Edward POV

I glanced at my little Renesmee she was glowing with pride. Her long hair was up in a lose bun, she wore a strapless white gown. She was hand and hand with him... my new son- in- law. Jacob Black.

Bella sat on the other side of the table, watching then dance to the music. My Bella's eyes were sparkling under the stars. I closed my eyes and tried to not sob. Renesemee was only really at least 23! I remembered the past.

During Bella's transformation

"Edward" Carlisle patted my shoulder. "Your daughter won't stop crying... Jasper can't even help her, just leave Bella for a while, I promise she won't wake until at least tomorrow"

I gave one last look at Bella and sighed.

I walked slowly down the steps. I could see Rosalie sitting on the couch. I heard a faint cry and then a loud scream. I ran over at vampire speed to her.

"Edward... I tried she won't stop screaming" she said franticly getting up from the couch

I sat were Rosalie was sitting and held my hands out. She put Renesmee in my hands and mouthed sorry and ran outside.

I looked down to my hands. Renesmee. She looked so much like her mother. She had brown chocolate eyes and brownish reddish hair. She stop drying and started to nudge her head into my chest. I heard her sigh and one last tear fall from one of her eyes. I read her thought and began to sob "dada.. Dada.. Love me... Dada keep me save"

End of flash back

I watched Renesmee and Jacob share a kiss as Jacob walk to Bella and dances with her.

"Daddy" my daughter murmured. "Dance with me?"

She knew I couldn't say no. I grab her hands and put them over my neck.

".Renesmee... Even though you're... married I want you to know you're still my little girl." I saw a few tears fall from her eyes. "Ohh daddy" she put her face into my neck and sobbed.

"Shhh" I murmured.

"From the little nudger that I was afraid of to a fine young lady... I love you with all my heart... Bella and I are so pound of you"