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Chappie 4


The first thing Elena became aware of when she awoke was that her head felt like a thousand tiny men with hammers were trying to chisel their way out of her skull. Her stomach heaved and she swallowed back the bile that rose in her throat. "Ugh—Oh God, my head," she whimpered softly. The second thing she realized was that she couldn't seem to open her eyes, the third and most damning was the fact that she was naked and a deliciously hard body was curled around hers, spooning her. She finally managed to get her eyes opened, but the hammers in her skull intensified and she snapped her eyes closed again with a groan. "Where am I?" she croaked.

The hand on her belly moved upward, cupping her naked breast and Elena gasped, but she was in no condition to squirm away—plus it felt so…good. "Good morning sleepy head," Damon purred into her ear, snuggling closer to her.

Hearing that sinfully sated voice in her ear caused her heart to lodge in her throat. Oh no! Elena froze and her eyes popped open as the night before came rushing back in lurid detail. A Technicolor vision of debauchery and her face flamed as image upon image of naked, hot and oh so sweaty sex with Damon began to flash through her head. The things he'd done to her...She swallowed thickly, oh God, the things she'd done to him…her face heated. It made her night with Stefan seem like a bowl of plain vanilla ice-cream in comparison to the extravagant, delicious hot fudge sundae of delights Damon had shown her the previous night. Her face burned even hotter and her stomach churned with anxiety.

"Oh God," she whispered, squeezing her eyes closed as if that would make the memories go away. What made matters worse was the knowledge that the sex had been beyond good—it had been spectacular and Elena wanted to cry—what had she done? But even as she wished the visions away, an equal part of her wanted to do each and everything they'd done last night all over again.

Damon leaned up on one elbow and brushed the hair out of her face. "Are we having the morning after oh no's?" He grinned. "Come on--it's not like I'm 'Coyote-Ugly' material--no need to chew your arm off to get away, Elena...all you have to do is tell me you didn't enjoy it as much as I did," he said, a challenging glint in his amazing aquamarine eyes.

Elena opened one eye and glared up at him. "I was drunk—you took advantage of me!" she accused, not sure if she was trying to convince him or herself.

He made a *tsking* sound, and chortled, "Now that, Elena, is a blatant lie—you were the one all over me. You were the one who tried to get me drunk so you could have your way with me." He grinned. "Well, at least half of your plan worked—you did use my body shamelessly last night...and now I'm exhausted," he taunted, flopping back on the bed with a long drawn out sigh.

Elena sat up abruptly and immediately regretted it as her head exploded with a dull roar of pain. Her hands went to her temples again and she whimpered softly, closing her eyes against the agonizing light that made her head pound even worse. "Can you get over yourself? I didn't plan on taking advantage of you, Damon, and you know it!" she muttered as she tried to rub away some of the misery she was experiencing. "I was drunk—it happened and now can we just…forget it ever happened!"

He propped a pillow behind his back and sat up. The sheet rode dangerously low on his hips, exposing his well muscled belly and navel. His eyes bugged as she flipped her hair over her shoulder, exposing the back of her neck. He leaned forward and suddenly laughed. "Oh shit!" he said chuckling.

Her head spun. "What?" Elena asked, glancing back at him over her shoulder.

He shook his head, still smirking. "It's just...that the forgetting thing might be easier if you weren't sporting a tattoo that said Damon in a flaming heart on the back of your neck lover," he chimed in sounding far too pleased as he said that.

Elena shot up like a bolt of lighting, her mouth gaping like a fish out of water. She choked and her hand went to her chest as if she were having a heart attack. "A what?!" she shouted.

