due to her magical makeup but we are compatible and she can carry our children to term."

Hippolyta was relieved to hear that. "That's good, Kal-El, because I expect babies."

That surprised Kal-El but as he stared at Hippolyta, he saw the mother of Diana had longing in her eyes. "You do?"

"Don't mistake my stern manner for a woman who wouldn't want to be around babies, Kal-El. I miss the patter of little feet in the palace; the sweet innocence of a child." There was a soft glow on the queen's face as she thought of her daughter, Diana, as a young baby and how she would like to have those moments again. "And I expect you to protect them and Diana if the need arise. I will not have an incident like Kalex happen to Diana again."

Hippolyta was angry when Diana was temporarily blinded and Kal-El understood her anger. He was angry with himself for Diana to be hurt so badly and vowed to not let it happen again. "With my life," Kal-El promised. "I swear it."

"Where is Diana now?" Hippolyta asked. She hoped to spend time with her daughter before returning home.

"Visiting Steve Trevor."

Hippolyta didn't like that. "Diana is still friends with that man after what he did to her and you?" Hippolyta hoped to never encounter Steve Trevor again. For it would be the last encounter he had with anyone.

"She only wants to thank him for testifying against Sam Lane and Lex Luthor. You know Diana."

She did and it sounded like Diana to do something like that. What a forgiving heart Diana has. "And you are fine with that?"

"I've nothing to be jealous about." Why would he? he proudly thought. Diana left Steve for him. "I trust her."

"That's good. Most men would be a little jealous if their betrothed saw their ex."

"I'm not most men," Kal-El told the queen.

And Queen Hippolyta was glad he wasn't. Yes. Kal-El was the right man for her daughter indeed. She looked forward to the day of their union but most importantly, the birth of her first grandchild.

Ten Years Later

Kal-El sat in a meeting with CEOs of competitive companies. Meeting wasn't the right word to use, he amusingly thought. It was more like a bunch of hunters targeting a single animal to kill-him! Also in the meeting was Bruce Wayne, his only ally. Over the years, the trust between the two grew into a solid friendship. In fact, Bruce and J'onn were the Godfathers of his children. Not something Kal-El expected upon first meeting him as the Dark Knight but he was pleased with the outcome just the same.

"You have no right to put us out of business!" A CEO from a popular oil company lashed out at Kal-El.

"Is it my fault you prefer to be greedy, selfish individuals who have a total disregard for safety and care more about making money than making sure your machines are safe to use, help others and better this planet?" Kal-El asked him. "Earth has an abundance of resources. You didn't tap into it. I did. It is also not my fault the people turned on oil companies after their poor attempt to clean up the horrible oil spill off the Gulf coast. Your company in particular, Mr. Lithgow, almost caused Aquaman to go to war with you."

"If it wasn't for Kal-El's resources, that oil would still be in the Gulf," Bruce added. "He saved the sea life and the jobs of the men and women working on the coast."

"I should've acted sooner than waiting for two weeks for you sorry people to act. A Kryptonian child could've produced something better than your useless backup to deal with the oil spill which only exacerbated the problem."

Mr. Farnon, a greedy CEO from a North American oil company pointed a finger at Kal-El. "It was you who caused the oil spill. You did it to bring about your Kryptonian cars that required no fuel. Cars very few were interested in before that oil spill."

Kal-El almost rolled his eyes. His enemies planted that rumor and anyone who had a grudge against him jumped on it. "It is true the majority of the people of this planet were reluctant to try my cars or get their cars upgraded so it would no longer use fuel. People are often afraid of change unless forced to. My company and Wayne Enterprises lost a billion dollars in its first year but we would never create such a catastrophic event to make money."

"I don't see why not," Mr. Lithgow said. "Since people started buying your cars, your profits have skyrocketed. You made back three times the money you lost while famous car companies like Ford and Toyota lost billions."

"You fail to comment those same companies got a fair profit when they agreed to have their cars upgraded so it no longer require fuel to run," Bruce said curtly. "They should make back their money in two to three years."

Another CEO directed his anger at Bruce. "You're only defending Kal-El because your company got on the groundwork earlier and brokered a deal with him to build his Kryptonian cars when other automotive companies wouldn't."

