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I always loved the Harry Potter novels, but writting a long story is a dauting task. After a month I've been wrtting one shots to get a grasp, and now, I thnik I have what it takes. This is going to be epic, I have a lot of things planned, and I hope you enjoy!!! The pair I think is obvious to you, but there are some trouble along them way. Yeah, love is never easy. Expect a lot of twists and revellations about the motivations between the characters. Adventures, mystery and love, all along the way. The first chapter have no snuff, but the other one will be rated M. Enjoy!!!!!

Update 02/12/2010 - People are complaining that this chapter was badly wrote. I'm planning doing some review at it next week to improve it. I think at chapter three and four my spelling got better. I described more what is happening, so, don't be fooled by the weak first chapter, it's only getting better from here. Enjoy!!

Update 03/13/2010 - Hi again! I made a cover for my's on devian art. The link is: .com/art/The-Wolf-Blood-Lineage-Cover-157174016 . I the future, more cool fanart will be updated!!! Enjoy!!!

The Wolf Blood Lineage

Chapter One: And the Girl Recieves the Heritage

Hermione recieved a letter from an unknown person. It reads:

"Hermione, you are not child of your parents. You are my daughter. Come see me and recieve you magical artifacts, bacause your parents don't want you near me. Your dear mother, Jonesi Ceux Angel du Dehors."

"No, my parents lied all my life to me! I must find the truth." and Hermione grabbed a bundle of clothes and parted from her house. She didn't talk to her fake parents, because they would lie to her. She went to the place where her real mother said she would be. A strange pink house in America, in the Bronx. Hermione knocked the door, and a person welcomed:

"Oh, Hermione, my daughter!! Hug me!!!" and the strange woman hugged Hermione. The woman was very strange, clothed like an unwashed gipsy, but she was not a gipsy, only unwashed.

"Why all this now?" asked Hermione to the gypsy clothed woman.

"Oh dear, come, I tell you everything."

They entered the house, the mother did a tea and told everything.

"You, Hermione, is the descendant of an ancient especies of mecha wolves. Your father impregnated me with his spermathozoa, and he died in a battle of a thousand days agains wizards."

"So, you are a mecha wolf too?"

"No Hermione, only mecha wolves pass their own genetic code. You have the DNA of your father. I was only a surrogate. I carried you in my womb and lactated you with my milk."

"So you are not my mother."

"Yes, I am, but not of a genetical kind. Now Hermione, recieve the power your father wanted you to have..." and Hermione's mother opened a magnificent chest, called "The Chest of Wolf", full of metallic parts, gears and fur. As the powerful chest opened, a light crossed the room and entered the body of Hermione's.

"AAHHHH, it's hurting!!!"

"Don't be afraid, you are recieving the power of Mecha Wolf!!!!" and BRROOOOMMMM, all went white and fumes. Hermione fell on the ground, breathing fast and confused.

"Now my child, you have a new name. You are called by the name your father wanted to you. You now shall be called: Foxylene Siouxsie Angel du Dehors."

"Oh mom, I'm feeling weak."

"Yes Foxylene, you will take a time to accept the new mecha wolf powers. But, to not be unprotected, recieve this weapon your father used to defend himself in the battles of wars." and Jonesi gave a Colt 45 Revolver to Foxylene. "It's a magical revolver. It shoots balls of fiery acid projectiles. You need to recharge everyweek, or it will get useless for the rest of your life." and the mother gave a battery so Foxy can recharge the gun.

"Oh mom, I'm so grateful. But this is a great burden for me to hold."

"No Foxylene, you are prepared. Just be aware of 'false' friends you enconter in your journey. Remember, the wizards killed your father."

Hermione got with eyes covered with deeply tears. She looked down, close her eyes, clench her hand and uttered:

"I will revenge him mother! I promisse!!" and the two hugged one another. Hermione went away and picked a plane to return to England. She was taking with her the strange chest, because her mother said she will need the contents inside. But she must no open before the right time.

After some hours, Foxylene arrives at Hogwarts and her friends are waiting. Harry and Ron hugs her and say:

"Oh Hermione, we are so happy you are here!!!! Come on, lets come in and you tell us the news!"

They walked in the Hogwarts direction talking:

"Oh boys, I changed my name, now I'm called Foxylane!!"

"Foxylane!!" said Ron "that's a wonderful name. Where you got that?"

"My mother gave me."

"That makes sense" said Harry Potter.

As they entered the castle of Hogwarts, boards were annoucing some changes at the school.

"What's this" said Potter reading the advice poster "Hogwarts is under martial law. Dangers are around the place and no student can get out of the premisses of the school anymore. Visits to Hagrid's place are forbidden."