Ignoring her outburst, he leaned forward; a decadent look of satisfaction suffused his far too handsome face. "You're wearing my brand..." he whispered, winking at her. "And I have to say--it looks good on you, lover"

She was stunned--shocked, but beyond her will her eyes were drawn to that delicious line of hair--his 'treasure-trail' that led from his belly button to that magnificent--she closed her eyes and willed away the memories of how large and hard he was--how good he was too much, her belly clenched and the dull throb was back--strong as ever. "Oh God--stop," she said, prayer-like. But then he turned and reached for something on the nightstand and she got a good view of his back. Her jaw dropped, before she burst into laughter. he turned to look at her, raising a brow and she grinned."Oh, I'm wearing your brand, huh?"

He felt a tingle at his shoulder blade and reached behind--sure enough the skin was raised and welted. "Oh fuck," he said. "What does it say?"

Elena smirked. "It has a heart with wings and in the middle is my name," she said, grinning from ear to ear. "Elena..." she sing-songed. "Oh my God--we got tattoos last night?"

"Obviously!" Damon growled as he flopped back on the bed in a huff. "I knew I should have stopped after that last shot!"

Again Elena'sd eyes were drawn to his magnificent body. His belly was like finely chiseled stone. Hard and rigid and that line of was such a turn on, she wanted to run her tongue along it. She must have made a sound of lust because his eyes shot open and he stared at--through her.

She was totally open to him. "You say no, but your eyes--your body--they say something different. You have my love bites all over you...You want me. You want my tongue, my mouth--my cock...look at how you're ogling want me. You're practically begging for it right now," he stated, raking his eyes over her naked chest and belly.

With a gasp Elena realized she was totally exposed to him and quickly lay back down and drew the covers up over her head. "Pig!" she snapped, but her words were muffled by the blanket covering her face.

He pulled the cover away from her face. "Come on now, Elena. No hiding... Where's the girl who took what she wanted last night?" He winked and wriggled his brows at her. "She was hot!" He chuckled at the embarrassed, wide eyed look of rage that crossed her features.

She wantred to slap that smug little smile right off his face. "Oh! You-you—arrgh! You're such an ass!" she growled and tried to yank the covers back up over her head, but he refused to let go of the blanket—which made her even madder. She gripped the cover in both hands and pulled, "Let go," she huffed. "Now, Damon!"

He shook his head. "No," he said with a taunting smile. "Make me," he challenged.

She yanked the covers as hard as she could and Damon gave in, allowing her to pull both the blankets and him on top of her. She gasped when she felt his hard, muscular body roll on top of hers and she gasped again when she realized he was as naked as she was.

"Oh God" she panted when she felt the hard flesh of his penis nudge her woman's core. It felt so good--it was terrifying. "No!" she said and tried to squirm away.

He held her under him, pinned by his superior weight. Leaning up on his elbows, he brushed her tangled hair out of her face. "Elena,' he said chidingly, "if you wanted me on top—all you had to do was ask, sweetness." His voice was teasing as he gazed down at her surprised, angry face, but to Elena, it was waving a red flag in front of a bull--it seriously pissed her off.

"Get off!" she growled, blowing out a frustrated breath as she tried to buck him off her, but failed.

Damon realized she looked mad enough to try and do him great bodily injury, so he switched gears abruptly, and became cajoling—teasing. "Stop—I was kidding. Trying to get you to lighten up." He sighed and ran his knuckles along her cheek. "You don't have to hide from me. I see you for who you are and you have too much fire to be in a safe and stable relationship. You and I both know you want more than that—don't we?" he asked, raising a brow.

Her fury deflated like a punctured hot air balloon and Elena turned away. His eyes knew her too well now. "I—" She swallowed. "I'll manage to forget."

He moved his hand under the covers and Elena made a small sound of surprised pleasure when his palm slid up her thigh to rest on the curve of her hip. "No you won't. You'll write about it in that little journal of yours and fantasize about me when you're alone in your righteous little bed." Elena clenched her eyes tightly shut again and tried to roll away, but he held her still. "It'll be my face, my hands, my lips you'll be thinking of as you slide your hand between your legs to ease the ache I've started…" he said softly, moving his fingers gently across her belly and down between her thighs. "You want me, Elena, but are you brave enough without the booze in you to take what you want?" he taunted her.