Another joined in on the attack Bruce Wayne bandwagon. "You also lost millions when Kal-El's products were more profitable than Wayne Enterprises, so you joined him, sold out your race and helped him steal our money."

Bruce maintained his cool. It wasn't the first time he was accused of selling out his race and it wouldn't be the last. "If by sold out you mean helping this world become less toxic by getting rid of the landfills, purifying the waters and air, helping people to be healthier and live longer, then yes. Kal-El's science is changing the world for the better. Only a fool would stop him because of their own bigotry. Sam Lane tried that and look where it got him. He was sentenced to prison for life for his crimes and was killed five years ago in a prison fight."

Lithgow scoffed. "The way I hear it some guard who is a fan of yours," he glared at Kal-El, "did it."

"You also bankrupted LexCorp and took over the building!" Mr. Farnon argued. "That should've been a warning to us all but we didn't listen when we should've."

How desperate these people must be to bring up Lex Luthor Kal-El thought. "I divided a company owned by a noted criminal who tried to kill me and was also head of the Injustice League for several years who caused all kinds of trouble for the people on this planet. I kept the good people who worked for his company onboard and I've received no complaints from them of their new bosses."

Kal-El glanced at his watch. He was to meet Diana in twenty minutes and he wasn't going to be late meeting her arguing with a group of bitter CEOS. "Gentlemen, companies fold all the time. Ways of life end while another begins. Before the modern age, there were businesses that boomed centuries ago that are limited or no longer in service now due to growing technology. How many of you need a blacksmith? Do you send telegrams anymore? The people who lost their careers may have whined but they got over it and adapted with the times. I suggest you do the same. And unlike those people who may have had nothing to their name when their careers ended, you have billions of dollars that will take care of you and descendants for years to come. Descendants I hope won't be arrogant, selfish and snobbish like you." Kal-El rose from his seat, gesturing the others to do the same. "You're excused."

The CEOs left the room, mumbling hate against Kal-El, promising to sue or revenge against him. When the last one left, Kal-El turned to Bruce. "Don't they realize I can hear them?"

"As if they care."

In the elevator on the way down, Kal-El loosened his tie as he sighed, "It never gets any easier."

Bruce grinned. He figured Kal-El was much happier working in his lab than talking to bitter CEOs. It was the price Kal-El had to pay for such a profitable company. Bruce, being used to this, wasn't annoyed with the CEOs as Kal-El. "Not when you want to make changes. Some people are going to hate you no matter what you do. You can cure cancer and you will still be hated."

"I guess Luthor finally got something with me. He's turned part of the population on me."

"Only the rich ones who stand to lose money because of you. Luthor is still the biggest loser," Bruce added. "His company has been distributed in different parts where you, Dinah and I own it. Luthor is also locked up in a prison facility that holds him and all the members of the Injustice League. In the eight years since it was built, no one has been able to break out, and Luthor, I hear has tried many times."

"It's also an ego boost to know none of our competitors have successfully wooed our people to them," Kal-El added.

"With the pay, insurance plan and time off days you give them." Bruce chuckled. "Not a chance."

Kal-El smirked. "Yes. Not every company starts their employee with thirty days in vacation and personal time or a four day work week with a Kryptonian daycare for parents with young children who are more enlightened under Kryptonian teachings than children under Earth types of daycare."

"True," Bruce agreed. "But there's also the clout of working for you, Superman, who visit them, talk to them, make them feel important. It makes the hellish screening to work for you worth it. They see you as a hero."

Kal-El didn't see himself as a hero. Just an alien living on his new home and making it a better place. "They are the real heroes. They, who have no powers but use the knowledge in their brains and the goodness in their hearts, to save their planet."

They stepped off the elevator going to their own hover cars. "Dinah wants to meet with us. She has an announcement to make."

"She's pregnant," the men said together. "How did you know that?" they repeated together again. They didn't need an answer for that. Both men were sharp and very observant.

"I'm glad she was able to move on from Oliver Queen," Kal-El said. "She's a very strong woman to overcome his death, run his company in his absence and find love again." He chuckled. "I didn't see her getting together with Dick Grayson."

