Shattered Tears

Chapter 1: Fading Memories

Rated T for violence and mild language.

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Police, ambulances and fire trucks surrounded the odd looking home. A crowd had also formed around the area, wanting to know what had happened. Glass from some windows in the house was scattered across the street in front and the large sign attached to the house that said Fenton Works was cracked in several places. The front door was open but was blocked off with yellow tape.

"Let me through!!!" A teen girl, fourteen years old proceeded to kick one of the cops with her large combat boot. The Gothic girl was wearing a black skirt, purple leggings and a black tank top while she had her black hair a bit shorter than shoulder length. She had tears rolling down her face, continuing to scream and yell at everyone who tried to stop her.

Behind the girl was a boy the same age, African American with glasses, a red beret, a long sleeve shirt and green shorts. He also wanted to get through but didn't use as much force as the girl did.

Sam Manson and Tucker Foley were their names. Their best friend Danny lived in Fenton Works.

"Ma'am, you can't-"

"Let me go!!! I have to know if Danny's alright! Where is he!? Where's Danny!?" Nearly hyperventilating, Sam didn't let up on trying to break through.

"Calm down ma'am."

"Like hell! My best friend is in there!" Sam was known for her way of actions, both good and bad. In this case, when she was worried about her friend, nothing else mattered. Sam was being restrained by four cops when she heard another police officer speaking to their captain; it was quiet but she heard it nonetheless.

"Sir, of the whole family none survived. They were dead before we could do anything."

Sam's eyes grew wide with absolute horror; time seemed to freeze right there…that sentence echoed in her head over and over again, "none survived." She fell to her knees, no longer trying to break past the men.

"Ma'am?" The cop asked, all of them looked at her with concern.

Her face paled to an unbelievable white. And without warning, Sam keeled over and vomited. It was then that she broke down in screams and sobs.

Tucker quickly figured out why she acted that way. The sickening truth shot him in the heart so painfully it was like he couldn't breathe.

The crowd quickly caught onto the news as well, the word was spread like a wildfire amongst them.

The Fentons had been murdered.

"Ma'am! Are you alright?"

Tears began to roll down her face. Sam's hands came up to her face, her body trembled unbelievably while she clutched her hair. Her knuckles whitened from the strain in her hands. It was a miracle that her hair wasn't ripped out from the pull.

Face contorting in a pained expression, Sam continued to release a howling cry of agony. A pair of arms quickly wrapped around her body, she didn't have to look up to see that it was Tucker. She could feel his body shaking. Sam leaned into his embrace, and after a moment she released her hold on her hair and wrapped her arms around her friend.


"I know." Tucker forced the words to come out of his mouth, biting down on his lip to the point that it bled, "…I know…"

"Danny…Danny…" The named fell from Sam's tongue in a shuttering cry, "Danny!"


It wasn't until the next day that Sam and Tucker were told that three people were found murdered; and one wasn't found at all. Jack, Maddie and Jazz Fenton had all been killed from being stabbed or shot.

Danny Fenton, the youngest, wasn't found.


It was a huge maze of memories; left – right – forward – back…things were so confusing. What was happening? He reached forward with a half numb, weak as jello arm. He didn't know what he was reaching for, but he wanted to grab something, anything and cling to it tightly. Slowly, the images began to vanish. "Come back." He whispered. The maze disintegrated from existence. What was there before? Why did he want to keep them? It was all gone, everything and everyone…gone…

A teen boy slowly opened his sky blue eyes, the light that previously shown brightly from those eyes was long gone; they seemed cold and dead. The first thing he noticed was the large container he was trapped in. There was enough room to move, but not a whole lot. He was on his back; a strange mask connected to a long tube was on his mouth. He was too weak and somewhat nauseous to move, he just lay there, noticing that he was naked other than a pair of shorts.

The next thing he noticed was the man standing beside the container looking at him. The man was probably in his mid forties, dark brown hair and a strange silver and black outfit.

