P4 Answer Chapter 1

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Here's the start of the Answer of P4… It isn't a straight Answer of P4, it's from "Persona: A Novelization 4" You should read that first if you want to understand my Souji's mannerisms, the pairings, or the OC that was inserted by request and abused by my machinations.

Souji is still the main character and POV, but it jumps around even more sometimes.


This problem all started in the middle of June 2012.

Souji Seta had finished midterms at his old school, and could not be happier to be finished with them. "Old school" you ask? That phrase does not make sense, now does it?

Souji Seta had spent a year away from his hometown after his parents went away on business. So, irresponsible as his parents were, they looked to dump their son off on someone. They found the perfect people in Souji's mother's younger brother. Souji's parents sent him to a small backwater town with under a million people called Inaba.

A backwater town where you had to take another train to reach a movie theater? Souji would have nothing of the place that seemed to not even have computers.

When Souji first traveled to Inaba, he would nothing of this "village", and he was going to make life for everyone else, a living hell.

Fate… had other plans for Souji Seta.

His uncle was a detective who was extremely busy and ended up neglecting his poor daughter who had lost her mother in a car accident. He had searched for the killer endlessly, and still did to no avail. At first, it seemed like a big waste of time to Souji, but Souji came to understand his pain.

At first, Souji felt like his cousin was an annoying little singing pest. She would become his "Little sis" and he would become her "Big bro".

What changed his outlook?

A handshake… and a contract.

A handshake, you ask?

Well… His uncle had stopped at a gas station and he had gotten out while his uncle was taking a smoke and his cousin was going to the restroom. Souji had always thought gas station restrooms were a little nasty. It was here he had met the weird attendant.


"Are you a high schooler?" the attendant had asked.


How a simple question would change everything. After talking to Souji about taking a part-time job… the attendant shook his hand. Souji felt something in that handshake, and he felt sick right afterwards. Souji would blame the dream he had on the train… the one with the talking dude with the six-inch nose and the pretty girl in blue.

Souji had another dream that first night. He ran along a foggy hallway and swung at a shape he couldn't see with a sword. Souji had no idea where the sword came from, or how he knew how to swing a sword. Yet, it just came to him.

Then… he started going to school. Souji had no intention of making friends at Yasogami High. He just wanted to make the grades and get through the year. Souji had friends waiting for him back home and he wanted to see them.

Souji would end up meeting the biggest cast of characters the first day of school. He met a guy who crashed his bicycle into a pole, and then got kicked in the balls by a martial arts freak who obviously had a secret crush on him. She was just really insecure. Souji met an extremely shy and reclusive innkeeper that was clueless when it came to boys. Souji met the biggest smart-ass in the world who limped around everywhere because of an injury, and whose favorite hobby was pushing up his glasses.

Souji could not wait to get away from them… until he heard about the Midnight Channel from the martial arts girl.

The weather on the first day of school was foggy after raining the night before. They had found the dead body of a newscaster, Mayumi Yamano, who was reportedly in an affair.

Chie had told them to look into a turned-off TV on a rainy night. Souji tried it for the hell of it. He saw a girl and tried to touch her on the screen. His hand fell into the screen. He had cursed when it did, especially when his head went into the screen as well.

Souji, the martial arts girl named Chie, the poor boy who is now sterile called Yosuke, and the smart-ass known as Rion went to the meglo-mart known as Junes the next day at the story that Souji fell into the TV. Low and behold, Souji knocked them accidently into a world of fog they called the TV world. There they met a thing that looked like a stuffed animal called Teddie.

Someone else would die on a foggy night only a day later. Yosuke's crush, Saki Konishi.

Yosuke and Souji would head into the TV world to try and find what happened to Saki. They met up with Teddie who accused them. As they thoroughly denied their involvement, Yosuke got fed up with the bear-thing and popped off the head. It had no inside. After Teddie was convinced that the pair was not involved, it got Souji and Yosuke, to their annoyance, to help find the killer of the two people. Supposedly, they were throwing them into the TV world, so Teddie took them to where Saki was last.

It was here that Souji's life began to change. It was when things called Shadows attacked them outside an inverted liquor store. When they came after Souji, he crushed a card that appeared in his hand, and a thing called a Persona appeared. "Izanagi"… the father of Japan… fought alongside him to destroy the Shadows.