He was playing games and suddenly angry, Elena sat up and shoved him backwards. He fell back, laughing as she straddled him, grabbed his wrists and held both his arms pinned above his head. Of course, he could easily escape if he wanted, but he was far more intrigued to see what she would do with—to him.

Elena's embarrassment faded in the face of her anger and she held him there. He was smirking at her as if daring her to do her worst. "I'm not afraid of you, Damon," she growled.

"Of course you're not. Why should you be? I'd never hurt you," he told her seriously.

Her anger evaporated as quickly as it flared and she realized she was sitting on top of him naked. "Oh brother," she said, but when she let go of his arms and made a move to get off him, he grabbed her hips, keeping her where she was. Elena sighed. It's not like he was seeing something he hadn't seen—touched…

She bit her lip and looked away from his hauntingly beautiful eyes. "It's just—last night…you know it can't ever happen again. I was mad at Stefan and things…happened. It was a mistake…"

Elena swallowod back her pain as she snuck a peek at his face. Her mouth dropped and she was surprised to see a brief flash of vulnerability cross his handsome face. Oh God, she was hurting him! She blinked and the look was gone as quick as it appeared. Had she imagined it? No, she knew what she'd seen--her words had hurt him and that could be bad. Damon let so few people close to him—and now she was hurting him--he could react in several different ways--and she didn't kid herself, some of those could be very ugly. Worrying her bottom lip until it bled, Elena's stomach churned with guilt and sorrow. She hated seeing that look on his face. Why was she starting to feel like she was kicking a puppy? Granted a puppy with sharp teeth that not only could, but did bite, but still—why was she starting to feel like she was making a huge mistake. Maybe it was seeing that softness in his eyes or experiencing his total and complete possession of her.

Whatever it was, things had changed between them. She'd never be able to look at him again without knowing how good it felt to be in his arms. She nearly groaned out loud as she realized where her thoughts were taking her. Stop thinking that, she told herself and looked away from him—he was just too beautiful, the longer she stared at him, the more she wanted one more taste…"I'm sorry," she said softly.

As he listened to her little speech, his brows drew down sharply and his eyes blazed and it was all he could do to resist the urge to toss her on the bed and tear her throat out. He'd thought she was different. Then she whispered her soft little apology and he pushed aside his hurt feelings and studied her—really studied her. Her breathing was becoming erratic—her nipples hardened. A slow smile spread across his face. She was lying. He could smell her arousal and to prove his point he bucked his hips underneath her, laughing softly when she gasped and her eyes flew back to his face. "Are you sure?" he asked, grinning like the cat about to eat the little canary.

His cold mask of indifference was back and in a way she was glad, that made forgetting this ever happened easier. She glared and quickly climbed off him. He was never going to let her live this down, but then she'd known that and yet she'd done it anyhow. She scrambled across the bed, wrapping the sheet around her as her eyes darted around the large room searching for her clothes. "Yes, I'm sure. I told you I was mad at Stefan," she muttered, sitting on the edge of the bed, clutching the sheet to her breast as if that thin barrier was a suit of armor that would protect her from his appeal. "He lied to me and—"

He came to kneel behind her and slid his hands along her naked shoulders. "And you paid him back by having sex with me all night?" he whispered into her ear. He made a scoffing sound and the puff of breath along the shell of her ear sent visible shivers along her body. He took notice and kissed the side of her neck. "Come on, Elena, even I know you wouldn't do that. You're not the vindictive type. Drunk or not, you feel something for me," he said gripping her chin and forcing her gaze around to meet his. "You just don't want to admit it because Stefan is safer."

She couldn't look into those crystalline eyes and lie anymore. It seemed he saw right to her soul—it was scary how well Damon seemed to know her—understand her. She pulled her head away and looked down at the floor as if she were studying her toes intently. "Don't Damon. Just let this go—you know it can't end well…" she said softly.