"Neither did I," Bruce said. "You would think I would've seen that coming. They've been good friends for years. I knew Dick was helping Dinah out with a crime spree in Star City. Dick had broken up with Barbara for good and Dinah was thinking of dating again. Dick said they were talking, next thing he knew they were on horizontal on her sofa. What's worse Tim knew about it months before I figured it out." He sighed. "I've taught them too well."

"That or you are getting old and losing your touch." Kal-El teased. "Or you're too distracted with Zatanna."

Bruce and Zatanna were dating off and on for years and lately, they've seen more on than off. It was time to make it permanent. "Zatanna and I have finally set a date."

"About time," Kal-El said. "You've been living together long enough. Big or small ceremony?"

"A small ceremony at Wayne Manor and Batman is going into semi retirement. For a year," Bruce was quick to add. "Gotham is much safer now than it has been in a very long time. Bruce Wayne can have some semblance of a normal life."

"I'm glad you're taking some time off," Kal-El said. "It's really creepy that you refer to yourself in third person. You need to work on that."

Bruce's lips twitched. "Shut up. Oh, and say hi to Diana and the boys for me. Speaking of kids, is it one or twins again?"

Kal-El grinned. "What fun would it be if I tell you? Aren't you the detective?" Kal-El left Bruce to ponder that as he drove off in his hovercar.

"It's a girl this time. I know it," Martha Kent said to Diana in her office at the Themysciran Embassy.

Even at nine months pregnant, Diana wasn't going to let that slow her down from her work as Ambassador of Themyscira. Diana couldn't do any of the physical duties her job required due to her condition. Her Amazon Sisters who were slowly joining Patriarch's World were fulfilling those duties in her place.

While Diana worked at the Embassy, she had her sons with her. They spent the day with her when Kal-El wasn't watching them. More times than not, Jonathan and Martha Kent would visit and take the boys off Diana's hands. The two thought of the young boys as their grandchildren and Kairos and Van-El adored Jonathan and Martha with the same feelings, always calling them Grandma and Grandpa.

Nearly ten years since the day Diana started her Embassy, Diana wondered if she should take a step back and let some of her Amazon sisters who have returned to the world, take more control of it. Her Amazons sisters were becoming more and more well known in the world and the people trusted them as much as they trusted Diana. Diana had enough to keep her busy without the Embassy. She had twin six year old boys and another child on the way. Her children will always have top priority over her work.

The world wasn't as violent as it was ten years ago. The last war ended four years ago. Crime was down all over the world. Diana knew it was Justice League's work that made it possible but she gave most of the credit to Kal-El who inspired the people of Earth to want more; to be a better world.

With less influence of evil individuals such as the Injustice League, people actually believed peace was possible and not turning to crime to solve their problems. Politicians and corrupt businessmen who were linked to the Injustice League were quickly tossed out of office and jobs. Some were imprisoned when it was revealed how deep they were in with the Injustice League. Most of that was due to Kal-El.

Crime was a minimum on Krypton. It wasn't tolerated and Kal-El brought that mentality to the Justice League. He worked with The Question and Batman investigating the remaining members of the Injustice League, finding out what corrupt humans allied with them and exposed them by capturing them in the act of a crime. Criminals feared Kal-El more than Batman. There were times when Superman showed up on the scene, the criminals just gave up. It was better than doing something as foolish as attacking Superman which some did with kryptonite which didn't affect Superman as he developed a strong resistant to it.

But it wasn't only Kal-El's heroic deeds as Superman that had a strong impact on the world. His science did as well. Air, land and water were cleaner due to his Kryptonian technology. Floating landfills over oceans and other large areas of water were gone. While picking up garbage in the oceans was still ongoing, the ocean waters haven't been this pure in centuries. Landfills were gone and the land was purified of all its toxic poison. Now the lands were used for farming, new homes, and natural parks.

Kal-El's Kryptonian technology affected people socially, too. People no longer drove cars or flew in planes that required fuel. People lived longer through earlier detections of illnesses such as cancer. Kal-El's inventions made him billions and he gave plenty of his earnings back to the people, donating money to worthy charities and education systems all over the world, creating Kryptonian learning tools for children in preschool to college students and adults going back to school, which helped children and adults learn faster than anyone not using Kryptonian learning tools.

