P4 Answer Chapter 18/Epilogue

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1 year later

Souji Seta stood solemnly with his younger cousin in front of a group of tombstones. They were not the only people visiting the cemetery that day.

The city and the whole country of Japan were still in a state of chaos after the defeat of both Hypnos and Izanami. The fog did not clear for weeks after Izanami's defeat at the hands of Aigis and Fuuka. Fuuka did not leave the hospital for three days. Souji on the other hand, was in the hospital for over a week.

The rebuilding process was slow and painful for Inaba. Even as the rest of Japan woke from the controlling nature of Hypnos and deathl, Inaba stood in shambles. Maybe it was because most of the buildings were destroyed, or that many important people died; there was no city that suffered like Inaba.

They lost eighty-percent of the residential population to Gozu-Tennoh, but in one year they had started and begun a new Residential area. They were short on construction workers, but they managed. The Shopping District had to be rebuilt as well. Considering the amount of destruction that had happened; many of the shops were never rebuilt. An example was Aiya's. No one ever renovated his ass. The Amagi Inn was supposed to be rebuilt right after Hypnos's defeat, but there was no real rush. The smoke damage on the first two floors and the fire damage on the third floor were bad enough, but with Yukiko's death they did not decide to rebuild the Inn until a year later. The only thing that went through this fight relatively unscathed was the school. The rampant amount of criminals now on the loose meant that the lack of police made it dangerous at first. Luckily, the guards had come back to their senses and tracked most of them down.

The lives of the surviving Persona-users changed immensely as they adjusted to a new Japan and adapted to different purposes as they stood by the tombstones of their fallen friends.

Souji stood at Yukiko's grave, brushing away a tear. His cousin was close at hand, making sure he was okay. He had offers from many universities, despite barely being in any condition to take the entrance exams, or caring. He decided to go back to Inaba, however, and study accounting. He promised Yukiko's mother to help out the Amagi Inn. After the fighting, Souji gave the Kusanagi back to Margaret and Elizabeth. They gave the shards back as well. If he never heard the word Persona again, he would be the happiest man in the world. If he never heard the words Hypnos, Izanami, or Shadows then he would also be happy.

Nanako was there at Souji's side and was Souji's moral support for the past year. She was the only who had not complete retraction from her changes that occurred to her nearly overnight. She was no longer an elementary school child who was as tall as Yukiko. But she had still retained her high cheekbones and mature face. Her hair was still longer than ever, reaching past her waist.

Kanji and Naoto stood together, looking at Rion's grave. Though Naoto still blamed Kanji for his death, she still felt partial responsibility. Naoto still wore Rion's ring, and kept the broken watch in her pocket. Naoto tried her hardest to keep up with her studies even though her heart was not really into it. She just did her best for everyone else's sake. Kanji had felt tremendous guilt for killing Rion. The fact that he had been deceived and killed him just because of what he wanted to think; it almost drove Kanji to suicide. He did even worse in school than usual. He just got through it and stood side-by-side with Naoto. He had a store to run and to take of his mother as well.

Mamoru ended up opening his own pet store in Inaba in the Shopping District. He did not have many competitors in real estate. He dedicated his store to Rise. Traveling back from Kyoto to Inaba was one of the hardest experiences for him in his life. Kyoto was the mix of his happiest times and then the saddest times of his life so far.

Chie was now one of the few members of the Inaba Police Department. Someone had to protect the city and she was the other person standing close to Souji. She was watching over Yukiko's grave as well. She was personally trained by Dojima, so she felt ready.

Dojima never really got over the magnitude of what had happened to Japan. He saw his family, his family's friends put their lives in danger so many times, and some of them died for it. He restarted the police force himself personally and started the training of the new officers. The fact that his daughter still looked a good deal like his wife still unnerved him, but every day he had with her was precious.

The robotic girl and the other Persona-users that had defeated Izanami went back to Port Island as soon as Fuuka was out of the hospital. After the summer, Fuuka was the one who went back to Nagoya University and did not stay at Port Island. Hypnos's originally plan was to kill them, but he never got the chance since they were mainly in Kagoshima the whole time. That and he had no way of sensing them without shards.

The graves of Yukiko, Teddie, Rion, Rise, and even Yosuke were all together in a line. They visited Yosuke's as well because no matter all the pain he caused; he was still a victim of Hypnos. Hypnos tricked him and in a way forced him to do all of those terrible things to everyone.

Chie bowed her head and came towards Souji. She clasped her hand onto Souji's shoulder as she turned to leave. Souji looked at Chie and nodded slowly. Nanako hugged her cousin for only a moment before Souji turned as well. Nanako turned with her cousin to leave. Dojima saw his cousin and daughter leave and he turned to go as well. Naoto bowed her head with Kanji as well before they left. Mamoru sighed before he turned around, only wondering what could have been.

"The end is just the beginning of a new story," Souji whispered walking side-by-side with his cousin.

Only time would tell what would come next for the few people that had changed and saved the world again and again.

Well… I hope I did not disappoint all of you. This was just a short wrap up to the Answer. Not a lot of dialogue needed… just wanted to tell you what happened afterwards.