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Name: Stephanie Stokes
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Family: Nick Stokes, siblings, mother, father
City: OKC
Job: Homicide detective
Rank: Lieutenant
Specialty: Ballistics, explosives, fingerprints
Appearance: She somewhat resembles her brother, Nick, except she's the opposite sex. She has long brown hair, bright bluish-green eyes; she is short with long legs. She mainly wears green with blue jeans.
Personality: She has a fiery personality; she barely ever gets angry unless she is cornered. She is easily stressed but chooses not to show it. She rarely cries but usually only cries whenever something awful happens to her family or when whole families are murdered. There is some sexual tension between her and Michael Brown.
Early Life: She was born in Norman (but moved around, of course) and has lived in Oklahoma most of her life after she moved out of her parents home. Not much is known about her or the rest of her family (except Nick, since he's well known character). She has a good relationship with her parents like Nick as well. Her father is a judge and her mother is a lawyer. She is the middle child out of seven children. She used to be a cheerleader when she lived in Austin for a while. She was molested by a babysitter and hates doing investigations with children.
Trivia: She is partial to ornithology. Her favourite birds are the parrots, crows and kingfishers. She also has a pet cockatiel named Nymph.

Chapter 1: Stephanie's POV

Third person's POV

"I'm going to kill you, you bitch," the perpetrator, whose name is not known, aimed a gun at the victim: Robin Alders. She screamed to try to escape the man. However, no one could hear her and it's not as if anyone even cared at all. He grabbed a stuffed animal and shot her three times in the chest. He dropped the gun and ran off.

Little did he know…? She had somehow lived… and she was taken to the hospital…

Stephanie's POV

It had been a long, tedious and hard day. It was Monday. I hated Mondays: it mean I had to get up, get to work and leave my cockatiel (and my baby) Nymph by himself. I'm thinking about bringing his cage to my office here. I knew no one would care. I was exhausted. We had picked the bare bones of this crime scene about a dozen times. There was no signs of forced entry (we concluded that it was possibly someone she knew) and there was barely any evidence. No fingerprints, only the victim's blood, no dirt, no dust, no skin… hang on… "Hang on, what's this," I carefully and slowly picked up what looked like a pubic hair from the floor. "Pubic hair 1:00 o'clock," I grinned.

"You think she was raped?" Amerigo, the Italian, asked nicely. I tolerate him more than I tolerate Michael, to be honest…

"Mm… rape, my specialty," Michael, the weird ass Chicagoan, said sarcastically. I growled at him.

"I doubt it. We lose them all them all the time and we don't even realise it," I replied. "However, it might be possible. The person in the hospital is currently in a coma so we can't have any consent until she wakes up. In the mean time, let's just please try to solve this…" The two nodded. As I was about to get up, I spotted something weird underneath a table. It looked sticky and yellow. "Paint… yellow paint…"

"Hmm?" Michael turned around and eyed me. He was staring… at my ass.

"Michael… I know you're staring at my ass…," I grumbled. "Anyway, I think I found some yellow paint…," I carefully took a small swab and put it into a collection tube. "Let's get this to Jari…," I turned around and stood up.

"Stephanie… I figured out what it is," Jari walked up to me and patted me on the shoulder.

"So… what is it?" I looked up him and furrowed my brow. His face relaxed but his eyes widened.

"It's car paint… used to paint cars," he replied.

"Whoa!" I almost fell out of my chair. "But how in the world is that possible?" Michael walked in.

"Steph, I just figured out why there was car paint in her house. Well, her ex-boyfriend used to paint cars as a living and it's possible he still does. We just need to find out where though."

"Find him," I eyed Michael.

"Yes boss… I-I will…," he ran off. He was scared of me and I knew it. I was the boss and I ruled over everyone (well, not literally). He hates it when I get angry – he hides in a locker or the bathroom. I don't care too much for him but really, I'm starting to love him… I think he's an interesting guy. I just wish there was a way for me to cool off. I wish there was a way… to show him my love. I wish he wasn't a pervert and I wish he didn't stare at my chest and arse.

"Oh Michael… I love you… I-I just wish there was a way to show it…," I thought. "Phew…," I sighed. "It's really hot in here…," I had to turn on a fan.

"Steph… I would have to agree with you…," Jari sighed. "I'm still not used to this weather, how do you handle it?"

"I've lived here almost all of my life… and you're a newbie, I keep meaning to ask you where you're from."

"I'm from Finland but I just came here for vacation and I got hooked to this place. It's really nice here."

"Jari thank you, I take that as a compliment. How'd you like to go out for coffee?" I smiled brightly, just for the hell of it.

"Yeah…. I'd love to," he smiled back. I was starting to like this guy, too.

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