A/N: I found out Nick Stokes parents' names: Bill and Jillian.

Name: Michael Brown

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Family: Brother, mother, father

City: OKC

Job: CSI, night shift detective

Rank: Detective first grade (he is just one rank below Stephanie)

Specialty: DNA, toxicology, ballistics

Appearance: Michael is short, lean but well muscled. He was short, dirty blonde with brown streaks. He mostly wears black and green. His eyes are a bright green.

Personality: He is a bit of a pervert, making odd remarks at the wrong time. Like Stephanie, he hates cases involving little children. There is some sexual tension between her and him.

Early life: He was born in Chicago, Illinois. He only lived their briefly, so he doesn't remember. He moved to Warr Acres and has lived there since. He is of middle class. His family treated him fairly. He loves his parents and brother and will do anything to protect them.

Trivia: He is slightly OCD. He loves it when folders and other stuff are in order, presumably numerical or alphabetic.

Chapter 2: Michael's POV

I saw Steph leaving with Jari. I wasn't sure what the two were up to when they left so suddenly. I thought the two were going to do something intimate. I decided to ignore it and not do anything about it. It wasn't my business anyway. I sighed and pushed a few buttons. I had figured out where the victim's boyfriend lived. He lived in The Village, which wasn't too far from our crime lab. I picked up my cell phone and dialled for Steph. "Hey Steph, I found out the where the boyfriend lives. He lives in 1203 NW 50th street, Warr Acres. His name is Harry Davis; you go it?"

"Yes, I got it. Jari and I will be there in 25 minutes," she replied.

"I'll be there in 30 if you need backup. I have to finish some work and I'll be there soon."

"All right Michael, see you later. Bye-bye," she hung up. I slowly closed my phone and sighed. I got back to my paperwork but I watched the clock. The Village was only about five miles away from our lab. I got about six pages of work done. I was satisfied and decided to leave.

"Stephanie?" I called as I walked up to the house. "Jari; are you guys even here?" I looked around. I saw blood all over the floor. "Stephanie, Jari!" I screamed. "W-where are you?! Why is there blood on the floor?!" I desperately searched everywhere I could. The blood trail led to the kitchen where I found Stephanie and Jari unconscious but it looked as if Harry had killed himself. I was wrong. I had my back facing him and he lunged at me. I was somehow able to ram him into a kitchen cabinet. With all of my strength, I slammed him against the floor and held onto his arms tightly while I slapped some handcuffs on him. "You have a right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand?" He weakly nodded. "I'm charging you with assault/battery and attempted murder of three crime scene investigators." He grunted and started to bleed from his stomach. "Huh?"

Oh, crap… he must have accidentally stabbed himself before I got here… and I made it bleed again. I looked around at Jari and Steph; their hands were covered in blood. It had hit me. The two were most likely trying to stop the bleeding and they were scared of blood, hence why they had fainted. I gulped. This was my fault… I had accidentally made this person bleed again. I wanted to scream out in anger. "N-no…. No… this is my fault… h-he's going to die because of me!" The two were beginning to wake up. "W-what have I done…?"

"W-what's going on again…?" I looked over to see Stephanie's mouth gaping.

"I-I don't know… I fainted," Jari replied blankly. The two rubbed their eyes and looked at me.

"Oh shit," all three of us said in unison.

We all knew he was going to die if we didn't act quick. We had to be brave for him.