His hands continued to rub her shoulders and down her arms. "Who says it has to end at all," he purred and tilted her head up so she had to look at him again. "Tell me to stop, Elena…" he murmured. Her eyes locked on his mouth. His lips quirked in a satisfied smirk right before he kissed her.

Elena sighed softly as his mouth settled over hers. His lips were heavenly and she couldn't resist tasting them again. His tongue entwined and mated with hers and her belly clenched as raw, hot lust pooled there, bringing back the throbbing ache to feel him inside her again. He slid his palms down her chest, un-tucked her protective sheet and pulled it from her body. It pooled around her waist and Damon's hands cupped her naked breasts, squeezing them gently. His thumbs flicked her nipples before lightly pulling on them, forcing a response from her. Elena sucked in a sharp breath as a maelstrom of emotions struck her from all sides.

Hot-primal lust raged, but guilt was there too. It hovered just above her consciousness, niggling at her. She hadn't officially broken things off with Stefan, so technically she was cheating on him and this time she couldn't use being drunk as an excuse. She tried to find the strength to pull away, but her body was humming. He'd awoken something inside her last night that was as ravenous as a starving dog and Elena's guilt just wasn't strong enough to fight the desperate hunger she was feeling. So when Damon pulled her back against his chest, she went unresisting. At her surrender a deep purr rumbled in his chest and he took possession of her mouth with a dominance that made Elena's toes curl in pleasure. It was too good and with a whimpering moan, she gave in and kissed him back just as demandingly.

"You know you want this as much as I do," he panted against her mouth as he pulled her back to kneel on the bed in front of him. His erection butted against the small of her back, leaving a slick trail of pre-cum as his hands moved down her flat belly to cup her mound. Elena's eyes clenched shut as his fingers slid through her curls and she shuddered with the anticipation of him touching her 'hot-spot'. When he reached his goal and his thumb pressed against her clit, she gasped and arched back against his chest. He slipped two fingers inside her, pausing to allow her to adjust to the intrusion, before he added another and moved them in and out of her with practiced ease. "Open your legs for me," he demanded roughly, his own breathing ragged and uneven.

"OH God—Damon!" she cried softly and did as he ordered. He rewarded her by replacing his fingers with his cock. She groaned deeply as he pushed inside her while pressing his thumb against her clit hard. Elena gave a short, joyous shout as he wrapped his arm around her belly, keeping her on her knees as he thrust inside her deeply. His purr sent shivers up her spine and she shuddered in his arms. "I'm going to fuck you to heaven and back, baby," he grunted in her ear as he pulled out, then thrust back in hard and fast.

"Oh God," she moaned again as he moved inside her in a deep, but easy rhythm, quickly bringing her right to the edge of oblivion.

"Come for me, Elena," he whispered wetly into her ear, using his tongue on the delicate shell before nipping gently at the lobe. He tweaked her clit just as he pumped his hips upwards; hitting that spot inside her sheath that set her off. With a loud, keening cry, Elena exploded. Her body stiffened and she reached behind her to wrap her arms around his neck, writhing against him as she climaxed.

Damon purred softly as she came around his cock. She was his—fuck Stefan, this time the girl really did belong with him. He gave her a few moments to recover before he pulled out and flipped her onto her back. "I want to see you face when I come inside you," he said wickedly, licking his lips as he opened her thighs wide. His aquamarine eyes sparkled with demonic pleasure and he licked his lips. "So pink and pretty—swollen from my cock…"

Elena's face flamed with color and she ducked her head, but he soothed her with kisses. "Don't ever hide from me, Elena—you're beautiful," he whispered as he positioned himself between her legs.

He pressed forward. "Yes!" she gasped as the blunt tip of his penis nudged the pouty lips of her labia, demanding entrance. She gripped his shoulders tightly, nails digging into his flesh as he pushed inside. He paused, allowing only the head of his penis in and Elena lifted her hips in a silent plea for more. "Damon! Please…" she whined, raking her nails down his back.