The teen couldn't quite understand it, but the moment he saw the man, it was like an immediate attachment. Like a baby seeing it's mother, there was an immediate feeling of loyalty.

--5 years later--

It was absolutely silent in the middle of the forest, in an opening was an unexpectedly huge mansion surrounded by a ten-foot wall for protection. Even though it was late at night, not many people inside the place were asleep. Lights coming from the windows showed several different people wandering around.

On top of a tree located behind the wall, squatting on a branch was a dark figure, covered head to toe in black clothes to hide him from being seen. The figure wore a pair of night vision goggles with which he could see everything around him, including the small red beams on the lawn inside of the wall. The person seemed to have nothing on him, but hidden within his clothing was an unlimited number of weapons. Around his neck was a chain with a tag, which read 'Z-3'.

"All clear, master." The one known as Z-3 spoke quietly into the head set that attached to his ear.

"Very well, proceed with caution. Leave no witnesses."

"Understood, master." The figure jumped off of the branch he had been on, falling about 15 feet to the ground where he landed with such grace that it was completely silent. Z-3 ran forward lightly on his toes, somehow managing to avoid all leaves and branches on the ground that might let off a sound. Once he reached the wall, Z-3 seemed to pull two poles out of nowhere; each pole was sharply tipped on one end. He stabbed the wall with one pole at eye level and used it to pull himself up so that he was now standing on that pole. Quickly, he forced the other pole into the wall above him and swung up to that one as well so that he was now at the top.

Although he most likely couldn't be seen at all, he still had to be cautious. Z-3 leapt from the wall to the grass, immediately dropping down to his belly. With his goggles he could see the red beams located criss-cross horizontally to the ground about a foot high. Rather than spending time playing hop-scotch with the lasers, he began to crawl along the grass using his elbows and legs to move swiftly past. This is too easy. He thought to himself, but quickly threw that thought away, he couldn't let himself think that it was too easy and be caught off guard, this was a mission and he had to treat it like one!

It took less than a minute to get to the mansion. Z-3 went right up to the house's wall and sat with his back to it, looking left and right for any guards or cameras. Once he was positive that there were none around him, he stood up and walked to the corner, peeking around the corner briefly and saw that there were two men standing outside the side door.

Each has a 46D gun at their side so they only have 3 shots. One is wearing a headset, most likely to contact for more backup. Both have a thin bullet vest under their jacket, their legs and head don't seem to be protected.

Z-3 reached down to his leg and pulled out two combat knives, holding them tightly in each hand. Take out the one with the headset first so no one else shows up. Complete task in less than two seconds before either of them can let off a round and give away my position. He knew that he wouldn't be able to sneak up because the door had a light above it so a black figure like him would stand out easily.

He threw the night-vision goggles away, they would be of no use now; and darted out from behind the wall, running forward with incredible speed. Z-3 came up alongside the first man with the headset, bringing the knife up faster than eyes could follow and thrust the weapon into the side of the man's neck, cutting off his airway completely, but that's not the only reason the man died. Z-3, while he held the knife in the man's neck used his other arm to push the dead man behind him and pulled the knife out.

The remaining guard reached to his side for his gun but didn't have a chance to grab it because two knives came up on both sides of his neck, cutting deep into his flesh. Z-3 nearly took the guy's head off but didn't care; it was necessary to keep the guy from yelling. If he had stabbed the guy in the stomach, he might have a spare moment to scream with agony.

Z-3 didn't waste time there; he quickly examined the door to see if any security was on it. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He flicked the knives in his hands in a quick attempt to clean them.

He opened the door the tiniest bit, noticing that there was a light in the room as well as a camera nearby. Destroying a camera would definitely be reported to someone who was keeping watch. Z-3 sheathed one of the knives back into his leg pocket, and while opening the door just wide enough he launched the knife directly toward the light. With a large spark, the light shattered. "I'm in." Z-3 whispered to the head set before he went inside.


