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The Wolf Blood Lineage SEASON TWO! Chapter 15: Agaisnt Oneself

"BURNSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" cries for out louid Foxy, and the hands of the two grisl, Foxylane and Hermioner burns in a light of obssolescentic ardour. "No Hermione, you can't understand, wqe shall not..." but no time to talk. EXPLOSION!

A big black hole opens. It is inside Foxylenas head, and only just because of a high five of satanic proportions.

"Look what youha ve donne!" screams Foxy to Hemrinoen, who look totally went in self judgement.

"A black hole? In my mind?" cries with tear Hermione.

" unleashed the untapped Wolf Blood Powers...we should not had touch our hands! Now, all our body will gonna blow!" trumps with indignity Foxy, very pratronizing and very judgemental of Hermione...but she is right.

As the two girls argue, the Black hole gets moister and bigger, sucking memories of all of Foyx brains, to never return again.

"We most do somethnig!" cries desperatared Hermione, shaking Foxy soft and powerder covered shoulders, spreading a fine fragrance of oily scurvvy mold. Foxy's brand new hair is waving in the air, because of the graabity pulling efects of the black holer. Even thoght the death is near, that pale face of an bronze powder angel is shining in radiance filled lsutful pleasure. So Foxy answers with a calm soft voice:

"Yes, but there is only one thing we can do..."


"We must unity our powers!"

Hermione face melts with disgrace "Unite? Are you madinsane? We are enmies, i shalll kill you, it's not feasible...i will not do it"

"So we die."


And Foxy and Hermione put their hands together, Foxy's left hand amd Hermione'd right right hand. Hermione on the left of Foxy grabs Foxy's Left hand, and so do Foxy to the Right of Hemrione, grabbing Hermionea right hand. So both grabs one eachothers hands.

And they say the magic world:

"Black hole, black hole, get away from our hole!"

The black hole, that is a pure magical being of pure evil hears the enchatment of hope from both girls and comply, because nothing can stand Foxy awesomeness power. Even Hemrinoe bows to Foxy Mecha. So, the balck hole says:

"To the hole the black hole shall no dehole!" and fluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush! The black hole exit Foxy's brain thru her spinal cord. The black hole goes thur the marrow and reaches now the cervix. (author's remember: remember that foxy is inside a casket, inside at plane, in Virgine, because Harry wnet there.) The Black hole the says: "Time to go!" and then...plorshc! He exit thru Foxy's anal feminine hole, causing bowels movements. The fecal matter that acculumulated inside Foxy's bowels get irritated, and plorschs agin! It I s expelled with such strong that it starts to flood the casket! Oh no! If Foxy's don't gett out, she will drown in the middle of her own shit!

The black hole golem laughs at a distance, because he can traverse wall.

"HAHAHAH! Foxy and Hermione are stupid, freed me and now, I will revenge my brother in this planet! AHAHAH!" and he goes away, to plot the destruction of all gumanity.

Inside Foxy's Brain, she argues with Hermione:

"Alright Hermione, you must gety out and open the casket, so wee both not die!"

"No Foxy, you go out! This body is mine!"

"No Hermione!" and Foxy jumps over Hermione and they start a sexy catfight. Blood flies all over the mind and shattered memories of those semantic tardy girls fap to the lustful possiibilities of these sinful acts.

"Stop!" cries Hermione. They stoop and recompose. "The body is mine, so I have it and you go out."

"No, you not! Can you ocntrol Mecha Wolf Powers? No, you go out!"

"Fuck!" and Hermione loses the argument. She is not Mecha Wolf, so she got stupid. But plasns on acquring second inteligence.

Foxy then uses her mehca wolve powers and create a lube tube that she give to Hermione. "Use lube to get out, because shit is solidifying, so you need to soften you passge." and Hermione comply.

Hermione goest hru the spnal cord. When she arrives to the bowel, she feels the bad smell.

"Oh God, oh man! How can I pass thru this sewage of shit and vermin?"

Hermione was without poers, because was inside the body of another, so, the only way to get out is...pass throutgth the dung.

Hermione thhen put her hand on her hair and, with a strnog movement...she pulled a bunch of hair from her head!

"ARRRRGGHH!" and blood flew from her brain. No time to cry, Hermione sit on the ground of the bowel. She looks forward and see the anal exit.

"Okay, let me protect the pussy!" so Hermione make a braid with her hair. Why? Because she need to protectic vagina. Hermione put the hair braid over vagina, and ties the hair with her vaginal hair, so this way, no poo enters the pussy.

"Okay, protected against infection!" and then, she prepartes to take a dip. Obne, two, three!

"Spolorsh!" hermionr dive inside the poo and begins the travel thry the river of pappy hot chocolate inside Foxy's ass. While her arms go in and out of the shit, like a swimmer of professional, it's impossible to impede the intake of the globs of maximum dung. It's is very hard for Hermione to breath, because for every two parcels of shit she swallows, one gag reflex expells vomit back to the fetid bowels.

"A very had voyage indeed." thinks Hermine, remembering the time she studied biology.

Hermione is halfway the bowles, and she starts to give up hope.

"I...can't...too...much...shit..." and Hermione is starting to drown.

Foxylane, that is inside the brain, fells Hermione predicament.

"No! Hermione must'nt' not die!" and she she a pulse to the bowels, a pulse made of hope and heart.

Ermione is dyeing, she is drowning, but the pulse is coming...its coming fast...but Hermione is near the botton, no, she will die!

And fast like the speed of thunder, the pulse of love arrives, enter the bowels, the shit...and find Hermione...dead body floating on the shit. The pulse starts to cry.

Foxy feel what's the end...Hermione is dead...and soon, she will be too...

Chapter 15 end