He thrust a bit deeper, weighing her response. They'd had hours of sex—she could be too sore for another hard round, but she disproved that by bucking her hips, obviously wanting more. He smiled, pleased, and pushed a bit further, but not all the way. She dug her nails into the taut muscles of his ass and tried to pull him in deeper. He resisted, wincing as she scratched him. "Ouch, now those are scratches I'd have a hard time explaining, kitten,"

She couldn't help the smile that drew her lips upward, but her body had other things in mind and restlessly she wriggled under him, trying to get him to move. "Damon, please…" she whined, needing him.

"Not until you admit you want me," he said in a sing-song voice, leisurely moving his hips in shallow thrusts, giving her just enough to make her frustrated and desperate. Mutinously Elena glared up at him and remained silent. He thrust deeper and she gasped and arched her back in pleasure, but just as quickly he withdrew again. It was becoming difficult to maintain his control. "Tell me," he demanded roughly, needing her acquiesce before they went any further.

Aching and beyond frustrated, Elena's eyes shot daggers at him, but she was prcticlly willing to confess to shooting Kennedy at this point. "God you're like a dog with a bone! Do we really have to have a heart to heart right now?"

He forced his own lust back. "Now Elena, don't get in a snit. I just need to know you want this as much as I do. That way when the proverbial—'you know what'—hits the fan, we know where we stand."

She couldn't believe he was asking her this while inside her—ready to have sex. "God, Damon! Don't be an ass--I want you--I'm here aren't I?" she snapped, wrapping her thighs around his hips, again trying to pull him deeper.

He resisted her pull. "Unh-unh-uh. Not so fast kitten. That snippy little retort wasn't satisfying.'re not drunk, so I want an answer. You want this because you want me…" He lifted a brow, "right?"

Elena's eyes flared, but she was past the point of caring. She was willing to lie and tell him where Jimmy Hoffa was buried too... "Yes! I want you—satisfied?"

His beautiful eyes glittered with triumph as he grabbed her ankles and spread her legs in a wide V. He smiled down at her, his eyes going to where they were joined so intimately. A low purr rumbled in his belly—she was his. "Not yet, but I will be," he said and thrust all the way in. Both their cries bounced off the walls as set a fast and furious pace that had them both coming in a matter of minutes.

It wasn't until a long while later that Elena had the coherence of mind to realize what she'd said. Oh God. She'd admitted she wanted him—him—Damon and not Stefan. She'd officially crossed the line. Now what the hell was she going to do, she wondered…


They'd been driving in silence for hours and after several attempts to draw her into some kind of conversation Damon's jaw tightened in anger at her attitude. "I told you I wasn't going to tell your precious Stefan what happened last night—and this morning," he couldn't resist adding, "so why the silent treatment?" he gritted out.

She sighed. How did she tell him it wasn't Stefan she was worried about—it was him. "It's just…I don't know how to act around you now," she finally admitted.

He relaxed. That was better than she totally regretted their encounter. He chuckled and wagged his eyebrows at her. "Well…I have a couple ideas…"

It was said so lewdly, Elena couldn't stop the smile that tugged her lips upward. "You have no shame do you?"

"Not a bit," he replied, "and you love it," he added with a wink.

"Damon, I don't think I can face Stefan after…well after…you know?"

"After our night and day of hot naked monkey sex?" he provided with a leer.

"Monkey sex?!" She giggled, but her face still turned the shade of a ripe apple.

"Yeah, wild and primal…"

"Stop!" she said, rolling her eyes at him.

He winked. "Oh come on, you love it. Especially when I use my tongue on your—"

Elena clapped a hand over his mouth. It was one thing to do it in the heat of the moment, it was quite another to hear him talk about it later. "See this is exactly what I mean. How can I be around you anymore?"

He licked her palm teasingly, and she removed it with a gasp. He smiled. "How can you stay away?" he countered.

"You'll never let me live this down and you'll use it to hurt me." She looked out the window. "I need you to stay away from me, Damon."

