This story is Mature and will have yaoi/slash/shonen-ai, whatever you want to call it…there will be men loving each other, foul language, and sexual situations.

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Author's Note

I finally finished another chapter for you guys. It took me forever but I got it done. I know it's a bit short, but it's better than nothing right?

Chapter 8

Spock stood by the bed and gave Jim a thoughtful look. Jim knew that look…it always led to questions. He wasn't sure if he was willing to answer any of them at the moment.

"Jim. What did my father wish to speak to you about?"

"Um…I'm not really sure that I should talk about it right now."

"We should not keep secrets from each other."

"Really Spock? Maybe you should take your own advice on that one."

"I am unsure as to what you are speaking of."

"Don't even try it Spock. You've been keeping a big secret from me. A secret your dad told me…apparently he expected me to already know this tidbit of information. He told me what the term 'Thy'la' means among Vulcans…he told me that the human equivalent would be soul mates. Why the hell didn't you tell me that? Did you not think that maybe that would be important for me to know before meeting your dad? Damn it…he shouldn't have had to explain that to me."

Spock could tell that Jim would not easily calm down out of his agitated state. He grabbed Jim and pulled him, struggling in his anger, towards him. The struggle was useless due to Spock's superior strength, but Jim was still angry. Spock wrapped Jim in a hug and received numerous hits against his chest as Jim tried to make the Vulcan let go of him. Spock obviously refused to do so.

"Jim, you must listen to me. I kept that information from you for a reason. I did not want you to feel obligated to be with me…to feel as though you were forced into anything. I was…afraid…that you might feel trapped. I wanted you to grow closer to me on your own before I told you anything."

Jim had stopped fighting about halfway through…by the end he was nearly in tears and felt like an ass. He knew he had reason to be angry, but after Spock said that he just couldn't stay mad. He jumped when Bones suddenly burst into the room, muttering something about his 'Jim-sense' going off.

"I'm fine Bones…I'm not injured or anything. Spock and I had a little disagreement and I was angry…we're good now…promise."

"Hey Leo…I knew you had come here…I can't find the antibiotic hypos. Can you help me find them?"

Jim blinked at nurse Chapel.

"Oh…sorry to just barge in like this Captain."

"Not a problem. So…Leo…Why don't you go help her find those evil hypos since I am clearly not injured?"

Bones glared at Jim.

"Whatever you're plotting you can just forget it."

"I'm not plotting…now go do what they pay you for."

Bone grumbled as he left and Jim smirked up at Spock. Spock gave Jim a raised eyebrow.

"What is that look for? Those two like each other…didn't you see Bones blush when she spoke to him? Oh…I need to see if Uhura might be willing to help me with a little matchmaking."

"Perhaps you should simply…let nature take it's course…I believe that is the phrase?"

"Yes that is the phrase. Bones is too stubborn…he'd never go for it even if he did notice anything…which is unlikely on it's own. I gonna talk to Uhura soon…but not right now. Hey Spock…do you think we can go planet-side again tomorrow…before we have to leave for…the evil place?"

"I would…enjoy that. Perhaps you would enjoy seeing some of the activities I participated in as a child?"

"I'd love to see how little Spock spent his time. Speaking of 'Little Spock'…"

Jim glanced down and laughed lightly at the little growl the Vulcan gave him. The possessive kiss that followed that growl left him gasping for air. He gently pulled the unresisting Vulcan to the bed…determined to enjoy his time off to the fullest.

The Next Day…

"I can't believe the two of you spent all of last night and most of this morning having sex! I'm amazed you can even stand Jim, let alone look so smug…get that grin off your face before I hypo you."

Jim just kept grinning, Spock was mentally beating the hell out of the urge to blush. Bones grabbed Jim by the ear, intent on dragging him to the medical bay, but froze at the growl coming from Spock's direction. He quickly released Jim who went over to Spock and nuzzled his cheek into the Vulcan's chest. This seemed to snap him out of the possessive mode he had entered.

"Relax Spock. You know Bones isn't gonna hurt me. He's just determined to do a med-scan to make sure I'm not injured or anything…which I'm not…I'm perfectly fine…actually I'm better than fine…I feel awesome right now…like I could take on the whole Klingon armada by myself and…"

"That's enough Jim…stand still while I scan you. Everything looks normal, you're turn Mr. uncooperative, growly, pointy-eared, hobgoblin."

Spock raised an eyebrow at the doctor as he scanned him. Jim had to literally bite his tongue to keep from laughing at the two of them. He did laugh when they started trading ever more creative insults. He took that opportunity to sneak away from the two of them and found Uhura and Nurse Chapel talking near the Med-bay and joined the conversation. It was about 30 minutes later that Spock and Bones found them there.

"…I agree with the Captain Christine. You should go for it. You only live once. The two of us will help you in any way we can…right Captain?"


"Maybe you guys are right. Thanks for your help. I'm gonna get back to inventory now. Later."

"Bye." "See-ya"

"What the hell was that all about Jim?"

Bones waited until Christine had entered the Med-bay before rounding on Jim. Jim just laughed and shook his head as Uhura went into 'distract the Doctor' mode. Jim looked at Spock and nearly laughed at the raised eyebrow.

"Don't worry about it Spock. Let's go down to the planet now ok? I really want to see more of it before we have to leave for good."

Spock nodded his agreement and the two headed for the Transport room.