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Spirits of the Worlds:

Kingdom Digimon

Richard's Prologue

(All told from Rich's perspective)

Setting: Radiant Garden, one day ago, my room (use your imagination for this one).

Music: Destati KH2

"Lately, weird dreams have been coming to me during the night. What makes them weird is that fact that they come in sections. Normally they have come in threes. The first one is of the past; this much I know because of the stories I have heard Kairi and Sora tell to other children of Radiant Garden. The second I can't even begin to guess if it is real or not: these show me a man in a black cloak (Organization XIII's) fighting what look to be Heartless and Nobodies, but these are types I have never of heard before. The third is obviously some figment of my imagination that I don't know about: these depict a creature that has the appearance of a fox but can move somewhat like a human. My memory is somewhat foggy about its details but it's one of those things where if you saw it you would know it immediately. All I know is that I won't be seeing that creature anytime in my life. Even Sora said he has never heard of or seen anything like it. I might as well get a little sleep now; these dreams are more intense than many would think. I don't know why but they leave me drained."

-Journal Entry 24

Music: Radiant Garden (BBS)

The next thing I knew my watch was chiming bringing me back to reality.

"Well, that was more reading than I thought I was going to do today." I thought aloud.

Apparently I had wandered to the Dark Depths in a sort of a trance. I had wanted some peace and quiet while I tried to make some sense of what I had written. It was about 4 days ago when these dreams started; strangely around the same time my parents were killed.

"I said I would drop that subject." I said to myself again.

I feel there is no need to bring back up my parent's death right now. It hurt but I've moved on. I was strong with them and I'll continue to be strong without them.

"AAAGGGHHH. WHY does it hurt whenI think of them? My parents taught me to be strong so WHY does it hurt?"

I sat there for about another 10 minutes calming myself, forgetting why I had set the watch to chime that early. The Heartless have started to resort to night attacks outside the city. The watch was set to remind me it was 10 minutes till twilight but I disregarded it. When I remembered what time it was I got up and started to rush home (I lived alone). I had made it about half-way up Ravine Trail when I noticed that it was almost sundown. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by 5 Shadows and a Neo-Shadow.

"Oh, shit." I cursed aloud. "Well, I have no escort from the city, no protection and no help coming. I'm screwed. I wish I wasn't so ignorant!" At this point I closed my eyes and resigned myself to fate. The next few minutes went by like a blur; all I remember was hearing a few quick slashes and then all the Heartless burst into black clouds. I opened my eyes half-expecting to already be struck down. The next thing I saw was the last thing I had ever expected to see: Sora and Kairi standing side by side with Keyblades in hand. Then the tension of the moment caught up with me: I fainted and didn't wake up until late the next day...

Renamon's Prologue

(All told from Renamon's perspective)

Setting: A small hut set on the edge of a forest.

Music: Lazy Afternoons

"Aah!" I woke myself with a start and sat up still weirded by the dreams I just had.

'I'm back home.' I thought realizing that it must have been another dream. "Man, what is with these weird dreams."

Lately all of the dreams I have been having are of some boy fighting against creatures I've never even seen. These dreams are vivid enough for me to know that I was fighting there beside him, some strange weapon in my hands. Last nights dreams were, although I am loathe to admit it, the scariest. We had just defeated a large group of difficult enemies when a distorted face appeared. It looked like the sliver face and red scarf of a Myotismon.

Next thing I knew I was being brought back to reality by my stomach growling. I went out to the kitchen to get something for breakfast, making sure to leave some for my sister. When I realized two things: 1. that we were low on food, and 2. my sister wasn't down for breakfast when it was made. My sister normally shows up in two seconds if it's about food; but she, regardless of her eating can still stay fit. I might as well get some exercise today. I got up from the table walking to my sister's room to let her know that I was going out for awhile, "Sis. Hey, Sis. I'm going out for whi-" I stopped when I noticed a note on her door. The note read:


I've gone out for a few days. I decided to go see Mom and Dad, as well as get a little hunting done. Be back soon.


If I know my sister she could mean 3 different things entirely by hunting:

1. Actual hunting. Or the more likely option:

2. Looking for her dream guy. Or:

3. Doing some combination of 1 and 2.

'Besides she never could stay away from home,' I thought to myself and sighed. I decided since it was the weekend I might as well get out and do something. Eventually I decided on a good run, and I knew just where to go. I ran through the forest by my home for about 15 minutes until I found the place I was looking for. When we had first built this house I was out exploring the woods when I stumbled across a pristine lake and waterfall. It was peaceful and secluded so I doubt many others knew about it. The run was tiring so I decided to go ahead and bathe while I was here, so without slowing down I jumped right into the lake. After about 30 minutes in the water I decided it was about time to start heading back home.

Music: Tension Rising

As soon as I got out of the lake, 3 Silver Renamon appeared from nowhere. I guess they saw a female that they wanted, but luckily I was always prepared for this. I noticed that I was surrounded and that there was also something strange about these Renamon: they didn't speak, and they didn't move like regular Renamon. Then all 3 sprang at me...

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