Title: Life Preserver

Summary: Dean takes home a parting gift from a hunt gone bad. Namely, a nasty cold.

A/N- Um, I haven't had a cold in awhile and this is what it felt like. However, I thought it would be more fun to project it onto Dean.

Plus I always wanted to try one of these 100 word thingies.

He's drowning.

Slowly… painfully.

First in the icy depths of the river, now in the motel.

He's drowning.

In his own snot.

He sniffs, trying for precious oxygen, but receiving only more coughing for his troubles.

This is it.

The end.

Years of battling ghosts and monsters and creatures that hide in the dark, and he's going to be taken out by mucus.


A worried voice. Something cool on his forehead.

"Needa... lifepresrvr ...Smmy...," he mutters.

"Dean, there's no more water. You're safe."

"Drowinin'… can't…." *Sniffle* "…Can't breathe."

A box of tissues appears in his too-warm hand.

"You're okay."