"You don't really mean that," he said confidently. "Your mouth says stay away, but your body…" He gave a soft purr. "Your body says something different, Elena."

"Well, it's a good thing my body isn't doing my thinking for me then, isn't it?"

"Your body's responses are honest, Elena," he responded. She snorted and turned away from him and he sighed, not wanting the silent treatment again. "Look, last night and this morning was incredible. You're the one acting like it didn't mean anything, not me."

She turned to stare at him. Was he serious? "Why are you playing with me like this? We both know the only reason you…" she swallowed hard, "slept with me is to get back at Stefan and because I look like Katherine, so why act like you care or even like me?"

They turned off the highway and Damon pulled over on the side of the road right at the sign that said 'Welcome to Mystic falls'. He cut the engine and turned to face her. Almost tenderly, he brushed the hair back from her face, all the while staring into her eyes in a way that mesmerized Elena without 'compelling' her. "I'm going to tell you the truth," he said softly. "I'll admit, at first, when I realized you wanted me, all I could think of was how bad it would hurt my whiny-do-gooder brother, but after…" He shook his head as if trying to figure it out himself. "It wasn't the same. It had nothing to do with Katherine or Stefan, Elena—it was just you and me in that room. No one else, just you…and me and it was …" he paused, his voice husky as he admitted, "magical."

She swallowed the lump in her throat as her pulse rioted. She wanted to believe him. Oh brother, did she ever, but…this was Damon—he was a master at playing with people. "Really?" she asked, but the hope was there in her voice and he heard it.

A slow grin made its way across his face. "Seriously Elena, think about it…once would have been because you look like Katherine or to hurt Stefan, but five times?!" He licked his lips and gave her a heated look. "No, I couldn't get enough of you because I wanted you. You—not anyone else," he confessed.

Elena was floored and more than a little excited by his declaration. Her heart rate accelerated and that throb between her legs was back, but worse than ever because now she knew how good it was with him. "It was six," she blurted out.

A confused look came over his beautiful face. "It was…huh?" he asked, his heavy brows drawing down into a puzzled frown.

"It was six times, not five," she said, unsure why she was reminding him just how many times he'd had her, but for some reason it now seemed important. "You said five, but we were together six times…"

His eyes widened, before a slow lazy smile spread across his face. "Oh…that's right…" he said, running his tongue along his upper lip. "The shower…I forgot about the quickie in the shower right before we left." His eyes danced as leaned in close to her. "You looked so wet and sexy, and me being the always ready stud that I am, just couldn't resist," he teased, tapping her nose with his index finger.

Elena flushed, but this time with pleasure. He had a way of charming her—despite knowing what he was—it was like that didn't matter when he turned those incredible eyes on her. Damon was sin incarnate and far too tempting for her piece of mind. She pulled away from his allure.

He let her go and eased back in his seat. "So are we okay? You're not going to do something foolish like run off to Stefan and confess your sins are you?" He paused. "Not that I'd care," he said with a negligent shrug. "But just give me a heads up so I know to expect a stake instead of his normal bitchiness, okay?"

"No, I'm not going to tell Stefan, but I can't be with him either." He perked up at that and Elena waved him back. "I can't be with you either, Damon." She sighed and ran a hand through her long hair. "Last night changed things…I realize I have feelings for you and—" His smirk was so arrogant she rolled her eyes at him. "Can you save the gloating for later?"

"But this is kind of a gloating moment wouldn't you say?"

She looked down at her hands. "No, I feel bad, Damon," she whispered. She raised her troubled eyes to search his face. "Like I said, I'm not Katherine. I don't want some immortal three-some. I love Stefan. He's secure and stable and he makes me happy." His smirk was slowly replaced by a scowl the more she talked about loving Stefan and Elena sighed. "But with you I feel alive—free and utterly possessed by you. You're like a fire burning inside and I know I can't forget that and just go back with Stefan like nothing happened."

"So what are you going to do?" he asked.