A small girl, only eight years old sat by her window staring at the stars while clutching her favorite teddy bear. Her light brown hair was still slightly damp from her bath earlier. She wore a pair of pink pajamas and blue fuzzy slippers that matched her eyes. For some reason she was unable to fall asleep, she wanted to call out to her mom or dad but she knew that her dad was in a meeting and her mom was probably asleep.

Her head suddenly shot up with alertness when she heard a loud noise and her door opened.


Z-3 ran through the hallways with ease, at this point he knew that it didn't matter that the cameras saw him, now that he was officially in the mansion he had the upper hand. Guards ran toward him from one end of the hallway, immediately firing rounds of bullets in his direction.

He saw the bullets coming and dove downward avoiding 6 of the bullets, and rolled back into a sprint. However, 7 bullets had been shot. Z-3 knew that if he were one on one he could avoid any bullet by watching where they were aiming and determining the best place to avoid, but seven people were attacking him so it was different. One of the bullets grazed his shoulder lightly, it was shallow and Z-3 knew that it wasn't lodged inside of him so he thought nothing of it.

From about twenty feet away, he threw two knives at the men. One hit a guy in the chest and the other hit a guy in the shoulder. Z-3 quickly closed the distance between them before either of the men knew that they had been hit, he grabbed both knives and pulled them out. In the blink of an eye, he spun around, bringing his heel up and striking another man in the jaw. With the momentum from hitting that guy with his leg, he dove to the ground as another bullet was shot.

If Z-3 had remained standing he would've been hit, but he ducked and therefore the bullet went past him and into one of the guard's comrades. Four down. The one closest to him that had shot another was reloading his gun as quickly as he could. Z-3, still holding his precious knives, jumped from his ground position up toward the man, the blade struck him under his jaw, coming up through his mouth before being pulled back. Five down.

They might not be dead yet, but Z-3 knew the human body all too well and had aimed for parts of the body that would heavily damage them to the point that it was either instant death or possibly a slow death, either way it was impossible for them to survive.

The two remaining guys had taken the time to load their guns again and were aiming toward the intruder. "Don't move!"

Such a pointless threat. Z-3 kicked upward, striking the man's hand that caused the gun to fly into the air. The man was soon on the floor with a gaping knife wound in his chest. Z-3 caught the gun before it hit the ground and fired at the last guy, hitting him between the eyes.


"What is going on out there!?" A large man with short black hair and a mustache barked at the man who had interrupted the meeting.

"Sir, there is an intruder! We need to escort everyone out of here immediately." One of his guards quickly said.

Everyone in the room was sitting at a table with the large man at the end, obviously the one who was holding the meeting. "You can't be serious!" He barked. "One intruder? Get rid of him!"

"Boss, we're trying to hold him off but-" The guard went silent and fell forward without another sound.

The people in the room gasped, and a few of them even started to get up.

"You move you die." A stern, dark voice snarled at them. The intruder, in all black, stepped into the room, holding a gun up to eye level. The room went silent and nobody dared move. Z-3 looked at the end of the table with the boss, "you are Cameron Felix, I assume?"

"Who wants to know?" The boss known as Felix replied, trying to act tough but was obviously frightened of this man. His eyes narrowed, "wait, that gun…"

The gun that Z-3 held was not like other guns, it was unique and hand made by some of the best weapon makers in the world, one of a kind. However on the side of it was an odd symbol that Z-3 knew was an ancient language writing that spelled the name of the original creator of their organization.

"It's Zanar!?"

"Correct." Z-3 replied.

"What do you want!?"

"I require nothing from you. I just follow orders." Z-3 loaded the gun, making everyone in the room flinch. "Time of death, 12:42" Bang! Even from all the way across the room, it was a direct hit to the forehead. Kill any and all witnesses. Z-3 looked at all the people around the table, putting away his gun and pulling out hit knives once more. The gun is only used for direct orders. My target was Cameron Felix, therefore I used a bullet on him. All the other ones here will have to die another way. He had several weapons, but knives were the only ones necessary in this case.


