Plink. Skitter.

Plink. Skitter.

Plink. Skitter.

Bobby's ice blue eyes watched as another offending piece of snack food went sliding across the desk in front of him. He was attempting to do his homework at his desk, in the room he shared with John. Key word was 'attempting', when the second mentioned mutant decided throwing gold fish crackers on Bobby's desk was more fun. All his concentration was directed on the multi colored crackers that were now making their home on his desk top.

"Do you mind?" Bobby asked, looking over at the other male.

"What? I'm not doing anything," And to prove his point, he popped a few of the gold fish in his mouth.

"Sure, then how did all these gold fish get on my desk?"

"How should I know," He blinked, trying to look innocent. He was sitting Indian style in the middle of his bed.

"Hmm lets see, maybe you threw them?"

"Not me," Bobby rolled his eye's and turned back to his work.

Plink. Skitter.

"JOHN," Bobby growled.


"You know very well what," Bobby looked at him.

"Nope, no clue," He smiled.

Bobby sighed, once again turned to his homework.

Plink. Skitter.

"That's it," Bobby hit his hands on the desk, and stood up walking over to the end of John's bed.

"Oh big bad Bobby, I'm shaking," He laughed.

"You should be,"

"Oh," John raised an eyebrow. "And what are you gonna do"

"This," And Bobby took the bag of gold fish and pounced on him. He straddled John's hips as he leaned over him.

John's eyes were wide as Bobby roughly moved his hands up and by the head bored, keeping them there, and he leaned down a bit.

"B-bobby, what-cha doing?" He asked, gulping as Bobby leaned his face close to him.

John's heart quickened along with his heart, as Bobby's lips were five inches away.



John's eyes slipped shut as he felt Bobby's cool breath on his lips. He could almost feel Bobby's lips on his own, when suddenly, Bobby was off of him.

His eyes snapped open and looked up at Bobby standing next to his bed smiling. Confused John tried to sit up and couldn't, he looked up at his hands and around each wrist was a thick round off ice holding him to the head bored.

"Oh you prick," John growled.

Bobby laughed, and headed back to his desk, and got back to work on his work.

"Wait your just gonna leave me here?" He almost yelled.

"Yep, at least until I'm done," He smirked, a very pyro-ish smirk.

"I hate you," He growled, still trying to wiggle out of the bonds, not really getting anywhere.

"That's only because you thought I was going to kiss you," The smirk still there. "And are disappointed I didn't"

A blush spread across John's face. "Eww why would I wanna kiss you?"

"Because you think I'm hott, in a physical sense"

"Psh, No"

"You're a very noisy dreamer, Pyro"

John couldn't say anything, just lay there in silence, a blush burning up his face.

Once Bobby was done he closed his books and went back over and the same position he had previously been in.

"It's ok, hot head, I have those kind of dreams about you too," And he pressed his lips to John's. John squeaked but didn't protest.

They had quite a lot of fun that night, those ice hand cuffs coming in very handy.


I'm not really sure where this came from, I was just sitting there one day and was like Hey this is something they would do.

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