When Yosuke walked into the liquor store, he was confronted by Saki's inner thoughts and then a reflection of himself. The other Yosuke said Yosuke didn't want to be in Inaba, Souji could relate to that. The reflection said that he came only to be a hero and for something to do, not to solve the case. When Yosuke denied it, the Shadow transformed and Souji had to fight it. When he defeated Yosuke's Shadow, Yosuke accepted everything the Shadow said, and he gained a Persona of his own, "Jiraiya".

Then, it would get complicated.

A few days later, on the Midnight Channel, Yukiko appeared. She had been on an interview a few days before. She was talking about "Scoring a hot stud". She was dressed like a princess and ran off to find her "prince". She was thrown into the TV. Souji, Chie, Yosuke, and Rion ran into the TV world with Teddie to save her before the same thing happened to her that happened to Saki and Mayumi Yamano.

Two others would gain their Personas before even saving Yukiko. Chie had to accept that she was jealous of Yukiko, and Rion had to accept that he was overprotective… Souji always thought that Rion didn't change, and Rion would always be willing to run ahead and massacre all of the Shadows or watch out for the one who was in the TV.

Inside the castle, they found Yukiko, trying to find her prince. She had just wanted to be saved, to leave Inaba, and that she was being held back by having to inherit the inn.

They saved her from that by killing the third reflection in the castle and having Yukiko accept her other self.

Chie now had "Tomoe", Rion had "Tajikarawo", and Yukiko had "Konohana Sakuya" to protect themselves from the Shadows. Souji was different. He could fuse other Personas and use multiple ones at his disposal.

Souji… Souji started to change his personality and outlook about Inaba as he spent time with his Persona-mates. Souji trained, painfully with Chie. He talked about being the manager's son at Junes with Yosuke. Souji even played a prank on the jackass teacher with Rion.

A few weeks later, another person showed up on the Midnight Channel after appearing on TV beforehand. It was someone they thought was in a biker's gang. Someone who tried to kill them when they tried to talk to him… it did not help when they tried to talking to him when he was supposedly walking with someone. Someone dressed like a boy that was talking to her mother early. So, Kanji Tatsumi would not be warned ahead of time.

When he appeared on TV, they saw someone who was dressed in a bath towel. He was talking about finding love while in a bathhouse… a men's bathhouse. Souji still found that extremely disturbing… and remembered warning them not to use any innuendos when they entered the sauna-like area.

They fought his Shadow, who when beaten, said that Kanji, Yosuke, Rion, and Souji would make excellent boyfriends. Another scar for Souji… as Kanji accepted his Shadow. Kanji had gained "Take-Mikazuchi".

As the camping trip came up, two important things in life began. One was the poisoning of his body from Mystery Food X. The other was the beginning of his courtship of Yukiko Amagi.

How does one court the most shy and impossible girl in the world? Very, very carefully… Souji appealed to her sensitive side and helped her with her cooking. Souji got Yukiko ready for her leaving the city.

It was after the camping trip that involved poisoning, girls in the boys' tent due to Kanji in the girls' tent, and swimming in a Morooka vomit infested river that Rise Kujikawa came to Inaba.

The idol was taking a break from show business because she was "tired". Of course, an idol in Inaba was big news, and she would soon show up on the Midnight Channel after an interview.

The group even warned her ahead of time and still she appeared and told them that she was going to strip in front of everyone. This excited Yosuke, but was worrisome to the others.

So, the group ran to the strip club to save Rise… In Rion's case, ahead of everyone else. Rise wanted the attention and their eyes on her, and her Shadow just about massacred everyone until Teddie stopped her. Teddie was flattened into a pancake, and a Shadow popped out of him. The Shadow said he didn't have an identity and there was no purpose to search for the truth. That was tiring, Souji remembered. When they accepted the other selves, they got a new support member in "Himiko" and a new fighter in "Kintoki-Douji".

They saved Rise, so no one should have died, right? Well, on that foggy night, someone was killed. It was Souji's bastard teacher, Mr. Morooka.

Teddie grew himself a body along the way and became Yosuke's moocher. He did work at Junes, but he was still lazy and flirted with everyone. This annoyed Souji to no end.