The young girl turned to the door being opened and saw her mother hurry in. "Mommy?"

"Kate, hurry! We need to leave now!" The woman, still in her nightgown ran up to her daughter. She had her light brown hair pulled up into a ponytail, the same colour hair as her daughter. She tried not to sound panicked.

"What's wrong, mommy?"

"Don't worry, let's go." She gasped when she heard noise from the hallway and quickly grabbed her daughter's wrist, pushing her down to the ground by her bed, "never mind, get under the bed, and don't make a sound!" She gave her daughter a quick kiss on the forehead before running out of the room into the hallway.

"Mommy?" Kate silently said but obeyed the order.

A gun shot rang through the hallway, the young girl gasped with horror. She still held tightly to her teddy bear, biting her lip with fear. She didn't know what the loud sound was, but she was suddenly really afraid. "Mommy!" She screamed, getting out from under the bed, "I'm scared!" She ran out of her room to find her mother.

Kate went into the hallway and saw her mother on the floor.


Kate turned around, seeing a man in front of her and a gun was pointed at her. "Who…who're you?" Her heart was pounding in her chest. She was terrified.

Target: Cameron Felix, Mary Felix and Katelyn Felix.

The gun fired.

Kate's arms fell limp at her side, the loud bang still ringing in her ears. She fell backward, crashing to the floor, dead before she hit the ground. Her teddy bear fell to the ground lightly beside her.

Z-3 lowered his gun and turned away from the dead mother and daughter. "Mission complete."


A large green blob with eyes hovered ten feet above the ground, flying down the street and glancing back constantly with fear.

"Goin' somewhere?"

The blob looked over to its right and saw the one he had been trying to get away from. It let out a wail and tried to fly faster.

The girl, 19 years old wore a full body outfit, equipped endlessly with gadgets and weapons. A helmet covered her face and hid her hair from view. The entire outfit was red and black. She was currently in the air riding on a strange board which was shaped almost like a V, it had rockets to keep her going fast.

The ghost turned to the left and saw another person, nearly identical to the one on his right except for the fact that her entire outfit was black instead of red. The blob panicked and made a dive downward, both people on hover boards followed after him.

"Val, you got him?" The one wearing black asked, she didn't have to yell or anything because she wore something on her ear which carried her voice over to the one wearing red. The name of the object was called the Fenton Phones.

"Yeah, I got him." The girl replied. She held her wrist up to her face so that she could get a better view and quickly clicked a button, which sent a pink net shooting out from the front of her V board.

The green blob wasn't able to dodge the net and was soon wrapped up and unable to fly.

Both girls descended to the ground beside the ghost. The one in the red pulled off her helmet, her long wavy black hair fell behind her back. She was dark and had green eyes. "Nice job." She smiled. The girl was known as Valerie Gray, as well as the Red Huntress.

The girl in black also pulled off her helmet and shook her head to get rid of the helmet hair. Sam Manson smiled back at Valerie, "psh, that was lame. He didn't even put up a fight! Plus, I think this helmet is too small! It's hard to breathe in there!"

Valerie chuckled. "Hey, Tuck?"

Over the headset, Tucker replied, "yeah?"

"We're done here."

"Already?" Tucker asked.

"How're things over there?"

"Good as ever."

"We'll be back in about ten minutes. We have to haul this dude back with us."

The two girls arrived back at Fenton Works ten minutes later where they brought the annoying blob down to the basement. Tucker was sitting in his usual spot, monitoring things with computers.

Sam opened up the Ghost Portal and tossed the ghost blob inside before closing it again. "That was a complete waste of time!"

"Who cares?" Valerie began pulling weapons out from her pockets and putting them on the tables. "As long as there's a pay check to back it up, it doesn't matter."

