In celebration of my finally finishing Shiver (and sobbing through the last, oh, 20 pages?), I wrote this little short with Grace and Sam cuteness. :D

There he sat, looking at me with childlike anticipation. He waited impatiently for my opinion on a painting he had just made. "Well?" he asked.

I stared at the colorful canvas. "Well," I echoed. "What is it?"

Sam sighed, but smiled at my lack of artistic knowledge. "It doesn't have to be anything, not really. It's just," he looked at his creation. "It." Together we stared at the canvas, splattered with different pinks and reds. Finally breaking the silence, he added, "But if you must know, it's a heart."

A heart; I saw it then. I understood. "The splatters are like how chaotic and confusing love is, but it can still keep its shape. And at first you don't really recognize it, but when you finally realize, it's so clear. You get it."

Sam's yellow eyes fixed on me, baffled. He mouthed my name in rapture. "Graceā€¦" His long, sturdy arms wrapped around me, his warm breath tickling my ear. "You're just perfect, aren't you?"

I would have protested, but I knew what he meant. Sam of all people knew how flawed I was- how I was too logical, too closed-off, didn't show my emotions enough- the list could go on forever. Yet he loved me all the same. I wasn't perfect, no, but I was perfect for Sam. And in the end, nothing else really mattered to me.