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Chapter One
Time of Death

Shiloh County Park (outside Shiloh County Hospital), South Dakota
August 5, 2006

Paige's book was on the grass, forgotten, mouth hanging open in shock as she stared up in mingled shock and horror at the man who had haunted her thoughts – literally – for the better part of a year. Her hands were shaking so hard she couldn't even curl them into fists, mind refusing to believe what her eyes were telling her was standing right in front of her.

"Am I dead?" she whispered hoarsely.

Chris' lips tilted into a faint smile, worry fogging his eyes as he looked down at her. He wanted to hug her, but sensed she wasn't quite over the shock of him being alive yet. There was disbelief in her eyes, so he slowly shook his head that no, she was not dead.

"Then am I dreaming?"

"No, Paige," he said gently, reaching out to take one of her shaking hands in his.

Paige stared down at her hand, some of the shock intensifying when she realized his flesh was warm, solid, and very, very real against her own. Her heartbeat was suddenly thundering in her chest as she stared up at him, throat going vice-tight as tears started to pour down her face. She was moving before she could stop herself and threw her arms around his neck, laughing and sobbing in earnest while her entire body started to shake.

"Hey, baby girl," Chris murmured into her ear as he hugged her tightly, doing his best not to choke in her near-stranglehold. He dropped his cheek to her shoulder and held on for all it was worth, hardly daring himself to believe he was standing here. "I put you in shock, didn't I?" he murmured against her hair, letting his own tears of joy fall. It seemed forever that they stayed like that, while she struggled to pull herself together. Hell, he was having much of the same problem. A year of silence and frustration, and now he could see and touch and talk, and it was all very new to him again.

Tears blurred her vision, tears that she frantically wiped away to see his face better. Same Chris – same smile, same eyes, same everything. She put a shaking hand on his cheek, searching his gaze for any clues. "How did this happen? How are you here? I…we buried you, Chris," she said brokenly.

"It's a long story," he said gently, pulling her into another tight hug.

"How?" Paige repeated, burrowing her face into his chest. She suddenly felt like she was eight years old again, tripping up stairs only to be held reassuringly in that warm brotherly embrace. A part of her was scarcely daring to believe this was true, but he was as warm and strong as she remembered, and he smelled the same.

Chris pulled back, all serious now. "I can't tell you," he said honestly. "All I can say is there are powers in this world we can hardly imagine, Paige. And for whatever reason, they want me here. With you, with Dean, with our family. I don't know why, and I do know there is some ulterior motive – there always is with, uh, people like this – but for the life of me, I have no idea what that could possibly be."

Paige stared at him, blinking the tears from her eyes. "I don't understand," she said, sniffing and wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. "I don't understand any of this. This doesn't feel real."

"It is," he assured her, dropping a soft kiss to her forehead. "I was never really dead. My body was, but I wasn't. I was…taken…from Hell and placed in a sort of not-world. Meaning, I wasn't dead, but I wasn't exactly alive, either. I was sort of…suspended…I suppose you could say. I could see and hear this world, but I couldn't communicate with the people within it. At least, I couldn't until I practiced."

The shock faded as the gears in Paige's brain started to turn in her head, trying to fit all the pieces of this massive puzzle together. Chris had been resurrected (pinch me I must be dreaming, she added silently), for what purpose, she didn't know. It sounded insane, but in the life of a hunter, literally anything was possible. He wasn't a demon, and he was alive, and honestly, the whole thing wasn't that farfetched, anyway. She'd seen far stranger in her hunting career. There were thousands of resurrection stories, probably the most famous being Jesus.

"Was it…heaven?" Paige whispered, eyes going wide. In all her years, and the years of her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before her, there had never been a report of an actual, living angel before. Not ever. As far as they could tell, angels hadn't walked the earth for centuries. If they even existed at all. That still remained to be determined. Though, if there were demons, real honest-to-Satan demons, then by default, there sort of had to be angles, right? That was the logical conclusion.

Chris shook his head. "Not completely," he hedged, releasing a slow breath. "All I can tell you is that what dad always told us was true. If there is a Hell, by default, there must be a Heaven. Even if that heaven is exact opposite of what we've been led to believe."