With the infamous day of ultimate romance being this weekend, I decided to break my monotonous two-month absence from writing Fanfiction with a short Rin/Len One Shot. Inspired in part by (but obviously different than) the song 'When the First Love Ends,' enjoy. And happy Valentine's Day.


Missed Train

Sounds of train whistles blowing and steel wheels turning filled the chilling air, drowning out the footsteps of countless people waiting to board. But one swift moving set of steps was easily heard; the sound of running throughout the station. A sprinting blond boy flew past observers of the trains and clocks, eyes darting back and forth as he fruitlessly scanned the crowds. He saw the large passenger train begin to lurch to life, and he began to panic. Running along next to the train, he searched the windows in a last, desperate attempt to find her, but when he saw the train start to speed away from him, he knew he was too late. He had missed the train. She was long gone.

Stopping, he tried to catch his breath as his thoughts raced. 'There was so much left to say,' he thought, inner tone of voice filled with regret. 'If only I had one more day… Even just one more hour… I could…' He could feel the tears begin to push out from behind his eyes, but tried to hold them back. Before he could cry from his sorrow, the sound of one step after another echoed from behind him, strangely distinct from the rest of the bustle in the station. When the steps stopped, a voice replaced them. It was soft and familiar. It was Rin.

"My train was delayed…" she said to him as he turned around. "So I had some time to think…" Silent for a moment, they stared into each other's eyes. "…I was scared, Len. That's why I ran away. When you told me how you feel about me, I…" She paused and brushed away a single tear.

"It didn't seem right," Len said, "For a brother to feel that way about his sister…" Their eyes met again after shifting away from contact. "But when it became too much, I had to say something. The pain I'd have to endure to keep it bottled up…" The tears he was trying to hold back broke through, and he looked away again as they streamed down his face. Rin stepped closer to him.

"I thought it was strange too, but… The truth is I've felt the same way for awhile. And now…" She let loose her own torrent of tears. "I just want to be with you!"

They ran towards one another and were both embracing each other's bodies as they shared a long, loving kiss with tears flowing from their eyes. Another train slowly pulled up on the tracks behind them, its whistle hissing as the wind blew the twin's yellow scarves almost perfectly around the two, lightly holding them together as the hours drifted by.