"Hagrid?" asked Foxylene "is he troubled?"

"Not that I know" says Potter. "Let's find out." and they went. Hagrid was reforming his house and some very well endowed girls were helping him with the construction.

"Hi Hagrid!!" said the trio.

"Oh boys, hug me!!"and they hugged him with a lot of friendship.

"Why there's martial law under Hogwarts Hegrid?" asked Hermione.

"Well, don't tell anyone this boys, but there's some rumor that those wicked mecha wolves are lurking around our school. They are vicious bastards, that will rip apart a wizard with no second chances."

Hermione got very freightened. Mecha Wolves? What if they attack me not knowing my real blood lineage? She only listened the rest of Hagrid's talk:

"So, I must say, don't get out of the castle boys. If I need a help from you, I call. Here, take this cell phones, we stay in contact." and Hagrid lend them to the friends.

After this, Hagrid picked a homemade cigarette from his pocket, lighted it and started to smoke:

"Hagrid?" asked Ron very confused "do you smoke now?"

"Oh, this? No, it's only to relax, do you want to smoke a bit?" the half-giant offered the cigar to Ron.

"Hum, why not?" and the red haired boy picked it and inhale a big deal of fumes inside his lungs.

"Cough...cough...cough...whoa, this is insane, I'm feeling dizzy dude!" and Ron started to look the sky and he saw mushrooms and pine threes flying and dancing together like copulating hyenas. Foxylene and Harry smoke some too, and all of them started to look the sky together and feel the rain of marshmallows covering them with rivers of orange juice and ostrich eggs:

"Whoa Hagrid...this one is awesome. Can you give us some to use after the dinner?" asked Harry softie and lazy like a dying sea sponge.

"Ho, fucking no man!!! This shit is expensive, go buy some yourself dude!" and Hagrid went back to the reform in his house with the poorly clothed women.

As the trio went to Hogwarts, Harry decided to get rid of his "delay" and put his hand on Hermione's panties covered vagina.

"What are you doing you prick?!!?!" asked Hermione nervous slapping Harry's fool hand.

"Oh, don't be so selfish girl, I just want what a man deserves..." said Potter very horny and rubbing a bulge on his crotch.

"Fuck you, you snotting piece of shit! If you want to fuck me you'll have to ask my permission!!" and she slapped Harry's face with her powerful hand. Harry fell on the ground.

"You bitch! You gonna pay!!"

"You are so stupid Potter. Insteat of insulting me, ask for my pussy, come on, I'll give you now!!!" said Hermione slapping her vagina with her both hands.

"Oh come on you too!" said Ronny with a lazy and calm voice "gimme a break. I'm having a breeze here and you, fighting over some shitty unshaved two are so immature."

Hermione got angry:

"Unshaved pussy? What do you know about women Ron? You never masturbated in your entire life!!!"

"How do you know you little whore? Do you watch me going to the bathroom?"

"Yes, I watch, what's the problem? I want to see nude boys, but it seens there's no real man in this school. I'm done with you two guys. I'm here, waiting to be fucked, but you just keep discussing about your 'manly' egos. Fuck you!!" and Hermione goes away. Ron and Harry give looks to one another:

"It's all your fault Harry!!! I wanted to fuck her first!!!"

"You are a slow poke guy!!! Suck my dick!!!" and the two friend went separated ways.

Foxylene was very upset, and as she entered Hogwarts Castle, Draco was there:

"So, who I'm seeing now...Hermione, angry and ready to make a mistake." said Draco, provoking her. But he was not expecting wath she was ready to do. Foxylane grabbed Draco's cheeks and gave him a big kiss on the mouth, moisting his lips with her most revengeful desires. Draco was too appaled and did not know what to do, he just stayed there, getting kissed by that beautiful lady.

After some minutes kissing Draco, Foxylane, whom shall be called Foxy by now on, felt a hot and humid liquid on her pants. She looked and...oh my God!!!! Draco pissed in his pants.

"Draco, you are a joke!!!"

"Oh...sorry...I coundn''s are so hot and all...." and Draco got ashamed. He cried a small tear from his eyes. His tummy got all cold and nothnig in the world could spare him from this worseful moment. Foxy got very sad for him, and trying to lighten him up, she said:

"Oh are more manly than those bastards that were my friends. Only real man cry when they kiss their woman." and Draco cleaned the cry and hugged Hermione.

"Oh Foxy, don't never leave me alone....promisse me..."

"I promisse you Draco."

From a distance, Ron saw the scene happening between Draco and Foxy. He clenched his hands and said:

"That Foxy...she will see...she will pay for all she did to me!!!!" and Ron was furious.

First Chapter End