This time, they had a suspect in the case, according to the boy that was walking with Kanji earlier. The name of that detective was Naoto Shirogane. They just could not find the suspect.

Yet, they saw the suspect on the Midnight Channel taunting them to find him. The guy was someone who asked Yukiko out earlier, Mitsuo Kubo. He thought Kanji was in a biker gang and was ignored by Rise, so they thought he threw them in.

He was found by Rise in a game-like area. Mitsuo was yelling at his own Shadow when they found him. He was delusional. He had transformed in a baby Shadow and covered himself in a huge blocky human with a sword when we reached the top.

Naoto joined Yasogami High when they came back from summer break and Souji saw firsthand the duel between their rivals… Naoto vs. Rion. Back then, he would find it kind of odd, but in a month… Souji would understand soon enough.

Most importantly, after yelling at and punching jackass reporters with Yukiko… Souji did something they were meant to do for months. They started going out.

The disaster known as the school trip occurred around the beginning of the new term. It turned out to be a social studies trip, or it was supposed to be with a lecture on mythology. Souji still had oil on that pair of pants. They were staying at a love hotel with that sleazebag of a replacement for Morooka who's only job was to compete with Rise and wear as few pieces of clothing as possible. They ditched the second day of the trip to go on a shopping spree with ruined his back for the rest of his life. Souji went with the rest of the group to a club, on Rise's suggestion that night.

That would be a disaster for everyone in the group because of one person's scheming. Naoto was at the club as well and allowed them to stay. Rise reserved a special section for them upstairs, and Rion got drinks for them. If Souji could play that day over, he would have stopped Rion from doing that. He would have stopped Rion from spiking the drinks. Good thing though, was that they all played "King's Game" He got Yukiko to sit on his lap and hug him. Good times… But, when Teddie was supposed to kiss him and Teddie missed and hit Kanji… that was close. He still wasn't sure what exactly was said when Naoto and Rion went downstairs and started yelling at each other, but it had to have been crazy.

All in all, a short time later, Naoto took credit for capturing Mitsuo and was subsequently thrown into the TV, proving what Souji and Naoto believed. That Mitsuo only killed Mr. Mooroka. His show on the Midnight Channel was weird. Naoto was something about an experiment on himself about changing sexes. All Souji knew, was that Kanji freaked out about Naoto being thrown into the TV.

Naoto's place in the TV looked like a fortress and inside, it was like a scientific lab. Rion rushed ahead again, probably because he wanted to tell Naoto off for getting thrown into the TV. When they caught up, they found out what Rion already knew… what Rion spiked the drinks for… that Naoto was a girl. It certainly assuaged Kanji's fears. The Shadow said that Naoto would rather be a boy and they fought off the Shadow so Naoto could accept it. Naoto gained her Persona of "Sukuna-Hikona".

As the Cultural Festival loomed, Souji enjoyed his time with his girlfriend while he strengthened his friendships outside of his Persona-users. Whether it be playing basketball, skipping school with the team's manager, or even the drama club; Souji started making a few friends.

Meanwhile, Souji had noticed that Rion had started spending all of time with either Rise or Naoto. It did seem suspicious when Naoto dragged him into his house to burn a postcard and then dragged him back somewhere else. They were still arguing all the time, regardless. And when the Culture Festival loomed, Rise asked him to go along. It was extremely suspicious.

But, what bugged Souji back then was when he got a warning letter to stop saving people. That was back when they still had no real idea who was the killer.

The Culture Festival was partially a pain in the ass to Souji, and partially fun. The pain in the ass was the Date Café that Yosuke dragged the class into setting up… okay well only the 2nd year Persona-users into setting up. And then, only the male rep and Yosuke, Chie, Souji, and Yukiko showed up. Kanji did come to participate, but Rion was out with Rise. Yosuke played a girl, but only because all of the boys were signed up to be girls in a beauty pageant. That was because Yosuke signed the girls up to be in pageant of their own.

The beauty pageant Souji participated in was painful. It had no purpose since Naoto dressed Teddie. As Rion said, "Who better to dress a boy but a girl who dresses like a boy?"

As expected, they were all laughed at, except for Teddie. "I'd hit it."

"Who the hell thinks a kendo sword belongs with a girl's outfit?" Souji had wondered.

