It's Their Turn Now

By Robbi Derrick

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own Horton Hears a Who. That wondrous joy belongs to Dr. Seuss and his widow; Audrey Geisel as well as Blue Sky Studios. All canon characters belong to them as well. The only this that I own is my plot and my own characters.

"Ouch…" was the one word that came out of Jojo's mouth that December morning. His back had cracked once again. "You think a who would get used to this at 75 years of age…" Yes, today was Jojo's 75th birthday "Oh joy…" he thought sarcastically. He sat up in bed and reflected on a few things, something he did for the past 20 birthdays he had. He had never thought he would be here as an old man. Well, he knew EVENTUALLY he would be old just like anyone. Yet it was still kind of unreal. He had no complaints he had done and seen a lot in his lifetime so far.

"Knock" He got up and went down to the front door to see who it was. It had been many years since Jojo had left his childhood home. He now had a wonderful home made possible by his career as a professional musician. Yes, he was glad he did not have to succeed his father as mayor. That responsibility was passed on to the second born Haley Mcdodd. Quite a few of his 96 sisters had gone on to do and achieve many wonderful things. Hooley was a very successful actress, Holly was a famous artist and art professor, and Hilda was a prodigious business woman. All of the Mcdodd children were now middle aged more or less. The exceptions of course were Hedi and the other youngest ones. Jojo finally reached the door. (The stairs were a little difficult with his cane) As soon as he opened the door a little fur ball of color flew at him. "Oh!"

"Hi grandpa Jojo!" said a little voice. He looked down and saw his youngest grand daughter, Katie Mcdodd.

"Hello Kate" he said with a warm smile. "What brings you here this fine morning?"

"Don't be silly grandpa! It's your birthday remember?"

Jojo gave a slight chuckle and said, "Unfortunately"

"Everybody's gonna come over later isn't that right daddy?"

"That's right Kitty" Said a strong voice.

Jojo looked up to see the face of his son, David. "Hi dad. How are you feeling?"

He smiled at his son and replied, "Old. And yourself?"

"Great thanks."

"Well come on in you two, I'll have something ready for breakfast soon." The other two whos nodded and went to the dining room. Jojo remained at the foyer and reflected on a few things. "I can't believe I've lived long enough to see my granddaughter turn ten." he thought with a smile. Now that he thought of his grandchild, he remembered his late wife. They never technically married, Mandy and himself, yet he had loved her all the same. Together they had a child, a son named David who was now 31. Sadly Mandy had passed away soon after David was born. Both Jojo and his best friend Nox had suffered the same tragedy. Now that he thought on it, he had not seen Nox in several years and wondered how that guy was doing. He had somewhat lost touch with quite a few of the people he used to know. A few he knew had passed away already. Among the dearly departed were; His father Ned, His mother Sally, and his older family members. His band mates he had lost contact with a very long time ago after their farewell tour.

"Hey grandpa? Are u ok?" Jojo snapped out of his thoughts and smiled sheepishly at Katie.

"Yeah sorry sweetie, I was just thinking."

"Well ok, then." And with that she retreated to the dining room.

"I need to get breakfast started anyway." Thought Jojo and he left for the kitchen to make some scrambled eggs.

Later that afternoon, more family and friends had come over to celebrate Jojo's Birthday. Among them were; His 96 sisters, Chelsea his oldest granddaughter, Charlie Whobaker his neighbor and David's wife Ariel. Some of Chelsea's friends from school had also come because they thought Jojo was a sweet old man. School officials had also come because he had donated a decent bit of munny to the school in the past. Although Jojo cherished their company, he missed his band mates and Nox the most and wanted to see them again. The party was getting somewhat livelier now that 120+ whos were involved. The music that his granddaughters and their friends where playing was upbeat and fun. He could still hear every note and enjoy music beyond words even at his age.

It was now the evening and ridiculously large cake was set on the table. Jojo laughed when he saw there were actually 75 candles on it.

"Come on make a wish dad!" David joyfully said to his father. Jojo thought that over for a bit before he came up with one.

"I wish that… I might see Nox and the band at least once more before I pass away..." And with that, he inhaled as much air as his lungs could hold and blew out every last candle.

___Author's Note:_____

Yes, Who money is called "Munny" XD. Unfortunately, by Jojo's 75 years of age all of his older family members have passed on. This Fic is To put my Obsession of HHAW to rest. It might be a 2 or 3 shot. I hope you like it. (If anyone ends up reading this… Being that it's been 2 years since the movie came out.)