Title: Just For You

Fandom: Animanga – Saint Seiya

Summary: For the one far away, they wish and want only happiness for him. [Set roughly a year after 'His Duty as a Human'.]

Warning: None, I think?

A/N: Written for Shun's birthday. And reference to Saori's birthday.

Disclaimer: Not. Mine. Happy now?

She opened her eyes as the first light of the dawn touched her eyes. She rubbed her eyes almost languidly before pushes herself from the bed. The purple eyes looked around slowly, before they widened as she remembered the date of the day. Quickly she moved from her bedchamber and quickly prepared herself to face the day.

Athena usually rose from her sleep a bit later than today, but today was a very special day. Her own special day had just passed, and the gift she received for it was still sitting on her personal table.

As she headed out, she stopped by her table and took the oval-shaped gift she received a week ago in her hands. She gave it a poke, smiled as the constellations inside it sparkled before putting it back to its place.

The door closed and the room darkened a bit, but the gift continued to give its sparkles and twinkles. 88 different constellations faded in and out in the palm-sized trinket, giving the impression of a dark night full of bright stars when one looks into it. And five constellations shone the brightest.

She walked down the stairs faster as she noticed her Saints who had been waiting for her. All of them were about to do something special.

Athena, human name Kido Saori, smiled as she thought about the giver of her birthday gift. She had to do something similar for him.

Something that Shun would look at and smiled beautifully as he thought of them.

"My Lord."

Shun turned around to see Aiacos knelt respectfully behind him, and shook his head at that. Months with the Spectre had taught him that nothing would be able to change that behaviour of that particular Judge of his. "What is it, Aiacos?"

"We received a… gift for you," Aiacos said, continuing when he noticed the younger's confusion. "From the Sanctuary."

"Sanctuary?" He did not remember expecting anything from Athena today, or this week for that matter. Did something happen? Or maybe…


"Did you know what the gift about?" The young Lord walked towards the direction the Garuda indicated, and surprisingly, did not lead to the front gate.

It led to his bedroom.

"No. Along with the gift is a letter from Athena herself, asking to not let anyone open it before you. Minos was tempted, but I think it is better for you to open it yourself. Rhadamanthys agrees with me. It's not like they would give you anything dangerous."

Shun smiled at that. It was good to know that his Spectres, the Judges especially, were able to trust Athena and her Saints. His work was paying off.

Shun stepped into his room, and stopped short to stare at the boxed gift on his table. Rhadamanthys and Minos were standing on each side of the table, and he noticed how Minos' hands were twitching to grab the item.

Shun tilted his head in curiousity as he looked at the boxed item. Looking at the Wyvern beside him, he received a nod before reaching out to take the gift and ignored the barely-suppressed flinch for the other Judge. Minos could be so paranoid sometimes.

The box was black in colour, and as he lifted it in his hands, he noticed the opened-letter on the table. Briefly reading it, the young Lord knew it was the letter Aiacos told him about. Even Athena knew how paranoid the Spectres could be.

Then again, even the Saints were like that with her.

Shun lifted the box around, wondering how to open the box. There was no opening anywhere on the box. "How should I open this?" He frowned. Surely Athena was not teasing him.

"Maybe you should try by using your cosmo?" Aiacos suggested after a short silence.

The other three glanced at each other, before re-focusing their attention back to the box.

Shun closed his eyes, putting a small energy into the box. Who knew how much cosmo he would need for this, but he would not risk destroying it. Turned out he did not need to worry about that.

With just a slight focus of his cosmo, the box opened with a bright light, almost blinding them. "Lord Shun!" Minos screamed, hands grabbing almost blindly for his Lord.

But as he opened his eyes, he stood still, mesmerised by what he sees just like the others in the room.

From the box, a show of hologram appeared, making the room appeared to be like a small, closed universe. But instead of filled with planets and galaxies, various names were written in gold and silver, scattering across the dark environment. Small glitters of stars enhanced the atmosphere.