With Teddie's victory, he became a judge and he instituted something that became a double-edged sword. He proclaimed a swimsuit competition. Good thing… He'd see Yukiko in a swimsuit. Bad thing… Everyone else would see Yukiko in a swimsuit. Now, Yukiko was pretty, but competing against Rise Kujikawa? Really bad thing… He had to see Hanako and Ms. Kashiwagi in swimsuits. He was still mentally scarred. Very good thing for Kanji… Naoto was competing. Bad thing for Kanji… she didn't show up for the swimsuit competition. Secretly, Souji was expecting that. That shy side of Naoto won it for her, considering everyone thought she was a boy until about a month ago.

They went to the Amagi Inn afterwards, which should have been great. Except for they were sent to the same room where Mayumi Yamano was staying at when she was killed. The girls were in the hot spring during the boys' time so they pummeled them with buckets when they entered the springs. Souji thought he had gotten a concussion from that. Then, they tried to enter the girls' room and scare them except they accidently entered Hanako's and Ms. Kashiwagi's instead. Another mental scarring experience.

A few days later as it started to rain and another small person showed up on the Midnight Channel, people started to pair up within the group… well sort of.

Chie and Yosuke finally stopped arguing long enough to confess their feelings. Of course, this was all caught by Teddie, who shared it with everyone.

Rion had made a huge mess by first playing with Naoto's heart, and then Rise's in one day. Souji still didn't know what Rion was thinking. But, Rion apologized when he appeared on TV and tried to get himself kidnapped and basically kill the suspect.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. That kidnapper didn't go after Rion, they went after his cousin, Nanako. A second note was sent to his home and it said "if you don't stop rescuing people someone close to you will be put in and killed". Souji was taken in and forced to confess everything to his uncle. While at the station, Nanako was taken by Taro Namatame, the lover of Mayumi Yamano.

Dojima had driven after Namatame only to crash under his truck. Nanako was taken into his TV and Namatame followed. Rion followed Namatame, but could not catch him in time. Rion jumped into the TV as well, which pissed Souji and the others off to no end.

When the Persona-users followed the next day from Junes, they did not have to search. They entered into a place that looked like Heaven in Souji's eyes and everyone else's.

They found Rion facing himself again not that far away from Namatame. Souji had always thought he had never really changed. He always thought was still overprotective. The Shadows, for the first time he saw multiple ones, told him he was indecisive and in love. They told him he was scared and he actually hated his friends. In a way, Souji could understand Rion. Rion would not accept his friends' help as he accepted his Shadows' words. They did not transform, but still attacked. For the first time, he saw Rion in pain and struggle. When Souji and the others were about to help, he finally told them that he truly cared and was not scared.

It would not take Souji long to reach Namatame. Nanako suffered in Namatame's grasp and nearly died in his arms. Namatame said he was a savior, and they would not believe him for a long time.

Namatame transformed into a hippy angel, which they defeated to save Nanako.

Nanako would die… her heart would stop… and the group would nearly throw Namatame into the TV before Souji told them to shut up and think things through. The facts did not make sense. Nanako would come back to life due to everyone speaking to her, as odd as that sounded to Souji.

A distraction provided by Naoto, Namatame was the kidnapper, their savior who could enter the TV to save them from being killed like Yamano or Saki. They would appear on the Midnight Channel and he would throw them into the TV. That was his signal. He was destined to be a savior.

Fog began leaking out into the real world as the searched for the real killer. Souji thought things through. There was no new information as Souji thought about someone suspicious, who could go to the Dojima household, and get rid of evidence. Souji knew the answer after thinking about it as someone who lived in the household. Tohru Adachi…

When confronted, he ran into the TV. He was the killer of Yamano and Saki who thought of this as a game and wanted to turn the world and people into a foggy place full of Shadows. Souji and the others followed him. Souji personally took down Adachi. Adachi transformed into the Ruler of the Mist and Fog, Ameno-sagiri. He said that the Midnight Channel just showed what people wanted to see.

The team would take down Ameno-sagiri to get rid of the fog in the outside world.

That was on December 22nd, 2011.

December 24th, 2011 was probably one of the best days of his life. He spent the night with Yukiko Amagi. It kept getting better that Nanako could come home the next day and that they made an edible and good-tasting cake for Christmas.