Diana's work as Ambassador sent her to all parts of the world where she and Kal-El or another member of the Justice League stopped petty civil wars, talked to country leaders in stopping the violence. In turn, Kal-El shared his science with leaders and uneducated countrymen in poor, remote lands. Many were welcoming to the heroes and wanted to be rid of their country's archaic, barbaric ways while some resisted, even fought Kal-El and Diana but a battle that took years for humans to end, ended in hours for Superman and Wonder Woman.

Now Third World countries were on their way to being modern. If the world changed this much in ten years, Diana wondered how much it will change in twenty.

Taking herself back to the present, Diana rose from her seat and rubbed her aching lower back. It was acting up a lot today. In response to Martha Kent, "You said that when I was pregnant with Van-El and Kairos."

"This time I'm certain. You craved pickles during this pregnancy. You didn't when you were pregnant with the twins."

Diana chuckled. "Not another old wives tale."

"Some of them are farfetched," Martha admitted. "But some are true."

Diana waddled away from Martha. "I'll just wait and see."

"You know Kal-El knows," Martha called after Diana.

"Yes, I do." The sneaky cheater Diana thought with a smile. Diana went over to an adjoining door that lead to Diana's playroom for her boys. They were sitting on the floor listening to the story of Aladdin and his magical lamp being read to them by Jonathan Kent.

Van-El and Kairos both had dark hair like their parents but Kairos had Diana's sea blue eyes and her uplifting spirit while Van-El took after his father with his cerulean blue eyes and at times showed a serious side that came from his father. The twins were also very curious, rambunctious, always full of questions, exuberant spirits and could often get them in trouble if left alone for too long.

Jonathan saw Diana standing in the doorway and closed the book. "I'll finish the rest next time."

The children started to whine but Diana put an end to that. "That's enough of that. Come on, you two. We're leaving to meet Daddy and we have to leave now to catch our train." Kairos and Van-El pleaded with their mother to let Jonathan finish but Diana said, "Now you don't want me to tell your father we were late meeting him because you were whining, do you?"

Van-El and Kairos stopped whining immediately. They knew their father would not approve of them whining about anything. Neither did their mother. Even at the young age of six, they knew they were special and different from other kids and had no reason to whine about not hearing a story when there were other children around the world who had bigger problems.

Diana left the Embassy with her sons. Given how peaceful the world was, Diana and her sons didn't need security though that didn't stop Amazonian Guards from escorting Diana and her sons to her hover car where a driver drove Diana and her sons to the KRT, Kryptonian Rapid Transit, station .

KRT was a high speed bullet train that linked to the largest cities all over the United States. It was compared to Japan's bullet train but the KRT was much faster, traveling to cities such as New York City to Washington, D.C. in forty minutes.

Diana and her sons waited in line to board like everyone else, politely declining offers from patrons who wanted to usher them to the front. She and her sons got more stares than anyone else but they were used to it for it still amazed the people of Earth how Wonder Woman and her sons traveled with the people to show they are just like them and do not consider themselves better than anyone.

Kal-El strolled through the park to his rendezvous spot with Diana and their sons. The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom. People jogged alone or in groups, family took strolls together, people worked to beautify the area. The main difference from ten years ago and now were there were no homeless people in the park. In fact, many parks were without homeless people and the world was on its way to having none at all.

It started eight years ago when Diana, philanthropic leaders, countless social workers and volunteers, and Kal-El's money opened shelters to take homeless people in, provided them with a room, rid them of their vices, which wasn't easy but accomplishable, and educated them so they could get jobs but more importantly, they not get themselves in this position again. Many wanted that chance and were given jobs no one wanted: cleaning up the very place they called home for years-parks, cleaning up cities, removing trash on the roads, in the oceans, erasing graffiti, and eventually, moved up to other positions, getting paid nearly triple minimum wage.

Also they weren't paid in cash or checks for Kal-El and many others felt the homeless might be tempted to go to their vices and spend their hard earned money. Working with the government, Kal-El was able to pay the people using special credit cards that were tapped with each person's fingerprint and all of their personal information including vices. So whenever a card was used to buy a vice, it would be immediately rejected and their falling off the wagon would be reported immediately.

