Remus and Sirius were in a state of pure shock as they sat in Dumbledore's office. Remus had taken Harry as he was worried Sirius would drop him. It was Halloween 1981 and their entire world had been shaken to the core. The magic world was celebrating the down fall of Voldemort but they were in mourning. Lily and James were dead and their house in pieces. They had trusted Peter with their lives but he was a traitor and sent Voldemort after them. Little baby Harry had some how killed Voldemort and was left only with a scar on his head.

There was no doubt he was gone as both Lucius and Severus revealed their marks were gone. The men had both been spies and were helping to round up the last few followers. They had come tonight about Harry.

Albus looked to Sirius "I know the couple named you guardian of Harry. I have no doubt your cousin would help."

Sirius couldn't even look at the baby "I can't."

Shock ran through the room at his words. James and he had been all but brothers as Sirius even lived with James and his parents for a time. He had been the obvious choice in godfather for Harry though Remus was secondary. He had sworn to his brother he would take care of Harry if any thing happened. Remus reminded Sirius of that and that the only family Harry had other wise were his mother's family.

Sirius stood "I will sign over custody to Moony as he was secondary. I can't do this. I can't."

Remus stood "The full moon we both know I can't do it alone. Harry needs you I can't do this alone."

Sirius refused to even look at the baby "I can't look at him. I'm sorry Moony but every time I look at him I see them dead."

He hated the way it sounded and he wished he didn't mean it but he did. He loved Harry so much but he just couldn't do this right now. He would appoint Remus trustee to the Black estate and Remus could use it to take care of Harry. Like Albus said he was sue his cousins would help with Harry. He couldn't do this right now. He could not be a father to a child he blamed for James' death. He knew it was unfair of him but he couldn't help how he felt.

Sirius handed Moony the map "Harry will be better off without me. I hope you can forgive me some day."

Remus called after him as he walked out "Lily and James trusted you with their son. I can't believe you are such a coward to walk out."

The old Sirius would have come back and been furious at being called a coward. But the new one kept walking right out of his life. He had four best friends in the world who always accepted him for what he was. Lily and James were dead and Peter would soon be given the kiss. He thought he still had Sirius but he wasn't sure the man would ever come back. The only thing keeping him going was the little boy in his arms.

Albus looked to Remus and explained Harry could go to his relatives. Remus had been offered a chance to work for the department of mysteries which was an honour for him. Remus couldn't take the job with Harry and he would have to go back to writing texts.

Remus shook his head "Harry is more important then a job. I will keep my promise and give Harry the life he deserves."

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Sirius will reappear Voldemort is dead and down the line Harry will learn his Papa gave up more then a job to raise him