"Be alone for a little bit—figure out how I feel, I guess." She shrugged. "I don't know. I mean it's kind of hard…it's not like I can just start dating you, I mean you have terrified all my friends and you are evil, you know?"

He shrugged. "Evil-shmevil. Define evil?" he said. He reached out and grabbed her hand. "What have I done lately that's so evil? I could have killed your friend Bonnie, but I didn't. I could have just left you on the side of the road to be killed by that other vamp, but I didn't. Come on—that's got to count for something, right?" he retorted.

"It does," Elena agreed. "That was why I relaxed around you last night—I saw another side of you, Damon. One, I um…" Her face began to turn a delightful shade of pink, "obviously liked," she finished, still blushing. "But I still need time, okay?"

He cupped the back of her head and brought her closer to him. "Okay," he said, brushing his lips across hers. Elena sighed and opened her mouth to him. He took the offer and ran with it, deepening the kiss immediately. Their tongues mated wildly for several moments, until Elena realized she was very close to throwing caution to the wind again and climbing into his lap and just telling him to 'take her' right here right now!

She pulled away, panting and out of breath. "Okay—I'd say that definitely proves we have chemistry," she said licking her lips and savoring his taste there.

He started up the car. "Just wanted to give you something to remember me by," he said and drove her home.

When they were in front of her house, Elena grabbed the door handle to go, but before she left, she turned to him. "I don't know if I can ever trust you enough to love you," she suddenly blurted out. He frowned, but she went on, needing to say it. "You're so confusing—you drive me crazy sometimes, but I have feelings for you—I just don't know if I can ever love you…does that make sense?" she asked, frowning.

Damon leaned in and kissed her again. "You already do love me, Elena, but I'll give you the time you need to discover that for yourself," he whispered softly. They stared at each other for several long agonizingly silent moments before he kissed her again, and then pulled back. He was getting excited and she needed to go or he'd be joining her in her room tonight. "Now go," he muttered huskily, "before I change my mind and prove it to you by taking you upstairs and having you scream it so your Aunt, brother and all of Mystic falls hears it."

Elena swallowed hard. A chill raced up her spine. "Oh God," she murmured, touching her kiss-swollen lips. Was he right? Did she already love him? "I—never mind—bye," she said softly and dashed out of the car as if Satan himself was chasing her up the drive.

He watched her go and grinned. "Go on Elena—go write this down in that little Diary of yours…now that's a tale I'd love to read," he said out loud before he gunned the engine of the car and peeled off down the street wondering just how the hell he was going to keep himself from gloating and crowing all about his 'trip' with Elena…God, it'd almost be worth the trauma just to see that 'smug, superior—holier than thou' look wiped off Stefan's face. He sighed and knew he wouldn't do it—he'd promised her and for once someone's interests were more important than his own need for vengeance. Damn...he'd thought to hook her in and trap her, and wouldn't you know it—he'd gotten hooked too.

Damon sighed as he pulled up in front of the boarding house—this was sure to be a bumpy ride with Elena. But for the first time in over a hundred years—the thrill of the chase was in his blood and he was ready and willing for the games to begin. Getting that tomb opened had somehow fallen a notch or two on his priority list and that more than anything told him this wasn't about Stefan or even Katherine—it was simply Elena. She had something magical—a sparkle…a—what the hell was he doing? He shook his head, got out of the car and headed inside. He was damned good and caught if he was practically writing sonnets about the girl!

He ignored Stefan's demands to know where he'd been and where Elena was and went right to his room, shutting the door in Stefan's face without a word. His brother was a pious little prick, but he could still smell and he might scent Elena all over him if Damon let him get too close. Now normally that would have been grand fun, but he'd given her his word and he was going to keep that promise. Le ther deal with the bore that was Stefan—Damon was going to take a shower and go out hunting—he needed a kill to bring him back to a feeling of normalcy.

He may have fallen for the girl…but he was what he was…and that wasn't going to change anytime soon…


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