While they were homeless people who welcomed the second chance, there were others who preferred handouts instead of working. Eventually, they saw the only way they were going to get money and jobs was by working. And they did. Even though the program has been successful for years now, it still had it bumps with strong resisters and people who prefer to argue over the control the program had over people instead of the success rate. But their voices were growing smaller and smaller.

Kal-El stopped by a vendor, Marcus, one of the former homeless people in America, and purchased a bottle of water. "Your wife and children just passed by ten minutes ago," Marcus told him.

"They did?" Diana must've taken the KRT. She wouldn't have made it on time even if she drove the hover car.

Marcus went on. "She purchased the boys snow cones. Looks like they were heading towards the feeding pond."

They were. That's where they always met. "Thanks. How's your wife, Camia and your daughter, Delia?"

"Good," the vendor spoke with pride. "Delia will be starting kindergarten next month and she's excited. How are Kairos and Van-El prepping for the new arrival?"

"They are handling it very well," Kal-El took a sip of water from his bottle. "Diana is a week late so the boys are wondering why the baby isn't here yet but other than that they've helped out a lot in getting the room ready."

"So," Marcus smiled, "it is one baby and not twins."

Kal-El chuckled. He held the world's biggest secret. What was Diana carrying? One child or two and was it a boy, girl or both? "Sorry, Marcus, but not even you will know until the time is right. I'll see you later."

Kal-El continued on, passing more people as he went until he arrived at the feeding pond. This pond wasn't a pond that held Earth animals but a pond with small Kryptonian sea animals. After keeping them in his home and growing a strong population, Kal-El let a few fishes and other sea animals be displayed in parks and zoos around the world. All animals put in the zoos and parks were barren putting off any chances of someone trying to mate an Earth and Kryptonian animal that would cause a zoological disaster based on genetics.

Kal-El spotted his wife and sons at the pond. Kairos and Van-El were feeding the fishes in the pond with food the park attendant gave them before leaving the family alone. Diana was watching them from her seat on the park bench. She looked tired. More so than usual. Kal-El scanned Diana and smiled. Kairos and Van-El were going to be big brothers soon.

As usual, it didn't take long for his sons to detect him. After all, they had his ears.

"Daddy!" They chorused and took two big leaps before jumping in Kal-El's arms.

Kal-El gave his sons a strong hug before setting them both on their feet. "Van. Kai. What did you do today?"

Van-El said, "Uncle J'onn gave us our Martian lessons."

Kairos giggled. "We talked in Martian at Mommy's Embassy and no one understood us."

"Except Mommy," Van-El said. He wasn't as enthusiastic as he and his brother were caught confusing the staff. "Grandma and Grandpa came and we helped Grandma make peanut butter cookies-"

Kairos wouldn't let his brother finish. "We built a model of Grandma Hippolyta's home with leggos with Grandpa-"

"And Grandpa read us a story but he didn't finish," Van-El finished.

"Okay," Kal-El chuckled. "Sounds like you two had a busy day." He told his sons. "Keep feeding the fishes while I say hello to your mother."

While the twins went back to the pond, Ka-El looked to his wife who waddled to him. Kal-El pulled Diana into his arms for a kiss. Diana's wide stomach made hugging slightly awkward but Kal-El and Diana managed.

"How did the meeting go?" Diana asked him.

Kal-El bent and kissed Diana's swollen stomach. "Take a guess."

Diana stroked Kal-El's hair as he said hello to their growing child. "That bad?"

Kal-El stood. "Bad for them but not for me. I'm sure they would harm me with kryptonite if they could."

Diana spotted his loosened tie and removed it. She knew how he hated ties. "Good thing you found a cure for that."

Kal-El took her hand and kissed her fingers. He could feel the shiver run through her. Still got that affect on her. "Good thing they don't know I haven't taken the cure. I can however fight off the pains for prolong periods."

"You do have a strong will, indomitable spirit-" Diana flirted.

"And long endurance," Kal-El raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Diana blushed knowing they were talking about something entirely different. "You are a patient and good teacher."

Kal-El kissed her hand slowly moving to her palm and wrist. "You are a bright student and a fast and willing learner."