Rhadamanthys looked around them with awe. "Names? Who…"

Shun walked closer to the names, hand raised as if wanting to touch them.

"Milo, June, Nachi, Miho… There are even Julian and Hilde!"

All were the names of whom he had met and known before. He could see his brother, his close friends, and the Gold Saints' names around him. His heart swelled with happiness just looking at them.

"All of them are glowing, as if waiting for something…" Minos said, not sure of what they were supposed to do.

Yes, Shun noticed it as well. And one glows brighter than others…

With gentle hands, he touched the name 'Saori' – he noticed, with amusement, that Athena used her human name rather than usual Athena –, and his eyes widened with amazement as the name glowed brighter and from the glow, moving pictures appear in front of them.

They were Athena's memories of what she experienced with him. All the fun, tears, laughter, pain and happiness they shared together.

Ending the projection was a smiling Goddess who appeared in front of him with a small wave.

"Hi Shun. How are you? First of all, happy birthday! I hope you like this gift. This is the best I can think of giving you, after the beautiful gift you gave me for my birthday. It was simply gorgeous! Anyway, I hope this gift will make you happy and reminds you that you are always important to us, no matter where you are and who you are with.

"For the rest of the names, do what you did with mine, just touch them. And you just have to touch the box with a bit of your cosmo to close it. I hope you have fun, Shun, and you must always remember that we love you. I love you. Happy birthday, our dearest Shun."

With that, Athena's image dimmed slowly, leaving the four looking at the universe-like room again.

Looking at each other, the Judges reached a silent agreement, and slowly left their Lord to look at his gift alone.

The last image that Rhadamanthys saw as he closes the door was Shun smiling with a trail of tears running down his cheek.

Shun was listening to Julian's short rambling in balancing his two lives when someone knocked on his bedroom's door.

He had been spending the last few hours watching and listening to all the people wishing him happy birthday. Some he replayed a couple of times just for the sake of it.

He waited until Julian's image disappears before answering. "Yes?"

"It's me, Aiacos. May I enter, my Lord?"

The guilt suddenly bubbling in his chest as Shun remembered that he practically ignored his Judges. "Of course, come in. I'm sorry for what happened," he said as Aiacos entered his room. He touched the box beside him to close the universe around him, and noticed that the colour of the box had changed into an intricate design of gold, silver, white and black.

"It is nothing, my Lord. It is expected for you to prefer to… appreciate your gift alone."

Shun just smiled. "Thank you. And where—Rhadamanthys, Minos, what are you doing there?" He stood up when he noticed his other two Judges were carrying something in their arms. Aiacos moved aside to let him through.

Shun felt his heart swells again as he looked at the picture in front of him. It was a picture of Andromeda and Hades, standing side by side. Various creatures and people filled the background, each signifying an important people in his life.

"It's… beautiful." The feeling he had at the moment was enough to render him speechless.

Rhadamanthys looked aside, blushing. "It's nothing compared to what Athena gave you, though. But I, we, still hope that you'll—"

He was cut off by a tight hug from his Lord. Shocked, he looked at Aiacos and noticed the same look of surprise on the usually expressionless face.

Shun did not say anything as he let go of the Wyvern and did the same to Minos.

"Do not ever say that," was the only thing Shun said as he smiled brightly at them.

"Let us go to the throne room, my Lord," Minos said, quickly recovering from his stunned surprise. "The others are waiting for you."

He walked past them, wondering how long the Spectres had been waiting for him.

"And my Lord?"

He turned around to look at his Judges, each with a gentle smile.

"Happy birthday, Lord Shun."

A/N: Happy birthday, Shun! This is something that I've planned to write for Shun's birthday. He will be… 37 this year? And don't ask me what Athena did for her gift. Just thinking about it gave me a headache. I just don't want her and the Saints to give Shun a normal present, and well… They are no normal people in the first place. So this came up. Don't expect to see the same thing to appear at the stores.

A/N 2: I'm breaking out of my short hiatus to write this down, especially for Shun's birthday, because I can't do anything else. Just one month left before I can end this hiatus!

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