"Whatever." Sam yawned, "I'm tired, I'll head up to bed." She nodded goodnight to her friends and left the basement, arriving in the living room before going up the next set of stairs. She walked down the short hallway to the room that had "Danny Fenton" written on the door. The three of them had moved into Fenton Works after they graduated from Casper High and used it as their 'headquarters'.

Everything that had been in the Fenton's house was not moved at all. Sam stayed in Danny's room, his astronaut posters still hung up on the wall, his Dumpty Humpty CD's still piled in the corner, the bed had the same sheets and his clothes were still there. Sam had brought a dresser with clothes but made sure not to move anything from its original place.

Sam lied down on the bed. Even though it had been five years, Sam could still smell Danny's scent on his pillow, it was just barely there…but nonetheless, it was there…

-5 Years Previous-

The fourteen year old boy was looking at magazines and listening to music, being a normal teenager. He wasn't, however, expecting something like this to happen. He jumped with surprise when he heard something smash from downstairs. Normal teenagers would run downstairs and expect to find a broken vase or a broken plate. This boy, known as Danny, had a horrible feeling in his gut, like a twisting knot wrapping up painfully.

Danny left his music on, immediately standing up having been lying down on his bed. He quickly made his way out of his room, being very careful to be quiet. Once he reached the stairs, he wanted so badly to call out and ask if everything was alright. So why couldn't he speak? His throat tightened. What was happening? Finally, "Mom? Dad?" He called.

Carefully stepping down one stair at a time. Having not heard a reply, Danny quickened his pace. Did they not hear him? "Mom? Dad? Jazz? Where are you?" He finally reached the bottom of the stairs, looking back and forth for any sign of an intruder. "Where are you guys-" The teen looked over toward the kitchen, narrowing his eyes a bit.

His heart sped up when he realized what he saw. A red smear across the kitchen floor. The teen ran toward the kitchen. He could hardly hear anything over the sound of his heart and breathing. "Oh god!" He fell to his knees. "Mom! Mom! Wake up!" He dropped down to his mother's side. He pressed his head down to her chest to listen for a heartbeat. "Damn it! Mom! Answer me!" He let out an ear-piercing wail of horror and disbelief.

Danny bit his lip until it bled painfully, "Dad!" He gasped, looking around for any sign of his other family members. The boy couldn't bring himself to leave his mother's side. But…he wanted to make sure the rest of his family was alright. Quickly coming up with a solution, Danny forced his body to duplicate into another form exactly like his own. The duplicate took off at a sprint, checking all parts of the house.

The one in the kitchen noticed that it was not a ghost who had attacked, first off he would've sensed a ghost, and second…this was a gun wound. He knew there was nothing he could do… Wheezing with shock and horror, Danny began muttering to himself, "oh god. What do I do? What do I do? Mom. Wake up. Please wake up. You can't die! Who did this? How did they get in without me noticing? Damn it!"

The duplicate was able to find his other two family members, they were both in the lab down in their basement. Both of them had the same gun wound…and neither of them were breathing. Danny slowly stood up, stepping away from his mother. The duplicate vanished from sight as the teen began to glow a dark green colour, his eyes blazing dangerously and things around him began to freeze with ice. "Show yourself!!!" Danny screamed at the top of his lungs, nearly releasing a ghostly wail in the process. He couldn't even stand up straight, his head was spinning so fast and his stomach was turning inside out. Danny walked out of the kitchen, into the living room, stumbling all the way.

"I'll kill you! Whoever you are! Get out here!!" Tears streamed down his face, his body convulsing uncontrollably. Breaking down in sobs, Danny lost his balance and dropped to his hands and knees.

A pair of boots came into view, Danny blinked a few times before it registered in his brain that someone was in front of him.

"So, you're the one they call Danny Phantom?"

Danny's eyes trailed upward to see the person's face. He never got to see their face, before he could, he heard a loud bang ringing in his ears. His eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground. The only thing he could think of was how he had failed to protect his family, the burden of that thought weighed down on his chest, crushing him, suffocating him. "I'm sorry." He said, knowing that they wouldn't be able to hear him.

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