Diana pulled her hand away. No telling what Kal-El would try to do or her. The last thing she wanted to feel right now was heavily aroused. "We had a lot of fun learning and experimenting."

"We still do." Kal-El put his hand on Diana's stomach. "How else do you think we got this one?"

Diana's blush deepened as she thought of what they were doing to create their third child. "I can't believe I let you talk me into that. I am an Amazon. My will should be stronger."

Kal-El looked to his sons briefly and turned his attention back to Diana. He hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear. "Your will is strong but it's nothing next to a Kryptonian."

Diana smacked Kal-El's hand playfully as it massaged her stomach. "Well, there was that time where we wanted to see who can hold out the longest."

"Yes." That was something Kal-El hoped they not repeat again. "One of your Amazonian training. Abstinence. That is something that should be banned from our marriage."

Diana chuckled. That was a difficult time for them. Both were irritable and cranky but stubborn to give up and let the other be the victor. "If it makes you feel any better, we did crack at the same time."

"And it gave us the boys." Rubbing his hands on Diana's stomach, he asked her, "How do you feel?"

"A little tired. I've been getting pains in my lower back but I think they are false contractions." Diana stopped and narrowed her eyes at her husband as he looked at her. "Why? Do you see something?"

"Ooooh yeah." He kissed Diana. "You are going to give birth soon. In fact, your first contraction is going to start in ten seconds."

"What?" Diana protested. "That can't be. That…." Diana gripped Kal-El's arm and groaned in his chest as she felt the first wave of a strong contraction.

Kal-El held her until the pain subsided. "Do you believe me now?" Diana nodded. Kal-El called out to his sons. "Van-El, Kairos." His sons quickly stopped playing and went to their parents' side. "Your mother is going to give birth."

Kairos looked from his mother to his father. "Now?" From what he knew babies were born in hospitals. Not the park!

Van-El frowned, "Are you sure this time?"

Kal-El laughed and ruffled his son's head. "This time I'm sure. We can take a hover taxi to the Watchtower and transport to Themyscira from there."

"Themyscira?" Diana stopped Kal-El. "We were only going to Themyscira if I was…." she gasped.

"Having a girl?" Kal-El finished for her. "Yes. If Hippolyta misses the birth of her granddaughters, she will skin me alive with one of her magical swords."

"Twin girls?" Diana was in awe for a moment before she punched Kal-El's arm. "You did it again. You let me think I was having one child."

"I wasn't the only one."

Diana followed Kal-El's smile to their sons who smiled mischievously at their mother. "Oh, you three are going to pay. Your sisters and I are going to get you three back good."

Kal-El chuckled as he led his family in the taxi. Never did he imagine when he landed on Earth all those years ago, he would find a wife and be a father to four children. He worried he would be alone but with his family and friends, he knew he would never be alone.

Looking to his family in the cab, Kal-El saw his sons happily chattering away with their mother on the impending arrival of their new sisters and the things they want to do with the new babies. He never loved anymore more than his family and he never will.

Kal-El recalled what Queen Hippolyta told him of their first meeting.

"Sometimes a needless death is needed for significant changes to occur," Hippolyta wisely stated. "Maybe it was a needed sacrifice. You may not know the reasons now but in time, it will become clear."

It wasn't until now that Kal-El understood what Hippolyta meant. If Krypton lived, he never would've met Diana, never had his sons or the daughters that were soon to be born. Earth would still be a violent, polluted planet on the verge of destruction. He never would've made friends with J'onn, another alien who lost his world and was also one of his closest friends who took over as leader of the Justice League in Diana's place when she voluntarily and happily relinquished it to J'onn when she was pregnant.

Kal-El realized he never would've met Batman, Green Lantern and though briefly Wally West Flash and the new Flash named Barry Allen or the rest of the Justice League.

Last but certainly not least, he would not have met the people of Earth.

The people of Earth embraced him more than feared him. They all worked together to change the world for the better. A world once filled with war, hatred, mistrust and violence towards its own people and aliens was now without war, embracing of good aliens, ready to rid itself of its hatred, mistrust and violence towards another and ready to work together and embrace the brave new world ahead of them.

The End

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