So, school would continue as the peace would go on. Souji's time would be spent with school and his friends mainly.

As March came around, it was soon the day before he had to leave. As he said his goodbyes, something came up. Something suspicious…

He never understood how he got his power until he thought back to that handshake.

It was raining…

He confronted that attendant…


"So… you aren't satisfied with the role you were given,"


The attendant, that attendant turned out to be Izanami. Izanami from the stories, Izanami. What could he possibly do against a goddess? Fight it, of course.

She had told them she had created Ameno-sagiri and everything about the Midnight Channel was their fault.

He went into the TV world to fight her. That would be a big mistake, right?

For the others, yes… For Souji, yes.

They fought they were doing damage when she started to try and kill Souji by sending him to Yomi. Everyone was sacrificing themselves for him. It was really touching, but in the end it was for naught when there was no one left.

As Souji lay there, body and mind spent… he heard the voices of everyone wishing him on. Souji stood up at their words and felt his Persona, Izanagi rise in power. He felt Izanagi feel real.

Souji came back from Yomi to fight Izanami. Izanami attacked Souji over and over, but was frustrated immensely when she could not hurt him. She tried sending him back, but could not. Souji summoned Izanagi and attacked. "Myriad Truths" sent Izanami to her knees as she sent the fog away from the world in the TV.

Souji left Inaba with Teddie returning to the TV world and friends he would consider his closest. He had a girlfriend he wrote and called constantly, plus a cousin who wanted to marry him. He left Inaba with a heavy heart, but a lightened heart with the fact that they would always be his friends. Souji knew he would return, and the only factor would be was how long it would be until he returned.


So, when Souji called a few days before midterm finals and asked Yosuke if he wanted him to come for a few weeks, Yosuke was ecstatic. Yosuke called Yukiko to call Souji, who called Souji. To say Yukiko was happy that Souji would be visiting was an understatement. Souji could say the same about himself. They called Rion, who had taken entrance exams as a 2nd year. Souji had always thought he was a little weird. Rion was currently residing in Aichi Prefecture. He was living in Nagoya and attending Nanzan University before he was heading off in a month and a half to London. He was studying something weird like Anthropology for mythology and ethnography purposes. Souji had no idea what he was doing with it, but knowing Rion, god only knows.

As soon as the finals were over, Souji threw down his pencil and just like he would at almost any test at Inaba, nearly jump out of seat in excitement at being done.

"Only sixteen hours," Souji thought as he got home and started packing.

The group had decided that they were going somewhere with a beach once they were all together. They were going to smack open a watermelon, and with style this time. So, Souji had to pack swim trunks and more relaxed clothing.

Souji had always gotten along with parents pretty well until they had just ditched him last year. Now, he could not wait to leave. His parents were not really happy he was just leaving for Inaba as soon as he got off school.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay with any of your other friends?" his dad asked.

"Why don't you spend time with your parents? We can do something this Sunday," his mom explained.

"I promised Yosuke, Yukiko, and the others," Souji explained, "Nanako will be disappointed if I don't show up after I promised." He did promise after all. Promises are very important.

Souji's mom sighed. She didn't know what had happened to her son. He had never been so caring. She was not really in touch with her brother, and now her son seemed to be best friends with him. What had gone on while he was there?

"I have to finish packing before I head out," Souji told them, shaking his head, "I'll only be gone a couple of weeks. It's not like I'll be in trouble or anything."

"He's right," Souji's dad said, "Your brother is a detective, after all," he said to his wife.

"Okay… have fun," Souji's mom nodded with a sigh.


Souji was on the train back to Inaba for the second time in two years. He had received a text from Yosuke during the long trip, "We'll be waiting for you on the station."

Again, Souji was rather tired during his long trip. He began to doze off. He had heard rumors about people's odd dreams, and the consequences of people's dreams.

"That can't be true," Souji thought, "It's only dreams."

Then again, they jumped into TVs and saved the world from being covered in fog.

As his eyes drooped, and soon began to flutter… he began to dream.


He opened his eyes. He was in the Amagi Inn and it was late at night.

"The Amagi Inn?" Souji thought, "What?"

The beige walls, simple lighting, and the large screen TV made a simple but homey Inn. It was the person that Souji was viewing through as he came across the lobby. It was Mayumi Yamano standing by the TV that he noticed.

