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Stockholm Syndrome – Chapter 1 – Primal Instincts


Today was like all of the other days of my boring self induced purgatory of high school existence. I had to sift through the pathetic mental drabbling of the horny teenage boys and through the jealous and menacing thoughts of the status quo of the girls. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that they would have made good vampires for their vengeful thoughts alone.

All of that changed though when the new girl arrived. I heard her name mentioned over a thousand times before lunch and even had to attempt to block out the very unoriginal pornographic thought of several of the guys.

I took my usual seat in the cafeteria with my prop tray of food. We each had one, my siblings and I. Emmett picked at his pile of mashed potatoes and I was waiting for him to say 'this means something.' Rose and Alice had diet sodas and apples. And Jasper and I had just grabbed rolls and meats. None of us would be eating the wretched food but we had to keep up appearances.

My attention was diverted from the massacring of my roll by none other than Jessica Stanley. I was getting tired of her pathetic fantasies of her and I. Several of them made me wish I could commit suicide.

She was explaining us to the new girl, Isabella, I mean Bella, Swan. I loved her explanation of how none of the girls here were good enough for me. It wasn't that, well, actually it was. They were just plain and insignificant children. I was the almighty vampire who didn't want to be bothered by the likes of them.

Sure, I could have any of them, any day of the week but why bother. I had my pick of the vampiric flavors. I hadn't met one yet, with the exception of my immediate family, that hadn't wanted me. Hell, some of the guys even tried but that shit didn't float my boat. I still remember my month long vacation in Denali with the sisters. They were a whole lot of fun. And, after being with the numerous durable vampires, why would I want to hold back for a fragile little human like Jessica Stanley. God only knows what she was carrying around and I didn't want firsthand knowledge if vampires were immune to shit like that.

"Yo Eddie! See something you like?" Emmett said as he threw Rosalie's uneaten apple at my head.

I caught it easily and spun around to glare at him. I had apparently been preoccupied with the newest child at Forks High.

"Do not call me that!" I spat at my brother. He just laughed.

"Relax bro! Got your panties in a wad or something? I thought I told you not to borrow Rose's thongs. Now get it out of your ass and relax!" Emmett shot back at me causing Rose to smack him and Alice and Jasper to snicker. I even cringed at the mental image Alice had of me in Rose's French lacy lingerie. I was pretty hideous.

"Alice! That is so not right!" I said to her making her laugh even harder.

I had to block her out when the image changed to me doing a strip tease in said lingerie. I had to divert their attention and I knew just the way.

"Oh Rose? Emmett has a new porn collection that you don't know about. Check the loose floor board beside the bed."

"Dude!" Emmett said to me in a low tone.

"Emmett!" Rose shouted and half the cafeteria looked in our direction, including her.

My eyes locked with Bella's and I was lost in her chocolate brown orbs. They were so full of wonder but I couldn't hear anything from her mind. It pissed me off and I stood up pushing my chair backwards until it hit the wall. Oops!

I stalked out of the cafeteria and towards the area between buildings 3 and 4. I needed a smoke. Sure, vampires didn't need to smoke but I liked it and would never have to worry about the negative effects. Plus, I knew I would never get caught because I could hear anyone coming.

The bell rang as I stubbed out my Marlboro Red and I sauntered through the halls to Biology. I took my typical seat beside no one. I liked it this way. I was lost in my own thoughts for the time being but was snapped out of it by the force of a wrecking ball hitting me.

The scent that surrounded me felt like a volcano erupting down my throat. It burned with the fury of a thousand hells. I looked up to see the cause and saw her, Bella Swan. She turned to walk down the aisle and took the seat next to me. I cringed away from her. She smelled too damn good. I wanted her, right then, and I didn't care that I would have to massacre a class full of insignificant juveniles. They were collateral damage and I would enjoy cleaning them up as long as I got to taste her.

I balled up my fists and held my breath, mentally picturing the millions of ways I could lure her to her demise. But, I had to make sure that Carlisle and the rest of the family would be safe, that they would still remain inconspicuous. So, I decided to bide my time. I knew I had to think this one out carefully. For god sakes, she was the daughter of a cop. I had to be careful with this one, make her appear to disappear.

The plan started to form in my mind at that instant. I went from cocky vampire to the world's deadliest predator. I started to think of the way that I would take her, drain her, NO! I had to stop, Alice would see. I would be damned if that meddling little pixie of a vampire would stop me. Who would she think she was? She had no say in what I did. I would have to wait. Make her, them, all of them, think that I was just going for a hunt. It would be easy. And, I would be hunting, her, but hunting still.

The bell rang snapping me from my plans and I rushed from the room. I had to clear my thoughts about her. I couldn't let this child ruin my existence. I could forget her, ignore her, and make her one of them, those juveniles that filled the hallways around me.

I rounded a corner and walked into Alice. She had a worried look on her face.

"Edward? Are you ok?" she asked in a small voice.

"Yes!" I seethed through my teeth. Damn omnipotent pixie!

"Ok, because I was getting worried there. Do you want to go talk to Carlisle? I could go with you," Alice suggested.

"Alice, Carlisle is the last person I want to talk to right now," I said with a sigh. "I just need to go, need to clear my mind, need to hunt. Here are the keys; I will see you at home later."

She took them without pause and I was gone in a flash, out the doors and running for the trees. Within a minute I came across a stray deer and drained it dry, burying the carcass and moving on. Still, the blood did little for me after she had impacted me with her scent. It was driving me crazy, tearing at the shreds of sanity that I had left.

I ran for several hours clearing my mind. Running always did that to me. I came across other animals but turned my nose up to them. They smelled wretched compared to that girl. Nothing could taste as sweet as I imagined she did. Without even thinking about it I circled through the forests taking the long way home but heading back through Forks in the process.

I was brought to my knees by that tormenting scent again. It was pure torture and I relished it. I took in gulps of needless air just to taste her scent. Without even realizing, my feet had brought me to a small two-story house and there she was, lying in the back yard, asleep on a blanket.

I paused for a second to listen to my surroundings. I could hear neighbors discussing insignificant things dinner and T.V. I heard cars passing on the roads. But, I never heard anything from inside that house. She was home alone. This was my chance, my perfect opportunity. I would have her. I would take her and drain her. And Alice would be too late. She could never arrive in time to stop me, to save this pathetic human.

At this point, I didn't care about being tainted by human blood. I just wanted the searing burn to stop. There was only one cure, her. She would die today. My decision made, the hunter descended upon its prey.

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