She had a pretty face with black hair while wearing a white suit coat.

"Oh god… do you think I'm looking through the eyes of Adachi?" Souji asked himself.

She asked the person, "What do you want? You said you needed something?"

"It's not true is it? What they said about you having an affair," It was Adachi's voice.

"How is that any of your business?" Yamano responded.

"I see. You caught my eye, but you're just a slut like anyone else," Adachi stepped forward as Yamano stepped back, "I think you need to be taught a lesson." The Adachi being viewed by Souji stepped forward to teach them a lesson.

"What are you going to do!?" Yamano asked in fright.

Adachi grabbed a hold of Yamano and shook her around before she finally fell in by accident.

Souji suddenly woke up.


"Oh my god, I was Adachi!" Souji muttered to himself, "That was freaking weird. That could not have been a normal dream."

He shook his head and thought to himself, "Is this what they were talking about?"

He started drifting off again. He really was tired. Souji had been studying non-stop and he could not really sleep much anyways last night.


"Then it must be that we are partners," a male said.

"We are… then I am your wife," a female said.

"And I am your husband."

Souji seemed to be in the eyes of the male, but he was having trouble of making out identity the second person.

Time had passed and the birth of the third child had come and past. Flames had come…

Souji now knew he was due to Rion's mythology lessons. He was Izanagi.

"You must wait for me until my return," Izanami said while in Yomi, "Do not look until I am ready."

Izanagi… Souji could not control him, was curious, and tore off a piece of his comb to look at Izanami. She looked much like what she looked like when they fought her back in March.

"I told you! You did not listen!" Izanami proclaimed. She raised her skeletal hands as Izanagi fled. Yomotsu Shikome followed by her Ikusa chased after him.

Izanagi reached the entrance of Yomi and covered it with a rock.

Izanami told him, "I will destroy 1000 lives every day in Japan."

And Izanagi responded, "And I will bring 1500 lives into life every day."

Souji's eyes snapped back into reality.


He shook his head again, "It's only getting weirder. Now I'm my Persona and I'm living out my mythology?"

As his head fell to his chest one more time, it would become a little scary.


It was raining…

Souji could not make out where they were.

"Please… don't fight them," a girl's voice rang out.

"If they want to hurt him, kill him… Then I have no choice," a boy's voice said.

"You know him? This will make it easier," someone else said.

Souji heard the rush of a train in his dream as the first boy said, "Do you need something?"

"You know why we have to do this, don't you?" another girl said.

That first girl responded, "No… You don't know if it will solve anything!"

The last thing Souji saw in his dream was fog… and then screaming.


When he opened his eyes, he saw two men holding another by the arms. The man in the middle was slouched over and limp, his eyes were rolled back in his head.

"What happened?" Souji asked.

The first guy responded, "The guy just tried to shut down the train. You know… pull the emergency break."

"What!?" Souji was dumbfounded, "Just stop the train?"

"Yeah…," the second guy answered, "Then… when we stopped him, he tried to jump off."

"That doesn't make any sense…," Souji said, "Why?"

The first guy shook his head, "He was sputtering nonsense… Stuff about his family being eaten… Eaten by a fallen angel and stuff."

"Something called an Abaddon…," The second guy finished.

"An Abaddon…," Souji said to himself as the pair sat the guy down and restrained him. He wasn't going anywhere. Souji had also heard a few rumors of people suddenly trying to kill themselves randomly because of strange dreams of terrible things happening to their families or friends.

Souji remembered that gluttonous mass of a Persona. If that guy tried to kill himself because his family was supposedly eaten by a monster… "I saw myself as Izanagi, but nothing bad happened to me. And I would not be unhappy if something bad happened to Izanami," Souji thought, "If something happened to Yukiko." It gave him something to think about, but he just pushed it out of his mind as he fell into a dreamless sleep.


Souji awoke at the call of the arrival of the upcoming station. This is what he was waiting for. He grabbed his familiar black duffel bag from above his seat and took one look at the restrained passenger. They would discuss that later. The door on the train opened and at the station platform was…


An interesting first chapter in my eyes at least… A quick summary and then a few dreams. I was not planning on making canon conversations with Edogawa's lectures or Mayumi and Adachi's conversation. In other words, it happened.

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